How To Unlock 1999 Chevy Tahoe

hello my name is Brian Johnson owner and

operator of captain lockpick and

Traverse City and today I'm gonna be

showing you how to unlock this 1999

Chevy Tahoe

the first step to unlock in this vehicle

is going to be to slide your airbag in

to the door jamb I like to start towards

the top and just kind of work it in up

and down once you feel it slide in go

ahead and begin pumping watch for the

door to separate enough to stick your

tool in then should be good enough right

about there the next step is going to be

to take your long reach tool and slide

it into the door jamb and try lifting up

on the manual lock paddle


all right now that the doors unlock your

good to deflate your air bag pull it out

set it aside open the door

grab your keys and you're good to go

thank you for watching my video on how

to unlock this 1999 Chevy Tahoe I hope

the video was helpful for somebody if

you have any questions or anything you'd

like to leave in the comments please do

and subscribes are always appreciated

thanks a lot and have a good one