How to Unlock 99 Mike Trout Efficiently MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty

what's going on show nation it's a movie

with movie game tv and we have our

legends and flashbacks

collection reward it is 99 overall

mvp mike trout let's go ahead and take

a look at his attributes today

75 000 stubs gonna get back

100 000 xp as well

he goes 116 97 125

112 86 vision he has 94 fielding with an

89 arm and 90 speed

um he's definitely stacked versus

right-handed pitching

let's go take a look at his quirks if he

has anything in particular that

you know it looks like he's pretty much

got the uh standard stuff for an awards

card nothing crazy on the quirks

um just gonna mash right-handed pitching

uh he's going to mash left-handed

pitching as well has the 86

vision so he's got those beautiful


splits that i actually the more

uh this year i really have started to

really like reverse splits

a lot uh it's just good for everyday

players because it's so much easier to


the ball from a left-handed pitcher it

just makes him you know

it just makes him even more dangerous

because you can't even ride on right

match up him he's gonna have even better

attributes uh in that situation

94 fielding so he's going to have uh

the 94 fielding um that's going to put

him in an 89 if you move him to left to

right field which in most situations

you're going to want to move him

probably to left field i mean either

center or left field but probably to

left field because you're going to have

prestige mantle and center

89 arm strength he's gonna have 90 arm

accuracy 93 reaction

and 90 speed so he's really really fast

going to be able to track down the ball

out there and then again he has an 89

arm which isn't too bad

we're gonna take a look at uh the

collection stuff uh as we go with that

as well

um we're gonna take a look at all that

um what i want to go

look and see is i want to go look and


if he has a prestige ability like if

that's something that

is possible for my trout yes it is so he


be prestiged as well uh you're gonna be

able to go

along this let's look at the prestige

version of him

119 110 or 119 100 125 115 89 vision

97 fielding 92 arm 93

speed uh pretty much a five to a player

uh gets up to 89 vision ridiculous

versus both sides that 97 fielding if

you move them to left will still be

diamond fielding on left

a 92 arm cannon 93 speed 96 reaction

which is extremely high as well

that's just i mean he's gonna get to


uh 93 speed uh i mean to be honest with

you it's pretty much

like uh a willie mays mike trout and

william mays are very similar players

uh both right-handed uh both like pretty

much five tools gave him good arm

strength this

it's very nice that you can prestige

this card it looks beautiful too because

the red of the red jersey

uh for my trout so let's go ahead and

look and see what you're gonna need

to do to complete this collection

there's a lot of stuff that you're gonna

need uh to complete this comp

collection uh from what it looks like

here's the trial here's the the name

plates uh i believe that you get you

gotta get to stage two and team affinity

to get that name plate

collect these items you click 115 let's

see there's 8

12 uh 16

and then two others uh right there so

i don't think let's see i want to make

sure that you don't have to get 15 out

of 15

8 12 16

uh 17 and 18. so

three of the collections you're not

gonna have to do the rest of them that

you are gonna have to do

i'm gonna go ahead and lock in these

that i have done

uh real quickly um let's see we got the


uh let's go take a look at the rookie

see how far i can get in this you have

to only get

you have to get 20 these uh collected to

get there

so i'm gonna click through the ones that

i have uh

to hopefully get a little bit closer i

only need four of these

uh still to go so i'm gonna go ahead and

click that through

uh let's see um see if my shadows

he's not even purchasable

uh staying unusual has gone through the


craig bizio i bet i can get her cheap

i'm just gonna go ahead and buy him

uh go ahead and pick him up a lot of

these you're gonna want to put in buy

now orders for i would imagine

uh but oral herscheiser he's real i'm

going to pick him up

lots of these i could probably pick up

for cheaper uh but

i only need a couple of them so i'll

pick up him

and i'll pick up him um gonna be

interesting to see if the market kind of

crashes because

i don't know why i'm picking these up

for this expensive is beyond me

uh it's just like a matter of getting it

done quickly i i probably won't do this

for all of them

but i'm gonna go ahead and pick up those

before i get those aren't really

relatively cheap what's up mantel go for

everything's just skyrocketing there's

no way there's no way that a lot of


gonna stay this skyrocketed as every

single card

uh like what's cal rip that's gotta be

plummeting there's no reason to go after

that one

um let's see who else can we get what

was stan the man

he's 1400 that's crazy that's literally

everyone buying uh

that uh at that rate i'm gonna go ahead

and just do this i'll just put in a buy

order for mickey mantle at 68 101.

uh and just wait on that that that's a

ridiculous price because this card's way

too common

there's no way this card will be worth

that so i'm just gonna put it in the buy

order i think that's a way more

responsible way to go about this

we're not going to be doing this where

we go through we pay

you know oral her sizing is an extremely

extremely common card i'm not going to

be paying more

than that for that so we we will just

chill on that

let's go ahead and take a look at the

post season now this one

might get kind of uh might get kind of


because there aren't a ton of these and

a lot of these

like these aren't really in the free

packs as much like i could see david

price going up a lot he is

i imagine this post season is going to

go up a lot so we're going to pass on

the postseason right now let's look at

the veterans

now these should be pretty cheap i'm

just gonna go ahead and buy these i know

i can get them very

much cheaper than that but i'm gonna go

ahead and pick these up

i don't know why i don't know why that

one's 500

i'm not going for that price i'll go for

241 uh don't get

carried away someone even has 1 000 over

on that other side

of ted williams uh i will pay that's


it's going up like that um i i imagine

this is going to calm down in a little

bit too

like these are these are out of control


they're just so common that there's no

way that they're gonna be

that expensive uh joe morgan let's see

what he's gone up to

they're just going up to insane prices

right now just insane prices as we

record this video live

i'm gonna go ahead and click in uh

george brett i'm gonna click in

jackie robinson that i have lefty grove

chipper jones

uh get those guys clicked into this

collection uh make sure you guys collect

the other there's babe ruth we already

got 15 we're only gonna need five more

i'm not paying ridiculous amounts for


i'm not gonna do that looks like 1500

there's 53 of them at that price

so i'll just wait on those but i'll

probably we'll get the veteran one done

uh we got um carrie wood here

we're gonna put in uh or more oh marvis

kell of our

like ones that we've had to be able to

collect tony gwynn

billy wagner we almost got this one done

we're only gonna need

three of these uh to finish up this

let's see what this chipper jones is

going for i know he's

somewhat they're the prices are going


uh i'm i'm gonna wait a little bit i

definitely suggest you wait a little bit

lots of these cards are way more common

than that and there's gonna be people

that are like i'm not gonna sell them

for 1500 i'm gonna sell them for nine

thousand like immediately so i'm gonna


on some of those see what uh cliff floyd

went to he's not too bad

um greg maddox again that they're just

way too high

i will pay like seven zero five three

that's a like

a thousand five hundred more than what

he goes for on that side of things

um so i'll pay for that but i'm not


just keep it just today keep things in


stay calm with this you know this is

another easy one to pick up

and uh you know this is a very very

common card

this is a very very common john smalls

card put in 712 we got him for 7 12.

just stay relaxed out there don't spend

every stuff he got today uh

going after this some of these so we'll

we'll go ahead and that's way too much

they'll go down eventually

definitely not one that you're gonna

need to get uh you know

day one type of thing uh let's see


this is outrageous what's up well it's

not too

it's really not that outrageous it's

like about 400

over but i you know i'll go ahead and

i'll go ahead and pick him up for that

i'll pick

nin up for like 300 more that's fine but

we're trying to avoid just paying like

15 000 or something insane for a card

that's just

way over the top uh there's gonna be a

lot of people that are gonna have to

cash out on this kind of stuff too

that have you know extra collected um

that didn't need a lot wow we're getting

really close to finishing this one off

with just no cell stuff that we have so

that's uh that's like a different

uh you know that's definitely new this


we're only gonna need you know 20 so we

only need three of these honestly

um a lot of these cards are gonna go

down like that that scope's got to go


in value uh you know adam dunn

same kind of deal like these i don't

know i'm not going to splurge on those


they're very um they're they should be

relatively easy to collect

we got tom glavin like what's he gone up

to not even that much higher

um maybe i'll collect live because i

just know goliven's such a common car

so a lot of these golds i'm telling you


these mid-tier golds i just feel like

they're over pro

you know like people are going to try to

get them out of there

because they they bring no value other

than being in this collection like what

do we need one for this

uh who else do we need i think i'm gonna


a bid i might even go after mantle

i think that's who i placed a an order

on so if you

if you're getting some packs out of your

xp reward path you can i would

sell them right now because they're

definitely gonna go up

now here's where things should are gonna

get expensive for me

uh there's no doubt about that there's

gonna be 15 of these that i need

uh i have some of them no sell i'm going

to go ahead and collect

brett saberhagen and i'm gonna collect

we need to get the cheaper ones if we

can seeger's already gone up a little

bit i'm gonna see if i can buy a c

or um at 13. i expect i mean

this is too high for corey seeger even

this is an extremely common card right

now because he's in the pennant race

so i mean i could go 13 on him he's

going up a little bit in price

um let's see if we can get daniel murphy


he's already skyrocketed up i might

i hate to do this but i will i i hate to

do this while i buy this one

i'll buy this one i don't want to do a

ton of that but i will do a little bit

of that

uh but this is insane what this card's

going for i'll put it in

five 14251 uh just to get a little bit

closer i should really

really wait though see i mean everyone's

gonna have to fight that

but we gotta let's see one two

three four five

six seven and

uh there we go there's nine of 15 on

that we got our mickey mantle

over on the other side here what was

that for though i think that's a rookie

mickey mantle so i will put us over the

top uh

for that one and we'll have 20 out of 20

on the rookies uh so we got the rookie

voucher that's how that's going to work

same as last year i'm going to go ahead

and toss

that into the collection again we just

go up to trout

uh we'll collect that in there uh so it

looks like

there's no there's nothing else on the

left side tier wise

that you're going to be able to

accomplish like if you're gonna go for

it you need to go for it all the way

um so definitely keep that in mind um

i'm interested to see i feel like um

which ones

should i skip let's see what we got in

the prestige how many prestiges

do we need we only need five but i think

i have five off the top of my head

actually i have a lot more than five


uh this one should be pretty easy uh

everyone should get this one done

um let me make sure i didn't collect

anybody that's not no

cell that's a no well all procedures are

going to be no cell

uh now that i think about it um

i'm gonna go ahead and just i'm gonna

collect ones that are that say no sell i

don't think

maybe my mantle doesn't say no sell on

him neither is my sheffield

uh just as far as far as like the

aesthetic of how the card looks

so i'll go reggie jackson larkin posey

uh cody bellinger uh chipper jones

and do i have larry walker clicked i'll

click larry walker

the reason i'm doing that is because

maybe these just look a little bit

cleaner without that no cell on them i

don't know it doesn't matter

it really doesn't matter at all we got

the prestige one not

done there uh so that's pretty sweet

actually that i've done

all the tea that this this name plate

you get from all the team affinities

this one i think you would get from

conquest you might get it from stage one

team infinity

uh i'm not sure off the top of my head i

can't remember um

i think this one actually get from stage

one team affinity because i think the

conquest one looks like more like

it has like conquest type of like

those hexagons or those octagons or

whatever the heck it is

all right so we already got five of 15

not looking too bad there

um i really would like to get this xp i

would really like to get that xp

um i'm trying to get up my prestige


all right so we got the prospects um

which have we gone through here

uh we're on the awards we need to do

this one's gonna be a little bit tricky

uh first to get done because these cards

don't necessarily have to go down in


uh like some of the other ones they just

don't have to go down in price

uh i guess you can collect this one i'm

not sure uh

what that's gonna be i'm gonna have to

play some bids on the awards but we

should have some stuff to be able to do


now the prime let's see what we got on

the prime uh i should have at least like

a couple of these um

let's see uh we collected mantle for the


we got that we got that we got seven of

15 right there

these might be a little bit more tricky

denny martinez hopeful

just skyrocketing price out of the

that's just insane

uh what those are going for right there


again kingman's a very common card some

of these are way more common than

they're already up there for

because i flipped them all the time

they're just

and their cards that just like cycle

through very quickly

um so i'm not gonna go too crazy on


uh looks like i could put in uh rob


and i could put in jake mcgee but i'm

gonna wait on those i'm just gonna let


gonna let the water settle a little bit

uh on those i don't think i'm gonna be

going after

there's just no way that see he's

already going down on the other side

it's just like a lot of people picking

up stuff off the rip

uh signature uh let's see i got edwin

we got big time cards in here that i

need to be careful about not collecting

uh let's see a couple there six of eight

um for us there who's the cheap ones

what's john franco but he's skyrocketing

he really hasn't

i'm gonna buy him at this price because

this is pretty much his price

so i'm gonna buy john franco at that

price i'm not locking in my chapman

you know what i'm saying i'm not locking

in that chapman and he's just

way too expensive let's see what uh

happened to babe this is not too far

off of wade boggs like where he's at so

i'm gonna pick him up it's

a couple thousand more um so now we got

it done and we didn't lock in our


who goes for a ton we didn't lock in our

mariana rivera who goes for a ton

very important not to do that uh last

year i definitely

did that more than i would have liked to

do that so

i'm very glad that we're not going to

have we still got those cards uh

liquid so that's that's very nice um and

we have that one done we can go ahead

and toss it

over in uh over here so that's

that's good so so far the awards is

looking like it's gonna be the most

difficult one for me to do

possibly the prime let's take a look at

the players league uh

see how crazy these got um

especially these this tier uh it really

hasn't gone up from what it's been

uh yesterday it's not that much higher


it is gonna be about a hundred thousand


uh to complete that one to get the blake

snell i'm gonna pass on that one just

because i don't have a lot of it

uh done so we got 30 of 60 um

face of the franchise for does this one

give you a

voucher for trout or does it not

base of the franchise could this be the

first one that doesn't

this base of the franchise is not

included in it

um that i can tell face of the franchise

is not

included rookie breakout all-star

veteran postseason

prime cover uh monthly awards awards

let's go look at the monthly awards we

might have that pretty close to being


oh yeah we got that easy we should have

that easy we've been on top of that

uh the whole year uh so we got that we

got that easily done

uh that's a nice amount of xp uh that's

that's a

that's solid right there we're getting i

feel like we're getting closer by the

second here

um not bad uh we've done

our a lot of grinding this year so

i think we're uh we're doing well we

have the we should have the home run


we actually already had that because all

you got to collect is the griffy

so we do have that uh done uh

see for the lightning that's uh not part

of the trout

uh what else do we need to do breakout

all-star what have we not looked at is

what i'm trying to figure out here

we've looked at breakout on all-star

right so we need three of these what's

he going for

it's just dirty sorry it frustrates me

that they

i'll put in a i'll put in one of these

at two six

zero two there i just

it just it's really not that big of a

deal because we got a lot of stubs it's

just the principle

of you know going way over the top for


is just you don't have to do it and i

want you guys to know that you don't

have to go that far over we pick both of

them up

um for way more than they're worth uh


at least it's such a small amount that

it's like not that much different than

buying like

two packs uh let's look at david ortiz

extremely common i'm just gonna go ahead

and buy him he's extremely

i'm like that's that's this is actually


cheap for david ortiz to be at 6 400 so

i will go ahead and buy him we'll have

this collection done

like that uh pretty simple uh pretty


uh so we got that one done this is

actually i think we played it well by

going after the stubs i'm

i just i feel that right now that

we played it pretty well by going after

the stubs

let's see what these cards are going

from the market wow these are actually

pretty cheap i'm gonna buy that at five

yeah i'll buy that for that that's

really cheap uh

why did someone put them up for that

i'll buy that for that

this collection goes into oh you need 15

i see

i see you need 15 to get the the voucher

for it

so that's going to be dripping out later

on um

good thing to notice we only need three


is this a part of the trout i'll get a

bonus to have a pack i guess

and we get wow wow definitely do that


definitely without question do that one

bro this one it this is just not that


to get this uh to get this done and that

is a lot of stubs in xp

um that we're getting really close to

getting this done without needing like

that much stuff at all i mean like

i i might have to buy a couple awards

cards so i might just like find some

ones that i like

but this has been pretty smooth because

we did a lot of grinding like i'm going

to avoid the prospect and

probably i might do blake's now it might

not but we don't have a lot in that

in that regard let's see who else do we

need we need

if we skip these two we need uh all-star

veteran postseason and we need awards

and we need uh prime well

one two three four that gets us

to 13 um

14 can't do this one yet and the

prospect is

15. um so maybe we will do

the players league and get the blake

snow i don't know we're going to try to

figure out

what's the cheapest we could wait on the

tops now but i kind of want the car now

uh i don't want to wait that long

oh wow do we have the prospects done wow

if you did team affinity

you really cashed in because we actually

have that have this one completely done

wow dude wow there was nothing more

important to do than team affinity this


uh just as far as this collection is


i wonder if they'll maybe put this in

someplace else i mean that that's solid

right there

uh let me do the math in 8 12

16 18 so there's three of them we don't

have to do we cannot do this one

we cannot do the tops now so we have a

wards veteran

uh prime all-star uh that we could do

and then we're one let me see one two


four five six seven uh

we can't

let's say we don't do tops now we don't

do like snow and we don't do

wander franco all-star veteran

post-season prime and

awards let's go look at how far we are

on those

um i want this card to come down in

value i just think that's completely

over the top uh let's take a look at the

wars we need six

more of these um victorinol is up there

ozzy smith should be relatively cheap


um let's see jd i imagine some of these

other ones are going to be pretty

expensive mulder

uh not too bad i guess

um but oh mccutchen should be cheap

all right let's figure that's not even

too bad of a price for my cutting

that's not too bad of a price for my

cousin so i'll lock him in for that

um let's see who else is

mike scott should be pretty cheap okay

um what was ozzie smith he's already

going up quite a bit

um i guess i'll lock in

mulder sure um

i'm going for the cheaper ones i'm not

looking to build my team around these

guys i'm just going for the cheaper ones

um what's upton and simmons at i mean it

just came out of that

event they're both up at 40. ozzy smith

already went up quite a bit

38 we need four more what's hayward

34 um let's see

george foster's uh what's king felix 41

um let's see

let's see let's see let's see let's see


the rest of them are probably going to

be pretty expensive my scott

pretty cheap pick him up um

we're going to pick up ozzy smith he's


going up but might as well just get him

now before he keeps going up um

hayward was pretty cheap i believe

relatively cheap i mean let's see one


we're not gonna collect anybody we don't

need we already have the seeger

and um let's see

and we got mike scott so we're done with

this collection

uh not too bad i mean that one actually

hit our stubs a little bit

but this is what we've been building up

for and now we have

that one done uh to get the trout

that's a lot of xp man that's at least a

full prestige level

uh it's like really two full procedure


uh so let's go ahead and go with the

awards lock that in

uh what i'm really excited about is we

should have a lot of stubs by the time

this is over

uh so that's that's really exciting um

let's see uh all-star oh i don't know

what i'm doing sorry i'm a little

a little bit so we're not gonna we're

not we're gonna skip players league

and we're gonna skip what based on the


oh that's not even one i can't believe

face of the franchise isn't one but i

can also

those cards have just got to be tanking

right now all right veteran postseason

prime and all-star

veteran post-season prime and all-star

what do we need for a veteran five more

uh yeah see these are yeah we'll just

buy them i guess

uh let's put in an order for like willie

mays like

you don't you shouldn't have to go over

the top even with all these stuffs man i

it's just a principle of the thing like

i don't want to go pay more than i have

to pay

what i don't have to i just know how

common these cards are they're not worth

that much

um let's see what's uh joe moore that's

insane that's an insane

price for him just insane uh

got three there um

and i want to make sure that you guys

you know don't over pay for this stuff

in a rush

like a lot of it's going to go down over

time obviously you don't have to get a

day one

so let's see what's christy matthewson i

might have to splurge them get one of


just to get one of them though um i got

you know what

to tell you the truth i'm just gonna buy

willie mays well it looks like we got uh

bellar uh so we got them done i mean

they're they're way up over what they're

worth but

it is what it is all right let's see my

active orders so let's go ahead and take

these down because we already bought

them uh

who do i want to get out of these let's

just check and see if anybody else is


like that's four thousand for guidry

what's lou gehrig

he's like three thousand he's cheaper

than the other guys man

what's like uh gary carter yeah i'll

just but that's not even a bad price for

gary carter to be honest with you

uh so we'll pick him up i mean it's like

500 over what gary carter is

so we'll pick him up for that and we'll

go ahead and put

that collection back into here

for the veteran of trout there's going

to be a lot of people that are going to

have to sell off a lot of stuff man

like the just flat out is i think we're

like 300k

in to doing this but it's just so worth

it with all the xp

that we're going to pick up and we're

going to get stubs back and we're going

to get by trout

so i you know it's hard to

i th this is i already like this one a

lot bad

better than the wagner collection uh

wagner was great but it's just like it

was so

expensive in a way that i feel like it

was going to price out a lot of people

uh this prime collection is getting

insane uh

quickly for no reason uh this is gonna

be the one where

i'm gonna get the most frustrated paying

like this many subs for this stuff

uh just straight up i'm telling you

right now because

kingman again extremely common uh brett

gardner is common so is johnny cueto

so is denny martinez not they're

diamonds but they're

they're a ton of cards out there to have

them i mean it's

it's not like they're very rare um

are they gonna make me collect rob

dibble and

jake me mcgee is the question so what

where are

cheap ones in here like that's 50 000

maybe i should just buy them because

they're gonna get more expensive well

they shouldn't

but um i guess i'll go this is insane to

me i'm

i'm extremely frustrated that i'm doing

this but we're getting close to the


i might as well just pick them up i

don't even know if i can pick these up

at the buy now price oh yeah we did

easily with that one that doesn't

surprise me

uh let's see um kingman

i mean come on man 17-1 for kingman is a


yeah there's cueto sold to us uh we'll

pick up kinguin for that i'm sure

i'm sure we'll be able to jeez man the

markup on this is insane

this is where it's starting to actually

hit but the fact that we were able to uh

to save a lot of money in other in other

places is uh

really helping out well like what's chew

go for way too much that's a rare card

that chew is a rare car

because it was an event card uh i mean

it might pick up roy also i'll just buy


uh just because i don't know i kind of

like to

i wouldn't mind just having that card

again um

we still have mcgee and dibble i don't

know if i'm going to lock them in


they go for a lot so i don't know i'll

pick up pablo sandoval

it's just kind of like all right we

gotta lock these in and pick them

up lock them in we got an order on

kingman i might as well just buy him

honestly it's 17 19.

what's the difference we're gonna make

that up over the course of the year

go by him we've really overpaid for

those couple

and now we just gotta decide like who do

we want i'm gonna keep dibble and mcgee

just fluid i'm not gonna i'm gonna try

to go find cards that are cheaper than

them to collect

uh there goes uh that card up in value

um i think i'm just gonna get oswald


um i was i'm pretty close to prestiging

this card at some point if i ever wanted

to anyways

um i guess when it comes down to hero

just get some cards that you like to try


i'd like to try out pablo sandoval maybe

at some point i'll pick him up

uh not too much of a price difference

there not really that's actually a

pretty cheap price for sandoval in a way


it's not a crazy price for sandoval um i

wouldn't mind trying out jacoby

elsewhere either

um he's had like a pretty good swing

might be a pretty good guy

on my bench we'll go ahead and lock

these two

um and then again i'm i'm not locking

dibble he's too

good he's too he's way more expensive

um we want to lock in guys that are


i'll see what happens with this car with

that brian dozer i'm not really

interested in picking up brian noser in


um again we're not locking a zac britain

at 79.

uh we don't really need juan pierre

either um

let's see so what about uh

brian roberts might not be a bad one to

pick up um

might not be bad only because we can

lock him into other collections

um is this a time to pick up ben zobrist

like he's really good i don't want to

lock him though that's way too much

uh you darvish is at 34 so we'll keep

that in mind he's actually pretty cheap

right now uh comparatively speaking

what's up michael brantley

at 34. so it's two we can get for 60k

and then we're we're done um do we want

to lock like

elsberry i don't think so i think that's

not a good move to lock him let's see

kim's up to 40. uh k uh dave parker i

know is going to be extremely expensive

we're not going to be able to

to pick up him because he's so rare for

me in 12-0 i think the move is we're

gonna pick up

uh you darvish at 34 and we'll pick him


we'll lock him in and then we're gonna

pick up um

was it was brainly cheap yeah brantley

was cheap we'll

pick up both of these cards and we'll

lock them

because they're the cheapest so that's

what pretty much

we're going to do we had to overpay in

this one but

you know it is what it is we're going

after the big collection

we got to do what we got to do so we're

going to lock them

i'm going to pick up the prime um and

we're gonna go ahead and toss

that into the collection

and now let's see we got the postseason

and we got the all-star uh vouchers to


and the whole season uh it might be a

little bit

uh expensive uh david price let's see if

you know four thousand i'm probably just

gonna buy him someone's look at look at

people just like

you know five of these to sell um

again i'll go over the top at this point

we're so far deep into it i feel like

we've saved so much

that like i oh wow he's skyrocketed he's


uh mariano should not be rare that

should be an easy pickup we could

even buy him for seven um we're gonna

pick him up let's see if bill

skyrocketed he might have he did he

absolutely did

man there's gonna be some people if they

made the right investments are gonna

really really uh really uh

profit off of some of these because

these actually this collection has a lot

of rare cards in it

it just does uh straight up we're gonna

have to take

we're gonna have to take a plunge on

somebody here um i think that's

let's see what damon is he's not even

you can't even get him

jones probably the same way you can't

even get him

uh let's see

31k for folky uh

what's this car dot

oh my gosh uh i'm kind of that actually

got me to a lots of words what's a bench


44 what's chrissy matthewson he might be

cheap 47. this this one is skyrocketing

we need four more in here

and they have just absolutely


oh man this is tough this is tough did

we collect anybody that we really don't

need to

i mean we collected them too oh man this

post season one is insane

the post season one is insane just say

the least

uh to the point where it's like do we

even just go after like blake snell like

will he be cheaper to go after

um let's see uh let's do some

i mean i wouldn't even mind having the

blake snow

uh these cards should be relatively

i don't know there's like a card pack

reward in the in this part of it

i'm kind of thinking about going after

blake snell in a way i don't know why i

just i'm kind of thinking about doing


uh let's see what we have in the

prospects this is one i just cannot

i just cannot go after uh it's just

gonna be way too expensive

that's gonna be impossible uh for me to

go after for this

um so that's gonna be a no-go uh so

let's take a look again at trout

uh let's see post-season let's go take a

look at the all-star ones

let's go see how we are in the all-star

ones and then we can make a move from

here let's see how expensive he is

i mean that's not it it's easy now to go

back oh

let's see what sheffield is not i mean

it's easier to go back now

and talk yourself into buying more once

you've uh gotten closer all right so we

got the maddox

uh we only need one more card uh to get

this one done

so we'll go ahead and collect that i bet

like you know chipper jones whatever

i'll just

get him for that price way way too much


it is what it is we got the all-stars


um for that collection um

so we only have one more we only have

one more to lock in to get my trout day


not bad uh there we go with that

and did we do blake snell

or did we finish off the post season uh

that's going to be the question

here for uh for me um

so we take a look at the postseason uh

let's see damon's not even purchasable

i don't know how uh neither is andrew


these are probably still skyrocketing um

there's a full key for 31 how many will

i need i need

four so that's 31. um

that's 46 for mazzarovsky and that's a

rare card

all of these cards are rare that's

really the biggest problem

um johnny bench uh

i think he was a headliner i mean we got

12 and over awards all over this


um let's see uh

chrissy matthewson oh my god

just now i really don't let's see

30 it's like 70

uh and then who knows you know that's

like another 40.

i think i'm just gonna get blake snow i

honestly think i'm just gonna get blake

snow i don't really want to mess with

all this

i know we wasted some stubs but this

one's getting out of control fast

it's just getting out of control maybe

i'll do it later on

uh when i don't know why i would do it

later on

but this one's getting out of control

this one has a lot of rare cards

damon rare andrew jones rare bulky

pretty rare honestly but he's he's like

rare but he's not

uh because he was in that same with

mazarovsky same way but

those are just that is a lot of social

cards i don't like i don't like chrissy

matthewson i'm sure

you know eddie murray is fine um

what's like um edgar martinez

this one is just a little rich for my

blood i think they're going to need to

add some more cards to this one to make

it easier for people

but this one's a little rich for my

blood i think i'm just going to go after

the brakes now

because at the end of the at the end of

this collection

i also get um

at the end of this we only need six of

them too at the end of this collection i


get uh i do get like a card which is

pretty cool so at least

i will get a card um as well and i'm

playing paying way more

than you should for these but it's all

right we're so close to the end

uh i'll just make up the subs flipping

later on we're still going to have a


big stack as far as that's concerned um

which one of these cards do i want uh

jeff mcneill kind of can play all over

the place i'm probably not going to use

them but i'm just curious just like

i might go with like um hmm

let's see i know what i'm going to go

with the ones that are the cheapest

geolito's 37

and tap is 39 and mcneil

is i'm gonna get one of these cards for

free but i'll just sell it back

is half 37 no he's 39 i think geolito is


so yeah there we go we will have the

collection now

completely done click through all these

um pretty sweet because we get a bond as

a habit pack

we get five packs for sopak do we not

get blake snell from this

um flashback towards progress front of

the blake snail program

um let me see what happened with

that i thought we were to have gotten

blake snow but maybe we didn't

uh let's see i might have to do a little

bit of

grinding for blake snow i'm not sure

uh let's see programs player programs i

want you guys to see this

uh so that let's see is he even let's


there he is blake snow completed 100

we got him all right so just putting

those two that's what i thought you had

to do

but um yeah we were able to get over the


uh to get blake snell so the whole

entire thing

uh we bought it on the high end also um

we wasted a little bit of stubs too uh

like locking in mariana rivera

and some stuff like that um we're gonna

go ahead and complete

uh the mike trout collection here we're

gonna get 75k

back 100 xp uh we have

unlocked him um as well uh

definitely got some prestige stuff too i

think i got an

another card that i could have uh you

know i think we got the prestige pack

where it's like

you know uh sandberg and all that kind

of stuff

uh we're gonna go ahead and unlock my

trout though i might uh

i might make this uh my picture for uh

the uh thumbnail so i wanna i'm gonna

take another one just for

the heck of it make sure i got it unlock

all right there we go

so we got the trout and we're done uh

pretty easy not i mean we're back up to

1200 and 500 we

had 1800 we didn't lock in like any of

our big cards either there's lots of

cards we did not lock in

that we still have to be able to sell uh

for example i mean we got tommy to sell

dylan carson to sell

uh you know we got lots of different

cars the face of the franchise not being

in it was

very clutch very clutch

or it might be in it but if the fact

that i had those grinded out was huge

we still have dibble to sell we still

have chapman to sell we saw

mariano rivera to sell we hit stuff jake

mcgee to sell

you know we got all of our faces i don't

have a lot of the face of the franchise

so i feel like i was right in my

prediction of just going after

like just going after the packs that we

needed or just like having the stubs

on hand i thought that was a better way

of going about it because we never knew

what was going to be in it now if you

have a lot of some of this stuff build


uh you might be able to sell it for a

lot more but i would probably sell it

now because it

some of the stuff just doesn't have the

value but anything in that postseason

collection has a ton of value that's

what we really learned

from this today is that the sub in the

postseason value

or the postseason collection has a ton

of value it just does

they're flat out lots of them are rare

or they're not even very good cards i

but we were i guess maybe in the same

sense like we were able to avoid doing

that collection

completely so at the same time maybe

it's not worth as much as i might think


definitely let me know what you guys

think about it in the comment section

below uh

let's see um we got to make sure we take


or we take uh sandberg it doesn't matter

i'm i got someone to take sandberg

um i'll take many at the

at the end here getting closer uh to

getting done

on the prestige uh xp reward path here

it's gonna be a nice boost right here at

the 90 plus diamond

um getting closer though getting closer

to getting uh

jram um as well we gotta go throw trout

in the lineup though man

i mean we already have george springer

who is a beast

but uh we need prestige trout you know

what i'm saying like we we need

prestige trout uh it's gonna it allow us

to move

uh i i really like springer too like he

he's been nice

uh we'll go ahead and move him there i

don't know if we need buster posey

anymore maybe we should just put it on

the lineup uh

the prestige barry larkin i don't know

we're pretty stacked

uh pretty sweet looking card though

trouty back in the lineup

oh man like does he take craig's spot

like he's like

i don't know he's a pretty sweet card to

have now it's like i gotta

i gotta pick up like musical and i gotta

pick up uh let's go take a look at some

of them

in the market we also got some packs so

let's actually uh

let's let's uh we haven't even looked at

we got a free tops now pack

i forgot about those cards they're not

gonna be able to sell those

um these are all going from pretty cheap

what did we buy

i i don't know if we have i think the

one that we don't have is ozuna so i'll

just pick him up

i don't really plan on doing that

collection you know it could be really


okay that's my pick how do i go to the

next pig

you pretty we do oh we get two out of

this pack guys that's that's my bad

we get two out of this pack i forgot

about that um

yeah so we got those uh let's take a

look at danny dawn we haven't taken a

look at him knuckle curve four

seam the the sinker the slider and the

screw ball

doesn't have to change up uh knuckle

curve is his first pitch

i'm not too wild about this card to be

honest with you guys i just

i don't know he's okay i'm gonna open

one just to see if we can get them

you know i i'm not like with the


they're so risky dude like that's 7 500

for nothing so

i just i can't i can't just open those

for a card like

i know that cards let's see what a much

he's going for like he might go for a

lot cause he's a part of no he's not

even going for that much so it's like

it's so hard to get him out of that

i'm i'm just a pass on the headliners

i've opened up tons of them this year

um i'm just i'm just i'm just kind of

passing on them right now especially

with like how low

uh diamonds go for because of like we're

that deep into the game

they need to they really need to lower

the amount of costs that it costs for a

headliners pack

in my opinion they should be about two

thousand five hundred uh

that's still a lot of the times that

you're not going to hit on them

um maybe maybe three thousand i guess uh

to make them a little bit more like that

but i'm just really curious to see what

happened with basil's franchise because

i feel like that had a tank that had to

have absolutely tank like what is like

chris sale yeah these

these cars had to have tanked i could

have stole my carry wood yes i might

even sell my carry wood for this now

uh just to let's carry

uh i like carrie wood but i might well

who's in my rotation right now

i could pick up some i guess i don't

really need the stubs either way

um i could just hold on to him for now

but i could sell him i could sell him um

anyways guys uh we got my trout in this

video uh let me know what you guys think

about the collection reward down

in the comment section below uh starting

to get i really like how the awards

cards look we're

we're starting to get uh pretty stacked

with our cards but thank you guys so

much for watching i'll see you guys in

the next video until then

have a great day peace out