Ford Mustang Keys locked in trunk | Mr. Locksmith Video

hi we have a 2014 Mustang convertible

keys locked in the trunk once the

customers set the alarm or even just

locked it from the inside with the

electric locks the trunk switch is

inside if you hit it it's not going to

open up the car so what we have to do is

we you can pick it with the leash you

pick or however you do it or use try out

keys we made a mechanical key now we

lucked out on this one we had the code

we were able to get it so we have a

mechanical key unlock the door reach in

open up the trunk and keys are inside so


there is no lock on the trunk so you're

not going to be able to open up the

through through the trunk lock there's

no lock there's nothing there's no lock

on the passenger door either so there's

no lock here no lock on the passenger

door you have to either you can get by

with a mechanical key will unlock the

door push the switch inside and then the

trunk opens up so again it's pretty easy

once you've used the mechanical key hit

the button it opens up if the car is

locked in alarm and you open up the car

with yours you know if this was a normal

car a hardtop reaching in and hitting

the button won't work here let's just

lock this easer this is lock the car so

I've locked it I reached through

the trunk won't unlock at all if I use a

mechanical key I can unlock the door

and now the trunk unlocks so an

interesting problem with no key no locks

on the trunk he's locked inside if you

had no keys at all well we would just

program a new transponder key and they

could drive away but if the keys are in

the trunk mechanical key or pick it with

the lishi

or your picks however you want to open

them and you can get the keys out of a

locked trunk have a good day