How to fix Chevrolet "LOCKED" radio

hello and thank you for tuning to my

channel to watch this video I hope this

video can help you um when I woke up

this morning got on my 2016 chevrolet

equinox and turned on my car radio was

not working and displayed did weren't

locked on it my car had not been jumped

the battery has not died the battery has

not been replaced so there is no reason

for this to happen but it happened to me

dealership were overcharged and I

couldn't find thing on youtube or Google

really to fix this issue since I

couldn't find a fix for it I continued

to tinker with it and I was not willing

to play to ninety dollars from the chevy

dealership just to diagnose and then

overcharge me furthermore um I'm hoping

this video will help you guys like it

helped me it was actually quite a simple

fix so I'm gonna go ahead and get into

the video so what I did was I came to my

passenger-side remove this cover to the

fuse box panel and I searched for a food

spots panel dire diagram and whatnot and

I found the one for radio and then also

the information center on the

information center is this one right

here the first one and this one right

here the third one the third one down

right there is for the radio I don't

know why I don't have one for the

information system but I do have one for

the radio so I did was I just booked

that out took it out and then I

reinserted it and then I turn my car

back on

and just like this it just started back

working so I hope that will help you

guys to it helped me it saved me 99

bucks of a diagnostic at the Chevrolet

dealership plus whatever they were gonna

decide to charge me for doing exactly

that so hope this helps everyone please

like the video spread the word so that

others won't be overcharged by the

dealerships also