How to picklock a 3 digit roll briefcase!

hello youtube today I'll be showing you

how to pick like a three dial

combination briefcase like this you open

it by doing that it is locked can't open

it so today I'll be showing you how to

there's two ways I'll be showing you the

first way get there in the second way so

this is the first way so for the dials

they probably won't have any marks but

sometimes they do all you can do is

you're gonna get your index finger and

you're gonna spin it until it locks down

there you go it's locked

you'll be able to know by trying to

lightly press it up or down okay there's

that side and get this it's locked I

don't know if you can hear that okay

it's locked

so yep

now there you and now I can open it up

and I have my briefcase

okay now this is the second way see that

tongue learn there

that's what releases this mechanism

right there like lock it again can't get

it open

you're gonna get a paperclip bend it to

where it's sort of like a door lock

thing and stick it in between try to try

to hit the tumbler though there's one

tumbler and then there you there's

second and you have there you go

hope you enjoyed feel free to like

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time out