Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen-Episode 31: 8th Gym Leader

hey guys what is going on it is s banner

and I am back with more Pokemon firered

in the last episode we explored to

Island the Cape brink 3 Island other

places berry forest and did a ton and in

this episode we're gonna be talking to

Bill and tell him that we give gave the

meteorite to the one guy cuz we found

his daughter but first before we do that

I actually totally forgot right when we

got here that there is an area back here

that's kind of unique if you surf on

over right back here there's a trainer

back here that already fought anymore

right back here we get to Treasure Beach

this place has a lot of hidden items

excuse me

they are everywhere there's a lot of

pretty cool items here

maybe if I remember all I remember

really is that there's a lot of hidden

items I'm gonna try and find some if I

can again find any it it's gotta be one

right here and I just realize that my

air conditioning is still on - be right


sorry about that if I leave my air

conditioning on it'll make a lot of

background noise my Michael pick it all

up anyway I can't find anything but I

swear to God there hidden items all over

this place I'd use my item finder item

but it'd be like oh there's things here

I'm like thanks desert really I can't

find anything


huh okay well there's stuff there I

swear there should be I don't well the

point is that there's Pokemon there

still so go crazy okay now let's go in

here and talk to Bill and see Leo hey I

had a date oh hey Sam what kept you so

long have you been having a good time

they got it done the pieces are up and

running the job went incredibly quick

bill is one amazing guy no no there was

almost nothing left for me to do see Leo

I haven't antutu you've learned a lot oh


hmm well there you have it I'm finished

with the job we should get back to Kanto

I'll be seeing you again see there'll be

saying again Sam I'm really sorry that I

went to send you off alone today

I promise I'll show you around these

islands sometime that he will you can

always come back here using your pass if

you talk to the person in

vermilion City excuse me hey it wasn't

that a long cruise my buddy Celia really

seems to enjoy your company I'm sure

he'd welcome you if you gave him visit

again if you have the try patch you can

always take the ferry from there

vermilion port

alright else does two company now we're

pretty much we're wrapping up our

adventure in Kanto here we're gonna fly

on over also I bought trainers off

screen which is why all my photo Runner

of the higher level we're gonna fly on

over all the way back to Viridian city

man it sure has been a while since I've

been here and if you recall when we were

here 30 or so episodes ago that the gym

leader was gone but now he is back

remaining city's gym leader has returned

removing Viridian excuse me did I say

Viridian both times I hope so was

written Rhydian anyway this type may not

seem like it but they use ground types

or at least they should the generator

does which is always really important um

so yeah they ha don't you sneak up on me

I'll fight you people gonna cower at the

crack of my whip that's not a good thing

to say okay they have poison types well

the gym leader has as dark your doctor

types ground types excuse me I don't

know lost my train of thought there

completely I'm gonna Peck you with a

drill and you yell at me I don't imagine

so somebody pecked you with a running

drill okay what you get upset

I know I would a tauros we haven't seen

this yet let's enough looking for that

Toros to say so far his own exclusive

Pokemon have fun finding one of those if

you want to complete your pokedex or

catch every book when you can rather


many flame will you let me flame will ya

get it I'm good at jokes oh you suck

well you're gonna die anyway maybe not

there we go

clip the floor youch whiplash that's

what you get for whipping Pokemon what

are you a rocket person where you in the

team rockets so I'm making a racket huh

karate is the ultimate form of martial

arts then why are you want a ground type

gym valve in hockey

I guess that's mixed gym Liras

ground-types it's all supporting

normally I don't use this movement Miami

I use aerial ace the most which is not a

good idea because it does do nearly as

much damage as my other moves I'm

slurring my words again I apologize

apologies I didn't mean to use that but

okay I think that's the first time I've

ever used fly in battle wall on camera

not sure you're evolved according rather

science stick and no camera in front of

a TV what I used to way back then I

couldn't set better myself me and I'm

gonna have to fight you on I and you're

gonna block my pet yep Burnie and Jim

was close for a long time but now our

leader is back I wonder why

oh do I wonder you have five Pokemon oh

my god

okay well let's tell you what for it huh

yeah you actually have ground-types

though Congrats thanks for that I'm

gonna sneeze maybe it's like still in my

nose kind of an I'm cringing in a funny

way I can tell feelers gorilla

forty-four heck Sierra another sand

/this this guy named Samuel oh my god it

was meant to be and he's a cool trainer

man was this game spying on me or

something was Japan coming around here

trying to sneak on me check me out

another okay

thank your debt

I'll hit you right in the horn you man

43 nice Ania Reno

looks like we need some lullabies for

that yeah

no I'm saying me neither okay let's do


buh-bye you did eat Oh King

Oh congratulations you have one of them

I think that's cry sounds really cool

it's like hurry you know now that I've

deafened you you can tell just how good

it's okay you obviously I'm me to use

that you can clearly see a super potion

you can clearly see that I'm running out

of things to talk about and Wow hypnosis

actually worked when I didn't want it to

she's gonna use like head butt or

something cuz I don't want to waste a

psychic but whatever

gtfo heck yeah I was beaten you bet you

were it's silly landlubber

yeah spinning in circles and I skip you

I can't

you said I lost my grip and then I was

like huh she said but I wasn't I wasn't

like recording like good I have to fight

you so I might as well just fight you

I'm the karate King your fate rests with

me okay I went ahead and just fought

everyone off-screen it goes why not

few people gain some levels by people I

mean pokey man's kind for it oh I have

to go down here I forget it I have

forgot to did

okay and hey look who is the gym leader

ha ha ha welcome to my hideout it shall

be and so until I restore Team Rocket to

its former glory but you have found me

again so be it this time I'm not holding

back once more you shall face Giovanni

the greatest trainer this is Giovanni

the head of Team Rocket and also the

last gym leader he's going to start off

with this Rhyhorn rounded rock type oval

45 with the moves takedown rocket blast

scary face and earthquake not too bad of

a Rhyhorn as Riya I wrote them too maybe

I'm right Don excuse me

how's our cam read my handwriting or

I've misspelled that expose story below

44 that's nice oh wow he has to ride

horn I thought he had a right on all

right well his other ride horn start out

with this throne er strongest right out

there grounded rock level 50 but the

moves take down rock blast scary face

and earthquake exactly the same as the

other one I'm gonna throw that yet I'm

still faster than you and your 6 levels

higher than me

and now his Nidoqueen switch to lullaby

here and in his data Queen a poison and

ground typo 44 with the moves double

kick earthquake poison sting and body

slam not too bad of a need of cleaning I

there she looks pretty good I'm not

gonna Oh puppet doesn't do too much I

got to do as much as I thought it would

that's good he didn't heal so that's

good too but by providing a clean you're

dead and it

oh okay I totally didn't see it there

anyway sorry it's Dugtrio pure ground

type 142 with the moves /sand to

mud-slap and earthquake had like blended

already I don't even notice okay ooh

that move will that do okay shouldn't

kill nope Wow

good one how this thing's faster than me

though actually I guess it makes sense

okay now his neo-king alright his neato

King a poison in ground title 45 of the

moves double kick earthquake poison

sting and thrash their ass is a bit

dangerous but it could also give you an

advantage because uh it's a move where

it'll keep going and going and that

eventually will stop and then they'll be

confused from fatigue so that's helpful

for you but it does a lot of damage

unless multiple turns y'all you suck

well I'm bout to win anyway that's I

miss for some reason which would make me

very angry

and you're

or not

and you're down okay

I thought it would heal again for some

reason but I guess not by Giovanni ha

that was truly it was a truly intense

fight you have one as proof here's the

earth badge Wow ten thousand poker

dollars for winning the earth badge

makes Pokemon at any level of a without

question it's evidence of your mastery

of a pokemon trainer with it you can

challenge the pokémon league also take

this TM consider it as a gift

srila boatman Lee challenge whatever

that contains earthquake it's powerful

attack and just causes a magic tremor I

ran to the gym I made it when I ran the

gym here for too long ago far too long

excuse me I totally like ruined his

speech with my shambled grambo blam bold

speech sorry I suck with words anyway we

got our last gym badge and now that we

have all eight it's time to take down

and by take down and go challenge the

pokémon league so next time pokemon

firered we're gonna head on over here

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will see you guys next time where we do

just what I said see you guys next time