Unlocking Prifddinas as a Mobile-only HCIM - Runescape 3


welcome to another episode of mobile by

the way my name is taki we've got a

couple of goals for this episode we're

gonna try to unlock invention some

skilling outfits in level 10 augments

then we're gonna move over to 75 con

herb and prayer before finishing off all

the prifddinas quests make sure you

stick around till the end for a special

treat at the end of the last episode we

almost finished off the requirements to

unlock invention we got 80 divination

and right now I'm just trying to finish

off 80 crafting and I'm trying to use

all of the gems that I have in my bank

without having to go in mine anymore and

I had just enough to get 80 crafting

unlocking invention is one of the

biggest accomplishments that I've had in

a series so far it's going to make a ton

of the game a lot easier to play and

it's gonna make it more enjoyable this

is probably a needless risk to take but

I needed access to some really good

weapons that I could augment and train

some Slayer with and I decided to go

after the black salamanders in the

wilderness I already have enough gear in

my bank to be able to make a ton of ammo

for this and this weapon is actually

pretty decent I don't have much luck

with the trapper in this episode but I

did end up getting a red chin and I'm

planning on replacing all of my

Gretchen's in the entire farm with this

so I have supplies for mechanized chin

chiapas I just got done doing about an

hour or so of Spector's and I definitely

got a ton of herbs for this iaf Kade for

the whole entire time and I'm planning

on just disassembling this level-5

salamander that I have and that should

be able to get me the ability to make my

new skilling outfits it's only 91 K it

feels like a shame to use the augment on

this but that's also going to start off

a broadcast for 10 and all skills

there's gonna be a ton of those in this

episode this is essentially what my

discovery window looks like right now

I'm gonna solve all of these and then

make all the outfits that I can I'm

actually pretty happy about how that

worked out I ended up being able to make

the entire magic golem set and I have

one full set of the fishing gear the

burnt shark set I can complete that set

really easy I just have to go back to

fishing but the thing that I'm the most

worried about is completing the

camouflage set which I'm pretty close to

doing now for this next part I planned a

lot for this I have a ton of gear that's

ready to be made into burial but the

biggest thing is that I can now augment

things to level 10 and that's going to

speed up this entire process for

gaining some easy Invention levels I

just got to do this puzzle really quick

and then I'll be able to go even though

that problem is done I do have another

one I'm running out of components and

I'm wasting a ton of my cash stack on

doing shop runs now that the smithing

rework has made all the prices go up so

I'm definitely going to have to unlock

the white knight shop and use that for

all of my needs going forward because

this isn't sustainable unlocking in the

shop wasn't that big of a deal I just

got done with it I needed to use all of

my cannonballs that I had left over from

when I was training ranged earlier and I

went to the Tavor Lee dungeon and just

camped there for about 30 minutes but

now I have easy access to really cheap

equipment that I can disassemble I'm

gonna try coming back here later when I

do have more supplies to be able to

disassemble so I'm not wasting time I

just got done doing another hammer and

this invention experience is coming in

super fast especially since I'm just

doing burial bane armor and it's based

off of your smithing experience that are

getting and I'm getting a lot per hour I

do like to take a break every once in a

while and somebody did a TF run and I

just joined that I was just shy of

having enough tokens to be able to buy

dungeoneering 280 and buy a weapon and

I've just unlocked a tier 80 weapon

which means there are a ton of bossing

opportunities available now

now that the whole invention thing is

out of the way it's time to start

working on the skilling Rex that I have

left over for the prifddinas Quest

series and the first one that we're

gonna do is 75 herb-lore it feels

actually kind of weird doing this with

legitimate training methods because I've

pretty much got to this point from just

doing daily Jack of trades three times

got a little surprise on my farming run

here I got 90 to farming and that's

gonna be enough points to get me to 20

100 total level now that I don't need to

worry about getting any more

construction supplies for a while I

decided to put all of my kingdom back

over to maples and I'm gonna burn these

and try out the experience from this

this is definitely a nice alternative to

doing the smithing that I was doing

before and it's definitely pretty nice

day FK this for once that also means

that I can now start making maple Sheol

bow use and disassembling them for some

components here we are with 50 invention

and a 50 all skills broadcast now if

you've been watching the series for a

while you know that I lost my first

hardcore life to this guy and it's been

my goal in my life to just kill him for

once on this account and I haven't had

much luck in this but I went

here with my tier 70 weapon and I ended

up having a wee abilities on my bar so I

ended up pulling the entire room which I

was having some flashbacks for how I

died the last time but it ended up going

out perfectly fine I got the kill and

then left and it's really nice to

teleport for once and not be dead I got

to give a huge shout out to Tony for

this next one I saw that he was

streaming on Twitch and I decided to pop

in to his channel see what he was doing

he was doing some DG training so I asked

him if you want to do some shifting

tombs because I thought he was just

trying to get some dungeon area

experience and he said he was down we

got a group together of people that were

inside RFC's in cc's and we ran through

this enough to get me 75 Construction

hidden helping me out saved me so much

time that I would have had to spend

waiting for my Kingdom to get supplies

or going out to cut trees by myself so I

definitely am very thankful for this if

you ever see him streaming on Twitch

make sure you pop in and say hello he's

a super nice dude okay let's quickly go

over the situation you can see the only

skill that I have left is prayer and

then some other quests to do so what I'm

going to be doing is using the premier

artifact bonus a bone crusher and a

bunch of the sign of the porters to bank

the dragonhide I've been doing this for

a while I have 806 dragon hides right

now which isn't a lot but it's just some

added bonus that I get from using the

premier artifact and some Porter's that

I have that I won't ever have to worry

about getting any more because I'm gonna

plan on getting the rest from thieving

and we don't need that much prayer

experience we just need 47 K which is

going to be around 40 to 45 minutes the

only downside to doing this is that you

won't be able to stay here indefinitely

if you don't have access to super Annie

fires like I don't have access to super

Annie fires so I'm gonna take a little

bit of poke damage every once in a while

and because my inventory is filled with

Porter's I can't really afford to mess

up anything like having my anti fire go

down because I could get combo'd

completely but this didn't take that

long it is pretty fast definitely

recommend this and this is a huge huge

moment for the account getting 75 prayer

and doing it by hand I've never done

that before this could have been faster

if I had access to frost dragons but I

would have spent so much time getting

from 80 to 85 dungeoneering that it

wouldn't have been worth it and I have

easier plans on getting my prayer up

once I get access to pristineness

this is a big moment here the only thing

left for us to do is just bang out some

easy quest here's the catapult

construction quest the roving elves

quest and I'm gonna get that tier 70

weapon that I'm going to need to charge

later on morning's end part 1 and a

bunch of juicy lamps that I'm going to

just claim really quick

I ran into a little bit of trouble doing

morning Zen part two when you go to

rotate all of these mirrors are gonna

see that your entire screen goes black

and this makes it really difficult to

see if you're actually pointing the

light in the right direction unless you

already know what that's supposed to

look like I also needed to do all of the

shop run items and that took a long time

to do but now that Quest is out of the

way and we just have to left big big

moment here we just got within the light

done so now we just have nothing left to

do we just have plagues and if I go and

check I can show you the requirements

everything else is checked off and we

just got this one quest left to do which

shouldn't be too bad if any of you guys

did plagues and a long time ago back

when it first came out let me know if

you thought that this boss was difficult

when it was first released I went into

this quest thinking that there was a

chance that I would lose my hardcore

life so I brought really good food but

it definitely wasn't a challenge at all

and I don't know if that's just because

I was bad when I first did this or this

got easier with time and this next part

is the culmination of so much work

playing on runescape mobile just to be

able to unlock plagues and all of the

questing all of the skilling and we're

soon going to finally be able to enter

the city







this is a little bit of a bonus for

anybody that made to the end of the

video when I was editing this video I

had my first ever BM trip on the

hardcore Ironman this isn't the first

time that I've ever done it on a phone

but it is the first time that I've ever

done it on this account and I didn't

really know what to expect I didn't get

the best luck in the world while I was

doing this you can see that I just keep

getting aggro from everything and some

of it I'm just tanking and eating

through with it because I have a full

familiar full of sharks I'm not too

worried but it was getting a little

spicy at some points here after the

actual encounter started there wasn't

any issues at all I could go through a

full rotation as best as I could with

the gear that I have and follow all the

mechanics of the boss fight I even

defusing bombs that people are ignoring

so really no excuse to fail these kills

especially if you've got a coordinated

group so anyways I was really excited

about getting this first kill the boss

was vocht over to the corner and then my

phone completely froze up and I'm on

discord at the time that I'm doing this

the phones in front of me and I'm saying

hey I think I need a kick so I really

have to trust that somebody in the group

will kick me because that's my only line

of defense in a situation like this in

all of the time that I've put into this

account I've never once seen a server do

something like this it's completely out

of the ordinary and very strange anyways

I want to thank you for watching I'm

gonna be a little bit of a hiatus from

this series for a while because I'm

going to be AF king proof dentist stuff

and that doesn't really make good

content but I'll make sure to post in my

socials when this is going to start back

up again