Chevrolet Cobalt Radio Removal

today we're going to remove the stereo

from a 2007 Chevy Cobalt this should be

good for 2005 to 2010 you're going to

need a 5/16 socket a pry bar and

possibly a pair of pliers we're going to

start with opening up the glove box to

the right side of the car stereo and the

panel just above the glove box opening

is going to have four clips on it we're

going to start at the left and work our

way across the panel prying the panel

from the dash releases the clips now

we've removed the panel but this panel

had three clips remain in the car and

the very last clip on the right is still

on the panel so this is where the pliers

come in we're going to take the pliers

squeeze the the clip together and wiggle

it out of the opening and place it back

on the panel so it'll be there for me

put this car back together

repeat this for all the clips on the

panel as well now we're going to grasp

the bottom panel underneath the steering

column on the right next to the car

stereo and we're going to pull that from

the - usually pulling it from the dash

releases the bottom clip first and the

second one will release right away as

well we're going to pull the panel back

make sure that the clips are still on

their tabs and they're going to pry the

next panel up here on the left and

release the clips and pull this down set

it out of the way the reason for

removing all these is everything

overlaps so we start at the left side of

the panel around the car stereo went to

the right side and worked our way down

there are three clips on each side now

this brought the panel forward we had a

options here because this connector on

this panel belongs to the airbag light

we're just going to lay this panel down

so that we don't disconnect it

disconnecting it can cause a false

signal to the computer in the car and

you left have to go to the dealership to

have them clear it now the right side of

the car stereo has two mounting bolts

these the 5/16 and the left side also

has two mounting bolts both 5/16 and

we're going to pull the stereo out of

the dash there could be several

connectors here depending on if

steering wheel controls and so on but on

the right we have the black coaxial

cable which is the antenna and we're

just going to grasp the base of that and

pull it out of the back of the car

stereo removes the pole pressure the

next connector has little tabs on it if

you squeeze the tabs together it tends

to lift a little latch and allow you to

unhook the connector and wiggle it free

this is how you remove the stereo from a

2005 to 2010 Chevy Cobalt please

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