2021 Latest Firmware: Huawei B315s-936 Debrand, Unlock & Openline Tutorial Plus One Piece Theme


hi guys in this video i will teach you

how to de-brand open line and unlock the

huawei b315s-936

plus applying the theme with one piece

let's get it all


so for tools we will need a at least a


i'd have a old model here and

any metal conductors like wires or pins

or copper wires

a land cable a male to male usb

and a screwdriver

also the power charger of the modem

and a masking tape

installing the drivers

so download the file in the description

and unzip

the file using


then open the folder

and open the drivers folder

and open the first one the adb driver

open it by the way i'm using windows 10

version 2019

on this video

so hit continue or space or enter

then open the second one the huawei


okay let's wait for it to finish

the installation

and press any key on the keyboard

flashing the firmware

okay navigate to the firmware folder

and open the file of b315

s and the password is joel 22

and hit okay

okay let's minimize this and let's open


device manager so that we can check

if the drivers while we're doing the


so open the modem by unscrewing the two

screws and pry it open on the side

until you open the whole modem

now we need to have a jumper on these

two points

so we will use the pin

to make the boot pin

so you should have at least a short one

and let's secure the pin using the

masking tape

i also soldered a switch at the back

so it's easy for me to do the jumper


using this one this one is optional just

in case

so once it's secured

let's uh plug in the power adapter

there should be no power led light on

this modem once you've done it


if not you can retry and do the

procedure again

secure the metal pin and try again

so let's connect the usb connected to

the computer

so once you're connected there should be

on the device manager you can see

the port is on country

and let it finish to flash everything

it may take a minutes or so have a

cup of coffee sit back and enjoy

so the led will be on once you're doing


just in case you're stuck on this uh


you can retry to reinstall the drivers

also you can restart the computer

just in case that

the script is stuck on this part

so let's wait for this one to finish








okay it's almost finished let's wait for


and it's okay so we can remove the usb

and power cable together

and remove the masking tape

with the pin

and you can cover it temporarily

modern setup

okay from here this is already open line

you can insert any sim

and connect the power cable together

with the lan

connecting to the computer so let's just

wait for it to finish

the first boot

so once it blinks you should see an icon

like this the network icon is connected

on the modem already

so open any internet browser and type in

and enter

now for the password it's admin

small letters

and let's close this one

then let's leave it if you want to

change the password

i will just click it later

and let's if distribute other series

and let's click next and next again

then from here you can change your wi-fi

name and also the password

so you can type it here if you want

so i will just type in my password

and click next


and it's okay let's close this one

and now we are successfully in

the modems dashboard

so let's go home

so this is a the dashboard

on the newest firmware

let's navigate on the menus

and sms

we have the phone book we have update so

this is the new

the new feature you can see there's a


so if all the this

the s s i n r and r sq

are green you have a good signal

so let's go back and it's also

has a built-in open vpn

so the password is admin and the


is admin also

so it's already built in so you can


any config on this page

and save it and connect so let's go back

and let's go home again

about the settings let me see so we have

the cell id

options also built in if you want to


the signal okay

you can lock in and lock from here



okay download the theme here from this


you can pause the video so once you

download it

and extract the file

just look for the

change bg no background no flash

then click open


so it will connect on the modem

and send the theme into the modem

so let's wait perhaps uh 50 seconds


once it's already downloaded or uploaded

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all right

and i think we will already

near so let's close this command prompt

so go back to your browser and refresh

the page


and there you have it

so this is how it looks with the new


let's go to the settings

okay so like this same one

and on the system by the way you can

change the

i n e i so

on the file on the firmware there's also

a list of

imei there you can copy and change it

you can change from here

so same with antenna


same one with this one let's go back

so open defend the same one

okay so i think this will be it

thank you for watching and hope you

enjoy the new theme

in your new firmware for this 2020

thanks everyone and see you next time