Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 61: Sootopolis City

let's cross our fingers and hope we get

it with our last chance here come on

come on speedo one two three Liu Royce

pokemon sapphire walkthrough part 61 I

knocked over my microphone alright we

caught the Pahang that was awesome

wow this thing really weighs seven

hundred seventy six pounds I was just

like oh that was funny I was like yeah

that I just knocked over my microphone

oh wow um that was amazing I that was

honestly our last chance to catch the

thing because there's about to kill our

spiel um see I don't think I have any

escape rope so I'm just gonna have to

walk out of this place uh through the

ladder again so I'll see you guys in a


oh crap a wild I should have seen this


Wow alright wha come on spiel run away

run away from the zoo vet what this

thing kills me before I can run I'm

gonna be so angry here how embarrassing

that me give a zoo back killed my whole

theme I actually think it might happen

to Gizem I don't think I'm gonna be able

to run away just gonna be like can't

escape can't escape like seriously why

can't I escape what is so you know is

this thing like trapped me in a corner

or something oh my god that's gonna kill


well there we go people we just got

killed by Zubat of all the things in the

entire game a freaking wild Zubat killed

us all right so I guess we're gonna go

check out Kyogre the PC now um yeah

Kyogre is an awesome Pokemon um

I'll show you its stats and stuff I got

a gentle nature but I don't really care

cuz I'm not going to use it um the

special attack of special defense are

outrageous 141 and 151 that is so good

and Kyogre is really awesome too using

the Elite Four however I'm not going to

be using it just cuz I don't want to use

Legendary's but um if you want to use it

definitely go for it it's a nice option

and I'm gonna put camera ops back in my

right you're with the rest of my regular

Pokemon and we'll put spheal back yes

feel thanks to you we got killed by a

zoo bat

alright so sootopolis city is all you

know fine now um the Sun is back out the

rain is stopped and you know we did a

good job we saved the world you know

like if it wasn't for us you know the

whole world would have been flooded and

you know it's good to see that

everyone's out here thanking us right

yeah wrong no one cares that we saved

their lives but anyways um talk to this

person right here and you get Oh Elmer

doll that's right I'm not joking guys a

free wailmer doll I'm sure y'all just

turning off this video and you know

running to your game boys to go to

sootopolis city to get that free Willmar

doll I'm sure you're all doing that um

but anyways this house right here these

guys are arguing over which is bigger a

Shroomish or a bar boat so if you bring

these guys a barbecue or Shroomish and

it's like the right size or whatever

then they will give you an elixir as a

reward so it's kind of a lot of trouble

just get an elixir but you know if you

want to do that go ahead and yes so

that's pretty much everything on that

side of sootopolis and if you don't know

I'm pretty much just going through the

important stuff here because well battle


yeah I'm just touring it because last

time we were here you know everyone was

locked inside their houses anyway it's

down here there's one of these ladies

that you know it's just one of those

typical super nice people that you know

for no reason at all just gives you free

stuff so I'll talk to this person she'll

give you some free berries everyday and

you actually get some interesting ones

you wouldn't normally find just you know

picking berries regularly and you know

which I think it's funny on Pokemon

games there's always just people that

are so nice so I was like yeah take this

free stuff I mean well obviously you

know there's tons of people like that in

the real world that just hand out free

stuff obviously but yeah whatever so

yeah there's one thing to do over here

on this side of sue topless and it's in

this house way up at the top there

student here with TN he'll give you for

30 years I have Oh 30 years it took him

30 years and he created a TM I don't

know it took 30 years to make those

things but yeah he is the team for Brick

Break which is a fighting-type move 75

base power 15 power points so it's a

little better than vital throw so I'm

gonna teach it the Hariyama

there's actually a lot of Pokemon in the

game that can learn Brick Break like

tree ninja can my sceptile but I think

it's best suited for Gohan so we'll get

rid of vital throw not that vital throw

is bad or anything but I just prefer

Brick Break so yeah and speaking of TMS

we still have the TM for earthquake and

I said I was going to teach that to

camera but you guys all reminded me in

the comments that whoa camera ups

lorentz earthquake and three more levels

so I'm really glad you guys let me know

because I completely forgot about that

and I feel stupid so yeah I'm gonna

teach it to Hariyama

I can also teach it to sceptile or Wow

what's this freaking thing called

Aviator I keep forgetting what it's

actually called

Altaria that's it yeah I could teach it

to either those that's still a good

option on those focal um but I have

other plans for those moves

so yeah earthquake you can teach it to a

bunch of stuff but yeah Hariyama I just

got brick break and earthquake so it got

a whole lot better and that's really all

the important stuff to check out in

sootopolis so I guess we're going to

head to the eighth and final gym and


yes we owe it all to you finally

someone's taking the time to thank me

for practically saving the world

I felt so you know unappreciated when I

just walked out of the Pokemon Center

and no one was like out there clapping

for me or whatever yeah he says we're

ready to take on the gym leader Wallace

and I think we are too so let's head

inside now when you get in here you

might be thinking oh a nice type gym

well it's actually a water-type gym they

just have these icy floor panels you

have to go across and the way it works

you have to go across them like this if

you step on the same platform twice it

breaks through then you fall down to the

basement so you pretty much have to go

through here only touching each square

once and I'm just gonna go through the

whole thing because it's I guess it's

kind of challenging when you get to this

bar especially but I pretty much have it

memorized down so just for all you who

don't want to go fight the trainer this

is how you get through it I'm going to

break down through the ice and fight all

the trainer's I just want to show you

guys this gonna show off my skills of

going through ice anyways yeah we could

fight waltz if we wanted but I want to

go train and yeah there's a lot of

people down here and really quickly I'm

actually I didn't think I was gonna do

this but I'm gonna whip out the

experience share again and I'm gonna put

it on my camera up just because camera

isn't going to get any experience

otherwise in this water type gym plus we

had him in the PC earlier so he could

use some experience and I'm gonna put

goron up obviously tree ninjas a

grass-type which is good against water

but you know goron need some experience

too and Sceptile is already at level 37

so yeah let's get this battle underway

last Krissy has a wailmer all right and

yeah you can tell that the levels are

getting pretty high because this things

are to you all the way up to level 40 so

you could expect a lot of things up in

the forties in here your Pokemon are

probably gonna be you know if you

depending on what you train you're

probably at least level 40 maybe in the

mid 40s but you know obviously I don't

train or anything so I'm in the

thirty's mid to high 30s but you know I

should still be fine I mean I'm not

gonna be able to one-hit ko everything

now just because things are you know

quite a few levels ahead of me but you

know I'll still be fine and she has a

second wailmer and wailmer actually

evolves into a Wailord at level 40 but I

guess Nintendo you know thought it'd be

way too challenging fighting a Wailord

and why are you using rest when your HP

is full I swear some trainers are just

so stupid like yeah let's use a rest

let's scale up our health when we're

already on full health and water poles

yeah I get used to water pulse you're

gonna see that a lot in this gym it's

actually not super powerful but it can

confuse you which is really annoying so

yeah but yeah definitely get used to

seeing water poles you'll see that a ton

of the gym fights and probably a few

times in these trainer battles also so

um let's go ahead and use some of these

soda pops I mean we have like twenty six

of them or so 25 of them so we might as

well using as much as we can so yeah you

look worn all the way and I'll probably

just keep training

Hariyama till he gets up a level I

trained pokemon together with Wallace

still think I'm a pushover I love how

people just brag they're like you know I

trained my Pokemon with the gym leader

it's like yeah that doesn't really do

anything for you because your Pokemon

suck like you have one lombre level 41

you're not gonna beat anyone's team at

this point in the game just cuz you

trained with Wallace but it's funny in

every gym someone's like yo I trained

with a gym leader you can't beat me and

then they're just like they're terrible

trainers but anyways brick bricks gonna

do a bunch of damage and we'll finish it

off with a facade and it sings Annie's

uproar lombre cause it uproar

and now you're good alright so that's

pretty easy she only had one Pokemon on

her team hold right over one thing I

found funny about this gym actually hold

on I think we cut out this battle light

quick because she has like three people

one on her team level 36 and level 35

nice double level up via that's kind of

a boring battle she had the you know

Oscar Romero loss numeral anyways see

let's move up let's go with you

Altaria and we will fight you know I

graceful glide across I love LA dang and

I pressed a too fast and another level

up anyways I felt like I was telling you

guys something like important that I

wanted to tell you guys but then I got

interrupted by the last fight and now I

completely forget what I was gonna talk

about so oh well maybe I'll come back to

me maybe not to knows anyways it slide

down here fight oh yeah now remember

what it was yeah I think it's funny that

every single trainer in here is a female

I think it's funny how they're all like

in the basement of the gym like you just

found like 15 female trainers and just

stuck them in the basement of the gym I

just find that funny anyways this

person's got 1 oz new Merrill on her

team and it has a thick fat ability yeah

actually um believe it or not oz

numerals um they could have the ability

secret power which doubles their attacks

stat and that actually gives them the

attack power of like I'm you to like I'm

not even joking it gives them insane

attack but the ones with the thick fat

ability are pretty much just worthless

because I mean what does that do it

resists ice and fire or whatever even

though water already resists that

anyways but yeah just just a tip if

you're ever gonna use an awesome arrow

on your team definitely make sure you

get the secret power ability it's of the

thick fat ability

the site of voles conducting a battle

the very beauty that compelled me to

become a trainer okay who says

conducting a battle like seriously who

says it look at what you're wearing like

no one dresses like that anymore that's

how people dressed in like the 1930s but

like way back in the day like seriously

get with the times anyway she's got a

seeking on her team and yeah a couple

fundable to take care of this thing I

won't kill completely no came pretty

cool sexually and waterful well we don't

really need to worry about that too much

because it's not physical in this game

and Wow

don't just be like that one random

trainer who has a full restore there's

always someone like that and that just

pisses me off anyway is built to do the

same thing again actually I think it's

funny that a team aqua leader Archie

only had super potions and this random

trainer in the CMS foliage stores and

yeah and that's what you get for using a

forest store then you get paralyzed and

you're seeking just dies a more painful

death all thanks to you wanting to use

your stupid full restores and honestly

no one walks around with those dresses

and those hats anymore that's that's so

old like that might even be like what

people want like the eighteen hundred's

I'm not even joking I mean not that I

wasn't around back then but you know you

know you know like you ever seen anyone

dressed like that anymore no unless it's

like some old movie or something and

she's got a level forty gold beam isn't

that great I love a forty gold II like

you know there comes a time where you

just like seriously have to evolve your

Pokemon like that's just cruel while

keeping it as a Goldeen like at level 40

like the rest of the sea Kings are gonna

make fun of him because he never evolved

wow it's just cruel yeah someone must be

like a big fan of Ash Ketchum or


never wants to evolve a Pokemon huh I

don't know why Nintendo like was all

against Ashe evolving his focal I'm like

seriously I wanted to see his Pikachu

evolve into a ride too because after a

while you know Pikachu started to you

know get up my nerves like what was so

bad about using a Thunderstone on

Pikachu like seriously you don't want it

to be stronger but you know trying to

talk sense into Ash Ketchum is just

about as useful as trying to understand

the logic of Nintendo so yeah and oh

yeah this person is going to show us

about the techniques you learned from

Wallace I'm sure you learned great

techniques from Wallace but when you're

only pokemons a Luvdisc I don't only

think it matters what amazing strategy

and technique you have because Luvdisc

is just awful and seriously take down

how can that little tiny thing even use

take down like seriously the that things

like what three inches tall how can that

take down anything that just baffles me

but whatever I got knocked down one hit

so yeah and that was the last trainer in

here please forgive me Wallace you know

what I hate to break it to you but I

don't really think Wallace gives a crap

about you anyways that's all the

trainer's here in the sootopolis gym so

next time we're going to be fighting the

eighth and final gym leader Wallace

stay tuned for more