Monster Hunter World | How to unlock ALL Tier 9 Optional Quests

what's on YouTube it's PTT back at it

with a nother monster hunter world video

today guys I want to take a moment to

quickly answer a question I had asked of

me several times in recent days and that

is how do i unlock all of the tier 9

optional quests and well guys the answer

to most of them is very simple so to

keep this short I'm quick let's just

jump straight into it so first up there

are five hidden optional tier 9 quests

they are showdown the muck animal new

world sky new world flower a summons

from below the white winds of the new

world and these the Sapphire Stars

guidance now to unlock these optional

quests you need to do a various list of

different things so first to get the

muck and the more you need to hunt five

different tempered monsters that after

threat level one now if those of you who

don't know these two at level one 10-bit

investigations are unlock at Hunter rank

13 and they consist of the following

monsters we have pukey puke e tobe

Kibaki and janna bow off the mud monster

I'm not even gonna try and pronounce the

name because I will butcher it Ratheon

palü mu and Radda BAM next then to

unlock the new world sky quest you need

to hunt 5 at different temperatures over

threat level 2 and again if you're

unsure these 2 at level 2 monsters are

unlocked at song to rank 30 and consists

of Rathalos as herb Arthur loss pink

wrothian Diablos black the applause

basil Keyes Oregon lava sloth lejiana

and Oda garden next then on the list is

the summons from below quest and

released you actually need to be hunter

rank 50 or higher and you need to hunt

three different tempered monsters to the

threat level 3 and to confirm these

threat level 3 monsters are Kirin tey

Austra cosmic Dora

Muir Gansey and

there was a hack so yeah they do get a

bit harder as you go on guys

second to last one then the white wins

of the new world to unlock this question

you need to simply complete all of the

optional quests from level 1 to 8

including the hidden tier 4 quest

trouble troopers when you completed all

these quests you will be prompted to

talk to the commander in astera

and you'll receive your white wins of

the new world quest finally to wrap

things up guys we have these sapphire

stars guidance quest and the way to

unlock this quest is to simply hit

hunter bank 100 now this is the only

quest I've yet to get I am hunter 171

hopefully I can hit 100 before or you

know during the weekend and I can let

you guys know how that goes and yeah

that lies pretty much it guys that is

how you unlock all of the optional tier

9 quests hopefully the video helps you

guys and I didn't miss anything but if

you do have any questions then of course

fire them at me in the comment section

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hunters thank you very much for watching

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