HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR LUGGAGE ( forgotten 3 digit password)

hi Marceline and kamusta so for today's

video is we're going to open my luggage

but unfortunately I forgot my

three-digit combination so we're gonna

fix that and I hope we can fix it

so yeah just keep on watching my video

hey Marceline on okay the first thing

that you're going to do is we're going

to find a hole on each dial so there's a

hole in each dial for example this one

step that one you see you see that one

is like darker so it means there's a

hole in it so it's for number four and

let's go to the next dial it's not that

one you see that one it's darker so you

can see that that is the hole and it's

so number one okay and the last number

would be you see it's darker so it means

it's like there's a hole in that number

and is number nine so what we're gonna

do is we're gonna rotate it to your I

think left so let's see nine eight and

then one two zero and four two three

let's see it's not working so let's do

it like seven nine two it's not working

six eight one nope five seven zero it's

not working four six nine

nope three five seven it's not working

two four six woozi it worked okay I open

my luggage I hope this will help you

guys thank you for watching