How to do a Lockout: Ford Explorer

what's up guy this is a lockout man

right quick

I'm doing the voice narration because of

the fat Jack I talked it was real low

and I don't think that you bet you guys

could probably hear me

so basically what I was saying was that

the Ford Explorer SUVs is one of my

favorite trusts to unlock because it was

the first truck that I ever unlocked

when I got into this business being that

it was one of the easiest unlocks for

this particular vehicle basically what

you do is just look the love to a tow

you go in through the back door

you fill around for the lock ride

connector onto it switch it and push and

pull forward to unlock it and and it's

just that simple

I had a Ford Explorer when I when I

started the business so that's why you

know I was able to ace the 40 stores but

this is the models for like the earlier

models mm to the 20 to 20 teams the

newer models of course you got to get

into it so yeah all right this lockout

me and y'all thanks for watching video

like I said is one of my favorite one of

my favorite doors gone