Had to break into our Stang!! - 05-09 S197

what's up guys it is a beautiful day

today all the Mustangs are out there's

no clouds in the sky well maybe a couple

and is the perfect day for an awesome

muscle car drive I don't know about you

but I don't even listen to the radio

half the time I just love to listen to

that exhaust right now I'm headed to get

our exhaust tightened down because I

didn't have the right tool to kind of

tighten down the the converters to the

headers so I need a longer extension on

the socket so I'm taking it to the shop


hopefully it'll sound better smell

better and I just love to listen to it


and there it is so my mechanic tightened

up the exhaust it song a lot better and

quieter up here in the front because

obviously it was pretty loud right after

the headers is kind of a big gap let me

know what your exhaust setup is if you

have the O 5 to 9 v6 Mustang so I'm

going to show you obviously you saw the

title this is how to break into your

Mustang through the trunk now here's the

reason why I had to do this the door

handles if you noticed on the old

Mustangs maybe this just happened to me

but it wouldn't didn't go back to its

normal position when you let go it would

just stick out because it's loose I

thought maybe I needed a new spring but

when I looked it up you actually have to

adjust it so I did that but then I

adjusted it to tight I tested it before

I put the door back together and it was

working fine so I could lock and unlock

the door which I was doing from the the

door lock button so the next morning I

drove I went to the grocery store and

when I came back out to get in the car I

could not unlock it so with the key fob

I hit unlock and the stem would go up

and then right back down no matter what

I couldn't time it I couldn't you know I

could not get into the car so I was

freaking out

I couldn't even use the key itself in

the end the keyhole

well eventually I tried the trunk with

no success but someone brought tools out

to help me and I destroyed the seat I'm

going to show you how you don't have to

destroy the seat so here we go

you have your two back seats

and they do come out you know there's

the seat delete it so I figured you

could do this but I didn't think you

could do it from the trunk and all the

tutorials online also said you have to

do it from the inside but this is

actually wrong so if you look in here

right down there in the corner you're

gonna see if you lift that flap up

there's a bolt and you're gonna have to

feel for it you're gonna have to stick

your hand down in between the trunk and

the seat and actually feel sort I forget

what no neater it is too but once you do

that you're gonna be able to unscrew

that bolt and then there's one on the

center as well so seat spells in two

positions now I thought once I did that

that the seats would kind of lift right

out but I still had to struggle quite a

bit and bend the brackets but to lift up

on the seat at the same time I was

pushing it into the car and again it was

a struggle I was in the trunk for about

45 minutes working on this I had to cut

my brackets instead of unscrewing them

and then later on I figured out how I

could have easily unscrewed it so I hope

you can do that if you ever need to do

this and I push the seats in crawled in

and again the door would unlock

perfectly fine from the inside went

straight back home took the door 2-part

adjusted them just a little bit so now

they still don't close a hundred percent

and you can see this here when you pull

it out it just doesn't quite retract all

the way the other ones worse this says

not too bad my friend decided with his

Honda Civic which he's got loud muffler

on it original catalytic converters and

a cold air intake that's that's the

extent of his build so far he just got

it so he's pretty excited to build it up

anyway he's coming out over now to meet

me here and we're gonna do a little bit

of a rev battle hopefully we don't make

anyone too mad here kind of in the

middle of the park that video is coming

shortly and I hope you'll enjoy this one

as well and let me know if you have any

other tutorials you'd like me to make

this is a really weird one but I figured

someone's probably gonna someone's gonna

need it

cuz I needed I never thought I'd have to

do that you know the first thing that

popped into my head was breaking the

glass and then the guy who ended up

helping he said no don't do that that's

gonna be expensive he said there has to

be a way in through the back seat even

if you have to break something it's

cheaper and by the way they went back

together perfectly and they bolt it back

on so I'm not too concerned about that

and if you ever do use those seats

you're sitting on them so they're not

going to pop up and they're not going to

be a problem at all again hope you

enjoyed this video and we'll see you

next time