How to Unlock LG Aristo or any MetroPCS/T-Mobile Phone

what's up guys thank you for watching GG

tech blog for today's video we'll be

showing you how to unlock the LG

high-risk oh this is from MetroPCS this

also works for the t-mobile model as

well and this also works for all metro

pcs phones with there is the LG k7 the

white or the gray model ak10 the LG

philo the number 1 and number 2

- ZTE zmax every single form that it's

currently on metro pcs lineup all have

an app the app looks like this the way

to get to it is you get into the firm

seem it receipt metro pcs do you really

here or you can go to your application

drawer and you'll find it once you're in

there make sure you connect it to Wi-Fi

click on device unlock app click on

allow and there your device's network

locked at this time and this is allows

you to use it with any other carrier so

click on continue give it a second this

is a very important step alright so now

it is permanent unlock click on

tournaments or mop so the mobile device

is not eligible for unlock now when this

happens that's fine don't freak out

that's actually a good sign

all you have to do is go back to the

home screen click on here I want you to

find the IMEI of the phone by dialing

star pound zero six pound once you do

that the imine should come up you have

this option you can also go behind the

phone and get it from behind the battery

so once you have this I me I you go to

the link that's down below MetroPCS

unlock calm once you're there you click

on Metro app unlock you put in this IMEI

once it's processed you'll go back into

the phone go into Metro unlock device

unlock once you get a email telling you

it's ready and once you click on device

unlock app it should allow you to dent

qualifies and it'll say from unlock

successful I will do it with this phone

now I'll come back and show you how it

should look again you must have unlock

failed if you don't have unlock failed

if they can't connect the server there's

some troubleshooting

procedures that I can help you with I'll

have those in the description of this

video if that still doesn't work and if

they cannot connect the server you won't

be able to unlock the form until you fix

that error it much say unlock failed

before you can do this process that's

very important one of the main reasons

you can't connect the server is probably

because you don't have good internet you

can either connect to your mobile data

internet or just chemic to your Wi-Fi if

you have good Wi-Fi connection and

that's simple let me go ahead and unlock

this phone I'll be right back with the

successful on lock alright everyone

we're back so let's go ahead and now go

to MetroPCS device unlock app we are

connected to the Wi-Fi press unlock and

now hopefully it's going to be there you

go unlock approved mobile device is

permanent unlock you see this is all you

have to do very simple steps just

restart and now your phone is unlock for

in each area again this will work on the

Aristo ZTE zmax this LG c7 as you can

ten by low list goes on and on as long

as they have that unlock app you'll be

good to go

if you have any questions please put in

the comments section below I'll also

link to the website down here and I'll

have a link in the description it's

MetroPCS unlock calm thank you for

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