How To Unlock A Car Without Keys

hey YouTube viewers this is Donnie Smith

and if you have ever locked your keys in

your car which I think we all have but

I'm gonna show you a couple ways to

unlock your car now if you work in a

body shop or any type of auto shop you

know you have to deal with a lot of cars

pull them in and out I'm sure that he

ended up shutting the door in it locking

and the keys inside I know I've done it

I'm sure you have too in fact at the

college I work at students are always

locking their keys in the car and one of

these methods has unlocked a lot of cars

now I'm not going to claim I'm a

professional or locksmith or anything

like that with these tools I've been

able to get in a lot of cars now if you

work at a body shop or something like

that this may be something you consider

as well if you want to learn more about

this tool I'll put a link down in the

description you go down there you can

check it out now if you locked your keys

in your car don't break the glass don't

shoot it there's another way because

stack makes this tool that makes it

really easy and they've got several

different tools for this but they have

this wedge that used to wedge the door

open and they've also got an air bag and

a rod to actually unlock the door and

I'm gonna demonstrate how to do that so

first I'm getting the wedge in there and

it also has a plastic protecting

protective that goes over that wedge so

you don't scratch any paint

so I've wedged that in there enough to

get this air bag in and again we've

unlocked a lot of cars using this method

and I don't work on every car but uh you

know most of them it does so I'm gonna

get the air bag in there and I'm gonna

try to pry this door a little bit

further so I have a bigger gap to put

that rod in that tool again this is made

by stick and I'll put a link down in the

description so now I'm trying to get

that wedge in a little higher so I'll

have some room to uh in the back with

that opening that gap opening so I can

get that rod in there and like I

mentioned I'm not a professional so I

had it I took me a couple attempts to

get this door wedged open the you know

wait [ __ ] so we can stick that rod in


so now I've got the air bag in there I

pried it up a little bit more then I had

it and now I'm gonna get this wedge I'm

gonna push it down in there and now I'll

push it down now I've got a nice opening

a nice gap that I can put the rod down

in so I'll get my rod and I'll stick it

down through there and it's bent where

it makes it easy to curve around and

catch your lock your lat your lock you

know whether you need to push it or pull

it now in this one it needs to pull to

open so I'm going to grab it and you

discard is a little dirty because it's

in the body shop clean glass works

better so you can look in and I'm all up

through the glass catch that lock and

then I'll try to open it and I did open

this one now remember that has some

tension on it where that wedge is in

there so kind of hold the the wedge when

you open the door so it doesn't fall out

on you and now the door is open so it's

really a simple process and again we

have used this on a lot of cars may not

work on every car but it's worked on a

lot of the cars for us them I'll show

you another method that we use for some

cars if they've got the lock that's on

the upper door panel area so that's it

pretty simple process and it works good

and the other method I wanted to show

you is with the strap and it comes with

this kit as well this is if it's got the

post up that you can grab you know this

will work but you reach it down onto the

lock and then you pull up on it and I'll

show you another view from the outside

here in a minute how you kind of have to

curve that plastic piece around so it

curves around and catches that lock and

will look from this view note uh watch

my hands you know where I get the strap

and I kind of pull one side and push to

the other feel no set you can move the

strap to one side or the other so I move

it in towards the lock once I get it

around the lock put some tension on it

and pull up and there's like I said this

only going to work on the this type of

lock here

and now it's unlocked there you go

there's two methods for unlocking cars

so if you don't drive a lot of cars in

and out you know this probably isn't

gonna be that helpful but if you're

someone who works around cars you know

pull cars in and out body shops mechanic

shops places like that I'm sure it's

gonna come in helpful to have something

like this a lockout tool like this now

it may not unlock every car I think I've

been able to get into all the cars but

some are harder than others some may

take a little bit longer some of them's

very easy but this tool makes it very

easy even if you're like me and not

really a locksmith or anything like that

I mean I work on the body of cars you

know I'm really not trained to break

into cars but this has made it easy to

save me many times anyway I appreciate

you for watching this video if you liked

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