How To Unlock Forgotten Combination Lock Password | Open Any Suitcase Luggage Bag Password Lock

Namashkar 🙏

This is Normal Suitcase

With a Normal Combination lock

80% Suitcase Locks have

Same machenism

And its Very easy

To open these locks

Today i will show you

Most simple trick to unlock it

If you forgot the password

Please follow the instructions carefully

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So if you rotate the number dials

You will see some holes like this

Or any other weird thing or substance

Let I zoom and show you

So what to do now ?

Arrange the holes in all the three dials

The position of holes changes

Whenever you Reset password

Its simple mechanism

And works in 80% of suitcases

So after arranging holes

We get 8,9,0 but

This is not password, it may be

But not in my case

So there are now total

10 possibilities

Now Simultaneously Rotate all the dials

8 to 7, 9 to 8, 0 to 9

Try all 10 combinations

So try all 10 combinations

One is your password

This trick works 100%

90% suitcase have same mechanism

We should not trust these locks

If we carry precious items

We must use manual locks

So now its opened , Yeahhh !!!

This trick is very useful

In emergency situations

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Jai hind , Vande mataram, Jai Shree Krishna

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