hi guys welcome in this video we'll take

a look into the mechanics of how to

extend your job level until job level 17

well tackle the importance of job

extension what quest to do and what

items you need in order to extend your

job level without further ado let's

begin there are two main reasons why did

like to extend your job level

first off job level 70 is required to

unlock the third job classes currently

if you are in the transcended job class

your max job level is job level 40

however in future episodes we'll have

third job classes such as a warlocks for

wizards by a chemist for alchemist who

nights for nades and archbishops for

priests to name a few these third job

classes would require job level 70

before you can change job it's best a

farm or job level right now so that when

the next episode patch arrives were

ready to switch to the third class for

the second reason extending our job

level will also extend a level of

certain skills once you have used up

your 40 skill points for your

transcendent job class you can extend

the level of certain skills for example

extending the job level of my high

wizard unlock the following skills level

10 energy code level 15 frost Nova

fireball colbalt and lightning bolt

level 20 magic power marsh pond heaven's

drive Laura vermilion and storm Gus

these advanced skills would give improve

overall buffs and damage alright now

that we are familiar with the importance

of job extension let's take a look at

how to actually extend our drop level

when you reach job level 40 you may now

take the job extension quests from

civilian Frontera her question seem to

be different for each job as she was

asking mainly Wiz related questions when

I did a quest for the answer to the

highest questions I'll leave it in the

description box below after that she'll

instruct you to go to hiki ease inside

Adventure Hall headquarters

you'll need to surrender 30 silver

medals and 500,000 zani in

order to complete the quest afterwards

our job level will now be extended the

job level 43 next to extent the job

level 70 you'll need to acquire peach

charts you'll need 90 charts for every

free job level extension or breakthrough

peak charts can be bought by a de guild

vending machine you can buy this using

either 20 silver medals Duke gold medals

or 20 new balloon and shards depending

on the level of your guild vending

machine you can only buy one peak chart

for each type of currency per day

meaning you can only buy a maximum of

free shards everything among the three

types of currency it will be best to buy

peak shards using silver medals since we

can acquire a maximum of 80 of these per

week by doing the following gilt quest

monster resistance training rounds rifts

mission boards and endless tower take

note that your peak shards are

non-transferable meaning their character

bound also you can raise your silver

medal limit from 80 to 100 if you are on

premium once you've gathered air

acquired 9 peak shards go to the peak

chart trader Alice Fiona and a guild

hall to extend your job now we have

extended from job level 43 to 46 we need

to continue extending until they reach

job level 70 it will exclusively be

purchasing peach shards via silver

medals let's calculate how much time we

need in order to extend the job level 70

take note that we can also get a total

of nine gonna speak shards from our

assessment we'll get one big shard once

we complete the job accession quest

we'll get another free once you obtain

eight peak shards then another 5 wants

to conduct peak level breakthrough once

considering that we'd get 9 free

pictures from our assistant we will need

a total of 72 additional shards to

extend the job level 40 if we are not on

premium our maximum silver medals per

week is 80 this means we can purchase

for peach shards per week which would

amount to 18 weeks time or four and a

half months if we are on premium however

our max silver medals per week is 100

this means you can purchase five peak

charts per week which is roughly

fourteen and a half weeks or three and a

half months this is the best case

scenario in which we accumulate the

maximum number of server medals and

spent it exclusively on peak charts

otherwise we'd be sending the time

needed to unlock all seventy job levels

with that said it's an option to start

saving silver medals even if you're not

yet on Java before game as it takes time

to accumulate big shards and during each

gate of the Valhalla ruins consumes 40

silver medals so keep this in mind if

you're saving silver medals for Pete

shards every week strive to obtain the

maximum number of silver medals so we

can start saving peak charts and working

on our job level bake crews soon enough

for the next episode arrives we'll be

ready to switch over to the very drop

class alright that's it for this video

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