Nine Parchments (PS4) - How to Unlock All Characters & Variations Guide

hey guys it's Ruben here with a big

video for the game nine parchments this

one is for a guide on how to unlock all

the characters and their variations in

the game there are eight different

characters in the game and each one has

four variations yep

32 characters in all when you start the

game there are only two characters that

are unlocked

Cornelius crown steed and a geese line

of alcian the other thirty characters

need to be unlocked by doing specific

feats in the game that are specific to

each character and their variation now

there is a trophy for each character

that you unlock meaning 30 trophies are

for unlocking characters this is quite

insane but some are tougher than others

now other than Cornelius and geese land

whom you have from the beginning you

need to unlock the other six by doing

specific side quests related to them log

going through the game so watch out for

them don't worry as I'm going to each

character I will show you how to unlock

them keep in mind that the first three

variations for each character can be

unlocked in any difficulty but the final

character variations the guilded

versions you know the ones that have

wings and are garbed and gold well you

can only unlock these gilded variations

by doing the character quests in

hardcore difficulty so make sure you are

well prepared as death and hardcore

means start from the beginning now let's

get started

the way this is gonna work is for the

first variation of each character I will

explain their quest show how to unlock

them and then start giving advice for

the feats you will need to do to unlock

the other variations now I can't

actually show how to unlock each feat as

some I unlocked randomly I will however

explain the best way to unlock each feet

and also recommend the best spells and

enemies to fight for those feats

this may sound lazy but think about it

guys the game has no level select or a

level restart option meaning if I want

to record a specific level I will have

to start from the beginning of the game

imagine that for 30 characters and yeah

my sanity would get flushed down the

toilet so I will provide footage for the

important ones but the less important

ones you know the easier and

self-explanatory ones will just be me

explaining it and if you are

disappointed about that well I'm sorry

I'd like to finish my trophy guide

sometime this week and add on like two

three weeks

kidding either way this just begs for

level select so please frozen bytes if

you're hearing this you know answer for

our please right now that all things are

in order let's get this going

number one the first character is

Cornelius crown steed as I mentioned

before he is available from the start of

the game so we're all set

number two the next one is variation

Cornelius the cornflower to unlock him

you will need to complete his three-feet

feat number one is called a fashionable

hat for this one you need to simply

collect a hat all you have to do is open

chest that can be found in levels and

you will randomly get a hat throughout

your journey you will collect many hats

and no worries about this one feat

number two is called staff meeting you

need to collect a staff again pretty

simple you can get this in the first

level where you chase after a broom the

tutorial will lead you to this feet feet

number three is called quite exciting

this one is to defeat a boss Dori you

will unlock the speed but just defeating

a boss the first one is the treasure

Mantis on stage four so you should have

this character unlocked after beating

that boss number three is Cornelius the

Forester his first feat is Jack in the

Beanstalk this one is actually a bit

tricky you need to combine three

different spell beams into one i unlock

it by shooting my ice beam at a combined

beam of fire and electricity shot at me

by enemies but the best way to do this

is to play co-op with two other players

each party member uses a different beam

spell and just combine to make a one

powerful beam and that unlocks the feet

feet number two is called graduation and

it is to complete the game well you're

gonna be doing this regardless so no

worries there feet number three is

called arcane elements you need to have

four different elemental spells in your

arsenal there are six different spell

types ice fire electric steel death and

life so have four different elemental

spells by the time you finish the game

and you should unlock this it's also

recommended to have one spell of each

elemental type to cover four enemy


number four is gilded Cornelius now to

unlock this variation you need to beat

the game on art cord difficulty using

any character I use the second variation

of Cornelius you know the cornflour dude

he had good starting spells

and he also had good attributes when

leveling him up I mainly chose to

increase my damage output so fights

would go easier as I could kill enemies

easily but choose the best character

you're comfortable using number five is

geese land of alcian she's available

from the start so no problem there

number six is her variation which is the

exchange student for her the first feat

is magnificent healing for this one you

need to heal for a total of thousand

points it's a selfie Oh what I did was I

just let enemies hurt me until I was low

health and I used a heal spell to get

back to full health all characters start

with 300 health so from low health to

full health you're looking at around 250

to 280 heal points so heal yourself four

times in a single fight from low to full

health and you will unlock this feat

when the fight finishes feat number two

is called help yourself and for this one

you need to use one of the healing

spells listed here to heal yourself

espouse our heal barrage bouncing heal

huge heal ball or healing beam I suggest

looking out for these spells when going

through the game when you beat a box

you're given a random choice between

three spells if one of these show up

take it into your arsenal and use the

spell on yourself to unlock the feet

feet number three is a major in healing

this one is simple you need to have

three different life spells in your

arsenal while going through the game you

will get six spells added to your

arsenal usually after beating bosses you

will get a choice between three spells

now I can't give you a path to take

because the choices are always random

and based on the choice you make the

next set of choices will vary so do your

best to collect three different spells

that can heal and this speed will unlock

number seven is called the autumn witch

and her first feat is called untouchable

this one is real simple just complete a

battle where you and your allies if

you're playing a co-op take no damage to

stay with Aurra wave and kill your

enemies feet number two is being patient

you need to receive 300 points of

healing from your teammate in a single

fight you can either let yourself get

hurt while your teammates heal you or

the easiest way is to join a multiplayer

game when you load into the game you

will be dead once your teammates revive

you the feet will

feat number three is called clean hands

this one is a bit tricky because you

need to let five enemies kill each other

the best way to do this is when fighting

a bunch of enemies while there is a

Mangal fest present mango fest will send

shockwaves at you if you're far away

from them so when there are five other

enemies present in a fight along with a

mango fest just kite them in between you

and the mango fest eventually the Beast

will send shockwaves at you it will take

a couple shock waves to kill the enemies

but they will eventually die remember

you can jump before the shock wave hits

you to not take damage

number eight is gilded geese lon now

this one is probably tied with being one

of the hardest characters to unlock her

quest is absolutely asinine you can only

find our quest in stage 21 the hot pools

and only in hardcore difficulty halfway

through the level you'll come to a

statue that has the tip of a staff

glowing green you should receive a

checkpoint right there if you're close

to the statue

I recommend making a backup save on

online storage or on a USB because this

is a really annoying quest to even begin

this quest you will need to be in

possession of one of the three staffs

related to Kees land the staffs are

geese land staff of rudra which can be

dropped by healer enemies the next staff

is the staff of serenity which is

unlocked after you collect 30 clothes

which should be no problem at all

the last staff is the staff up alcian

which can be found in chess or drop by

healer enemies on art core difficulty

once you have one of these three staffs

in your possession you can begin the

quest called a stroll through the

meadows the goal is to escort a lost

lamb from this point to the end of the

level I highly recommend using a high

level character who has really powerful

spells that can take out enemies real

quick also have a healing spell that can

heal the lamb this lamb loves to charge

into battle and headbutt enemies if the

headbutt connects with an enemy the

enemy will die in one shot even you will

die in a single hit from the lamb so

stay away from its attack as it can

easily kill you meaning you'll have to

reload that safe the problem is that the

enemies seem to lose focus on you and

always target the lamb so use healing

spells to keep the lamb at full health

and dish out high amounts of damage

quickly there are five encounters from

when you meet the lamb till the end of

the level each one gets progressively

the last one is an absolute nightmare I

tried to run ahead of the lamb and try

to kill the enemies quickly the spells I

had were frost cloud huge fireball frost


lightning wave and lightning bolt my

only advice is to learn the enemy

patterns and try to pick them out

quickly also level up your character and

spend your unlock points on increasing

your character's spell power and

regeneration times for your spouse you

can get lucky like I did where the land

kind of glitches and vanished I beat all

the enemies only to realize the land was

not there then it just magically

appeared now I'm not going to complain

I was happy since I spent like two hours

trying unlock this character but you

might not be lucky my final piece of

advice is to try it in co-op as one

player can constantly heal the lamb and

the other can do damage the problem is

more enemy spawns so decide for yourself










number nine is gonna be a new character

and he's called Marvin the torrid to

unlock him you need to complete his

quest that is located in stage 13 colder

by the Hauer glass you also need one of

his staffs in your possession the first

half is Marva Kinley's staff which can

be unlocked by freeing it from a giant

pillar of ice and stage 11 the Shivering

steps use fire spells or hit it with

melee attacks you know spam l to the

next staff is the searing staff you need

to collect 45 quills to unlock it the

last one is the amber light staff which

is unlock randomly from chess in

hardcore or you can find it in the

pillar of ice in hardcore mode now that

you have one of the three staffs you can

start the quest this quest is called a

trial of fire and is located near the

end of stage 13 you will eventually come

down an elevator after fighting a bunch

of ice enemies go right to a statue the

door will open when one of the staffs is

in your possession just go through the

area using fire spells to light the

torches once you reach the end of the

trial light the final set of torches in

the room and you can unlock Marmot













number ten is the searing senior the

first feat is called incendiary and that

is to kill five enemies using the fire

beam spell within ten seconds this is

pretty simple when facing ice enemies

make sure to have the fire beam spell in

your arsenal you can be technical and

lower the health of the five enemies and

then deal the killing blow by using the

fire beam spell remember to hold the r2

button constantly to keep the beam going

and aim at the next one feet number two

is called major in fire and this is to

possess four different fire spells again

as you go through the game just make

sure to collect four or five spells

before the game ends marvin already

starts with two fire spells so you only

need to collect two more to start a new

game with him and keep choosing fire

spells till you finish the feet feet

number three is called burn and this one

is to deal 1,500 points of damage within

a single fire spell cast there are a

couple ways to unlock this first is to

find a bunch of ice enemies make sure to

increase your spell power using unlock

tokens so you can do more damage also

use staffs that increase fire damage or

damage in general now use the fire beam

spell without stopping til all the mana

drinks from you you should try a couple

times and eventually this will unlock if

not there are two other spells that does

a large amount of damage within a large

radius these spells are cursed meteor

shower and fire totem group a bunch of

enemies and use either one of these

spells to deal a ton of damage and hope

you unlock this feed character number 11

is the Ember lighter and his first feat

is splashing sparks you need to deal

fire damage to eight targets in a second

sound stuff but can be done you can use

huge fireball or meteor shower or the

fire totem in hardcore you'll be

fighting like 15-plus enemies at once in

many fights so just toss one of these

attacks and you should get lucky feat

number two is called fire fighter and it

is to win a fight using only fire spells

that's pretty simple

there will be fights where there are

only a couple of enemies use fire spells

only and you should unlock the speed

feet 3 is called arson and it is to kill

at least 5 enemies with a fire spell

cast the best spell for this is fire

totem so make sure to find a bunch of

enemies and

fire totem out there ice enemies make it

even easier characters number 12 is the

final variation for Marburg which is the

gilded Mar vac to unlock them you will

need to complete the trial of fire quest

and hardcore difficulty on stage 13

colder by the hourglass character number

13 is Carrabelle the Glacial to unlock

her you will need to complete her quest

that is located in stage 14 endless snow


you also need one of her staffs in your

possession the first half is caramels

icicle which can be a monk by saving the

snowman in stage 10 does fall on tundra

just beat the enemies without letting

the snowman die and it will award you

the staff


fashionable new accessory in the outback

the next staff is the rainy icicle you

need to collect sixty quills to unlock

it the Gila last one is the event tide

icicle which is unlock randomly from

chess and hardcore or you can get it

from the snowman in hardcore mode it is

random though once you have one of these

three staffs you can begin the quest in

stage 14 endless snow banks you will

eventually come to a statue with a blue

glow to begin the trial you will need to

put out all the flames around the area

go around and use ice spells to put the

fires out if you do not have ice spells

press l2 to use melee once all the

brassieres have been put out enemies

will spawn take them out and you will

finish the trial and unlock karabell





number 14 is caramel the rimy her first

feat is deranged frost to get this one

you will need to use ice spells to

freeze an enemy that uses a ranged

attack to hurt you

just keep spamming your range ice moves

to hit an enemy until it freezes should

be easy to freeze a fire enemy feet

number two is called biting cold this

one is a real hard one you need to deal

1500 points of ice damage within a

single ice spell cast unlike other

elemental types that can do massive

damage ice type spells are limited the

best choices are ice beam and frost

cloud when fighting a bunch of fire type

enemies make sure to use ice beam

continuously till you kill a bunch of

them or use frost cloud once on a bunch

of enemies and hope to get this unlocked

make sure to use staffs that increase

ice damage or damage output in general

and increase your spell powers and

damage output for your characters as


feet number 3 is major in ice you need

to possess 4 ice spells in your arsenal

start the game with caramel as she

already starts with 2 ice spells I keep

choosing ice spells to add to your

inventory as you go through the game and

once you get 4 ice spells he will unlock

this feat character number 15 is caramel

the event tied her first feat is

everybody freeze you need to freeze 5

enemies within a second the best spell

for this is frost cloud a fight a bunch

of fire enemies and when they are close

together drop a frost cloth to freeze

them all feet number 2 is called ice

sculpting and it is to keep a target

frozen for 10 seconds straight this is a

bit tricky but can be done you need to

fight enemies that have massive health

like Birds use the spell ice beam to

freeze the bird then start counting to

10 and every second make sure to shoot

your ice beam a little at the frozen

bird to keep it frozen continuously

should take a couple tries but it will

work another enemy that is perfect for

this is the silk tree sentry once frozen

they will unfreeze in two seconds so

make sure to keep hitting them with ice

beam every second to keep them frozen

but not to do too much damage to kill

them beat number 3 is called frost fall

you need to kill 5 enemies with a single

ice melt cast again frost cloud is the

best bet here make sure to lower the

health of all 5 of the enemies then

group them together and toss the frost

cloud to finish them all at one

character number 16 is Cara bells last

variation which is gilded caramel I've

mentioned how to start her quest and

finish it to unlock her normal

variations it is much harder than doing

it normal or easy as there are more

enemies make sure to bring a lot of ice

spells as there will be a lot of fire

type enemies the seventeenth character

is a new one and it is the feline Ravel

fastest range to unlock him you will

need to complete his quest that is

located in stage 30 the marsh on your

hemline you also need one of his staffs

in your possession the first staff is

route offices moon staff which are

dropped by shaman enemies if you don't

kill them last in a battle the next step

is the ocultist staff you need to

collect ninety quills to unlock it the

last one is the present staff which is

unlocked randomly from chest in hardcore

or it can be dropped by shaman enemies

randomly once you have one of these

three staffs you can begin the quest in

stage 30 the quest is called the

midnight summoning and you will come

across a statue about halfway into the

level here there are three circles on

the ground where moonlight is shining

you need to defeat an enemy when they

are stepping inside the circles one

enemy each in all three circles once all

three circles are powered up you can

unlock a route office in the middle



number 18 is the feline warlock his

first feat is major in death you need to

have for death spells in your arsenal

start a new game with Rodolfo says he

already has 2 death spells in his

arsenal when starting out just play

through the game till you can get for

death spells in your arsenal to unlock

this feat feat number 2 is tremendously

deadly you need to deal 2,000 death

damage in a single fight this is easier

than it sounds either use only debt

spells to do damage in a fight with a

ton of enemies or when fighting a boss

only use debt spells to take it down you

should easily get this feat feat number

3 is the deadliest plan you need to win

a fight only using death spells again

self-explanatory and simple just use

debt spells in a single fight number 19

is a rudolph as the moon struck his

first feat is Timur mortis for this one

you need to deal 2,000 damage with a

single spell cast now the good thing

about this feat is that it isn't

restricted to a specific element meaning

you can use any type of spell for this

the best one is the fire totem it is

absolutely a monster of a spell toss one

in the middle of a group of enemies and

it will do more than 2,000 damage I

would say toss it at a group of ice

enemies say 7 Plus enemies another good

spell is cursed meteor shower you should

get the speed done eventually by the

time you finish hardcore at least feet

number 2 is broken alliances this one

reads have the monster or students kill

each other at least 5 times in a single

fight this basically just means either

enemies kill each other five times in a

fight or students as in the players kill

each other five times in a fight in

single-player just let a mango Fest kill

enemies if you're fighting a big fight

or if you're playing co-op you and your

cop buddies can kill it and revive each

other five times it's up to you

feet number three is debts domain for

this one you need to kill five enemies

with a single area spell cast since

there is no restriction for elemental

type you can choose your favorite AoE

spell my favorites are death circle

curse meteor shower fire totem and frost

cloud just toss one of these spells on

enemies that are weak to it you can also

lower the health of the five enemies and

then toss one of these spells to kill

them all

easily number 20 is the last variation

for rudolfo's which is the gilded

version as with all other gilded

characters you need to complete his

quest in hardcore mode there are a ton

of enemies try not to kill all of them

at once using a large AoE spell or you

might not have enough to finish the


I suggest either killing one enemy at

each circle before finishing him off or

leave exactly three enemies behind and

then kill one at a time at the circles

it's up to you good luck

you do get a check born before this part

so I do suggest backing up your save on

a USB or online in case something goes


so number 21 is a new character and it

is the mechanical owl to unlock it you

will need to complete its quest that is

located in stage 31 thunderous mountains

you also need one of its staff in your

possession the first staff is the owl

lightnings rod which I haven't unlocked

I have heard from my friend that it is

dropped by the shaman enemies that spawn

and stage 18 the loveliness of trees

apparently you need to melee this enemy

to death in order for the staff to drop

I have to test it but I have heard

similar reports from others the next

staff is the copper rod which is the one

I used you need to collect 90 coils to

unlock it the last one is the wolfram

rod which is unlocked randomly from

Chesson hardcore or it can be dropped by

shaman enemies randomly I got it from

killing the purple shaman in hardcore I

used a lightning bolt spell to take him

out and it dropped it so yeah I've

beaten hardcore twice now and it never

dropped it on my first run so I guess

you just need to be lucky once you have

one of these three staffs you can begin

a robotic rescue mission quest in stage

31 you will eventually go across a chasm

and the path behind you will be

destroyed by lightning you will fight

some enemies with barriers a silk tree

sentry and a hog once you beat them you

can follow the path to the crossroad if

you go up you will go to the next part

of the level if you go left you will

come to the statue with a yellow glow on

its top this is the starting point for

the quest the goal of this quest is to

keep a giant robot alive throughout the

fight there will be quite a few enemies

here so take them out using singular

attacks meaning not

that will do a OE damage as you can kill

the robot yourself make sure to

constantly heal it throughout the fight

once the fight is over and if the robot

is alive you can unlock the mechanical

owl I never knew robots were allowed to

be wizards really number 22 is the next

variation for the owl which is the

copper owl its first feet is how

stunning you need to stun five targets

at the same time this is pretty simple

using two spells the lightning wave or

the lightning bolt lightning Wave sends

a wave of lightning on the floor group a

bunch of enemies and toss a couple

lightning waves and they will be stunned

for a few seconds lightning bolt on the

other hand chains from one enemy to the

next so kite five or six enemies in the

line and spam lightning bolts you should

get all of them stunned before they all

die feet number two is major

enlightening you know the drill you need

to have for lightning spells in your


it all starts with two so start a new

game using the owl and collect two more

to get four lightning spells to unlock

this feat feat number three deranged

lightning to get this one you need to

use a lightning spell to prevent an

enemy that uses ranged attacks from

hitting you in my opinion it's worded

poorly just use a lightning spell to

take an enemy out that can use range

attacks before it can attack you with

its ranged moves simple number 23 is the

Wolfram ow its feet number one is that

hits the spot

kill five enemies with a single

lightning cast since you won't really

fight enemies that are speed types which

lightning is effective against its gonna

be a tough one the best bet is to use

lightning beam on weak enemies that you

can find early in the game kill five

before your mana runs out and you should

be fine feet number two is called

thunder and boom you need to win a fight

using only lightning spells pretty much

self-explanatory lightning spells all

the way feet number three is stormy

weather you need to deal 1500 damage

with a single lightning spell cast just

like what other feats similar to this

one lightning beam is a good choice or a

spell you just need to be doing a lot of

damage make sure to use staffs that have

increased lightning damage or damage in


another more risky idea is to use sticky

power circle or power circle spell these

spells boost your f

tensile capabilities by 50% but when the

circle vanishes a powerful lightning

bolt hits the spot and a huge explosion

happens it does massive damage if you

can get five or six enemies in that

circle when that explosion goes off you

can unlock this easy you can even use

yourself as a character to get hit with

that explosion the damage will count for

the 15 under total number 24 is the

final variation for the owl which is the

gilded version to unlock it you will

need to complete a robotic rescue

mission on hardcore difficulty you get a

checkpoint close by before the quest

area so make a backup save this is

actually easier than normal or easy as

there are less enemies to deal with but

they are more faster and more powerful

the robot does well defend itself so

make sure to take out the other enemies

quickly also heal the robot when you get

a chance to help it out if it survives

you will unlock the Gilad owl it finally

gets wings it was kind of weird not

seeing it without them number 25 is

another new character which is NIM the

cleaner to unlock this masked wizard you

need to complete his quest on stage 32

the accursed academy you also need one

of his staffs in your possession well he

uses a broom as a staff so that's not

weird at all

anyways the first broom is the nihms

enchanted broom this is a simple one on

stage one you get a tutorial to use the

blink ability to catch the magical broom

escaping you and that's it easy as that

the next one is NIMS boreal broom you

need to collect 105 quills to unlock it

the last one is unknown to me usually

the final staff for each character is

unlocked by doing the same thing you do

to unlock the staff in normal or easy

but just on hardcore difficulty I tried

opening nearest chests and multiple

times to finish NIMS quest on hardcore

and this broom would not unlock so well

if you have it good for you I'm just an

unlucky one either way you will have his

first broom which is more than enough

for this quest with one of the brooms

you're ready to start the vandalism at

the academy quest on stage 32 the final

stage as soon as the level loads you

will come to a statue that glows silver

it is the starting point to the quest

your goal is to find seven different

graffiti drawings on walls and statues

throughout the level and to clean them

when you find one go up to it and use

magic spells which only NIM can use or

when you equip the brooms you can press

the Meili button to erase the graffiti

art from the wall or the statues well

let's talk about all the locations

number one right at the beginning of the


after the statue with a silver glow

there will be another statue close by

that is at the center of a courtyard the

statues holding a blue glowing orb walk

up to it and mail it while the broom is

equipped number two you will come to a

point in the level where you will notice

a broom in front of a doorway leading to

the next part of the level to the left

of the broom you can find this next

piece of vandalizing art number three

you will eventually use an elevator to

move up to another section there will be

a ton of enemies here once you beat them

move towards the next elevator look to

the left of the elevator to find the

graffiti on the wall number four is

right after the previous one you can

take the elevator up to the next floor

once you get off look to the left of the

elevator to find the next piece of

graffiti on the wall number five is

right before using the next elevator

which is directly after fighting a ton

of enemies and three hogs look to the

left of the elevator to find the

graffiti on the wall number six is

directly after the previous one after

using the elevator follow the path and

stop at the second statue the one with a

yellow teddy bear behind it

there is graffiti on the back of the

statue number seven the last one is

before the final elevator the one taking

you to the final boss' room it's to the

left of the elevator once you erase the

final graffiti you can unlock him



character number 26 is a variation of

NIM and it is called boreal NIM where he

just looks all blue and sad he's

actually always sad

his first feat is called sightseer this

one is simple you just have to visit

every level in the game it will come

naturally by just beating the game feet

number to the stick of bludgeoning you

need to milling all enemies in a fight

this one is really simple start a new

game uneasy and the first enemy

encounter you will be on stage to just

use l2 to male 8 all enemies to death

feed 3 a difficult journey you need to

complete the game on hard this game

stacks difficulty so if you're planning

to beat the game on hard core then this

will naturally get unlocked character

number 27 is in November NIM his first

feat is arcane fisticuff you need to

kill a target in full health with a

single physical hit so basically you

need to kill an enemy in one hit using

physical damage no matter how much you

power your melee attributes and use

staffs to increase in melee power you

still won't do the necessary damage to

kill anything with one melee hit so the

best way is to use comic dais you can

check out Amadeus and how to unlock him

using the timeline but comedies primary

spell is the Box spell this box spell is

considered physical damage just use the

box spell and drop it on a normal enemy

and it should kill it in one hit and

you're featured unlock feet number two

is gallium in Ex particular in expedite

'im collect a hat in hardcore difficulty

this is really random actually the game

at random will give you a hat from a

chest usually after beating bosses but

you will get at least a couple hats when

playing hardcore mode so nothing to

really worry about just make sure you're

opening chests by the way feet number

three is Magisterium you need to

complete a fight in 5 seconds in heart

or difficulty there are many fights in

our corner where there are only a couple

enemies just use your strongest spells

to take them out quickly and it actually

should come naturally number 28 is the

final variation of NIM and is of course

the guild at one to unlock gilded NIM

you need to complete the vandalism at

the academy quest on stage 32 and

hardcore I've already mentioned how to

start the quest and finish

while talking about his normal variation

I do advise backing up your save

whenever you get a checkpoint as it is

easy to die in this level with so many

enemies coming from every angle good


alright number 29 this character that

I'm gonna talk about is probably the

hardest unlock in my opinion it is only

hard because the requirement to even

start the quest is just annoying he is

of course

Amadeus the wizard his quest is called

the advanced box magic and is located on

stage 29 how about a cart ride you will

need one of his three staffs to get the

quest started and you will definitely

need his staff to start anything the

first half is the staff of the artifact

it is located on stage 32 the occur cert

Academy after use the second elevator

and fight a bunch of spiders scorpion

and enemies you will notice staff

floating beside a statue go and collect


the second staff is called the staff of

Trinity and you unlock it by random in

chess or you can pick it up in hardcore

difficulty at the same location you

found the staff of the artifact now I

never got a chance to unlock the third

staff so again I don't know what's

happening with this one either way once

you have one of these staffs you can

start the advanced box magic quest in

stage 29 as soon as the level starts you

will notice two boxes that glow blue you

need to equip one of these staffs this

lets you levitate boxes when you try to

melee a box so press L to win close to a

box to lift it up the goal is to move

one of these boxes to the start of the

trial area this is a long distance away

not only that you also have to fight six

enemy encounters before you can move the

box into the trial start location

you get one checkpoint after the third

enemy a counter but if the Box breaks

after the checkpoint the box will vanish

so I highly advise you to make a backup

save after the level starts make sure to

kill all the enemies before moving the

box if need be place the box away from

the combat area for the first two

encounters it's okay if the box breaks

because you can run back and pick up

another box at the start of the level

but once you start the third encounter

there's no going back so practice

couple times as you will mess up a lot

it is easier in coop so you may consider

doing it with a couple friends













once you get the box to the trial start

area the door will open go inside to the

trial area you will notice there are

several boxes around the hall here there

will be tons of enemies with a

rainbow-colored barrier around them this

means you can't hurt them with spells

only physical attacks hurt them since

you're using the staff of the artifact

or one of Amadeus other staffs you can

levitate the boxes around the room and

drop them on the enemies and that's

pretty much it try to keep the boxes

safe because if all of them break you

have to melee the enemies till all of

them are dead you might need a couple

healing spells again co-op works wonders

here once you beat all the enemies using

physical damage Amadeus will be unlocked



number 30 is his next variation which is

called Amadeus the box magician his

first feat is the hero of trine

that's actually a cool reference to one

of their earlier games well moving on

for this one you need to beat all bosses

as Amadeus so basically the whole game

has to be beaten again while using

Amadeus he's a really fun character to

use so just complete the game is Aman

easy mode if you really want to get it

done quickly feat number two is called

fireball come to me you need to collect

nine parchments as Amadeus this

basically means to have all nine spells

in your arsenal you need to play as

Amadeus and finish stage 28

which involves the chimera of rage boss

this is the last time you will receive a

parchment since you will need to beat

the game as Amadeus this feat will

unlock naturally feat number three is

these things happen you have to kill

yourself or your fellow teammate using a

box spell this one is real simple if

you're playing solo use Amadeus and

select this box well now go towards a

wall and toss the box and then drop it

quickly you should drop it on yourself

and get killed it might take a couple

tries but it will work the easier method

is to join a multiplayer game and drop a

box on any teammate simple character

number 31 is the next variation of

Amadeus which is Amadeus the hero his

first feet is the undefeatable box

wizard you need to beat the game on

hardcore difficulty this is another one

that you'll be working towards as you

need to beat the hardcore mode to unlock

all gilded characters anyway so no

worries there feet number two is boxing

match you need to create three boxes in

a single fight this is easy yet a bit

boring you can start a new game as

Amadeus and use the box spell in a fight

and run around till the mana regenerates

oh you can do it two more times or just

play through the game as Amadeus and

upgrade his box spell region and cast

time attributes this will help in

regenerating is box ball faster and you

will feel like it's a big grind your

choice feet number three is unboxing new

spouse for this one you will need to

have four different elemental spells

again for the umpteenth time just play

the game as Amadeus and as you unlock

new spells try to choose spells with

different elements for your arsenal once

you collect four

elemental spells you should unlock this

feed number 32 the final character

variation for Amadeus and the final

character in this list is gilded Amadeus

as you may have guessed you need to

finish the advanced box magic quest in

hardcore mode now this can be really

strenuous trying to play a different

character and use the levitation from

one of Amadeus staffs so my advice is

use Amadeus instead this way you don't

have to carry the box from the beginning

of the level to the trial start location

instead you can just use his box spell

to make a box this makes it 20 times

easier and less annoying I do suggest

backing up your save in case you die it

is a hard core after all I played on

co-op when unlocking this gilded

variation and it made the actual quests

much easier I do advise the same just

one other player to have your back end

to heal is fine having more than one

other co-op player makes it more chaotic

and there are more enemy spawns just

something to consider either way once

you complete the quest on hardcore you

will unlock gilded Amadeus and that's it

guys all 32 characters unlocked and in

your possession you use them how you

want also you get 30 trophies from just

unlocking each character pretty cool in

my opinion anyway hope this video helped

and at this point I'm beat

thirsty as well good luck unlocking them

all that's it for this one if you guys

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