How to unlock Sim Card PUK Code / Sim Card is locked/ PUK Code for Sim Card

hi guys welcome to this video today I'm

going to show you what you need to do if

your iPhone se the SIM card is locked

so I'm going to show you what you need

to do if you got a couple problem

sometime your phone is asking for the

puk code you don't know that code or

it's asking just for a regular code for

the sim card and you'll know that code

right in this video I'm going to show

you what you need to do to fix this

really simple to do it please if you're

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alright guy let me show you right here

on top as you can see it shows the same

College lat

see so right there so what you want to

do you're gonna take out the scene from

your phone just take out the scene and

put it back there as you can see now

just asking for a code you say you know

I only have three attempts so the

simplest liked what you wanna do right

here just you know you wanna put our one

pin 3 time press ok just put the wrong

pin 3 time perfect and here we go

that's all we need to fix it now it's

asking for the UK code so what you gonna

do right here most of the time the

company give you this so right here

we're gonna find app UK code so right

here is right on top puk code now if you

don't have this is being a long time

that you get a phone so what you're

gonna do is you're gonna call your

company you're gonna call your cell

phone company so you're gonna call

customer service and they're gonna give

you the puke a code they handle that

type of code just call customer service

and they're gonna give you the puk code

so they might ask you for the pin number

your accounting number and your phone

number that say they're gonna give you

the puke a code so that was the main

reason I made

video we go there's a lot of paper that

they put up in on the scene and then so

they don't know how we move it

they forgot the pin so what you gonna do

just put a pin three time there won't

pain and you're gonna ask you then for

the puk code so what you gonna do if you

still have this it can't put the phone

when you purchase the phone right now it

comes with this thing in the box and as

you can see right here we have the puk

code or if you don't got this just call

customer service and they're gonna give

it to you customer service handle those

type the information they have that pin

code the puke a code they haven't so

when they give it to you or if you got

this what you're gonna do just type the

code in press ok so type the code again

to confirm press ok and as you can see

confirm the new pin so you're gonna put

a new plane right here and what you

wanna do just press ok and you will have

to peel the one you just made right here

that's the pin you wanna have on your

SIM card now if you have the same

problem in the future so what you wanna

do you're gonna use the pin the one you

just create and that's gonna be the pew

case pin for your sin that's so I don't

wanna press ok because my sim cards are

still good so I know that pain I don't

wanna change it so that's how you gotta

do I just give you the solution when

your SIM card is asking for the puke a

code please if you have any question let

me know and by the way in don't forget

to subscribe on my channel share the

video see you next time