How to Flash RX480 VBIOS (4GB to 8GB)

hey Ron ready to do a quick video on how

to flash an RX 484 gigabyte card into an

8 gigabyte card few things here so first

of all this will not work on all cards

it is at your own risk you may damage or

brick your card by doing this but if you

want to play around then this is the way

that you would go at the procedure so

there are two models the RX 44 gigabytes

and 8 gigabytes the press samples had a

toggleable v bios where we could switch

between 4 & 8 even though the card

physically has 8 it appears that a lot

of the early retail samples also have

this and so you can do the same sort of

modified flashing procedure that we do

to get it all functional you can see in

gpu-z we've got a 4 gigabyte card and

you need a utility called ati flash need

version 2 7 for all the link in the

description below for where to download

that once you extract it the tool we

want is ATI win flash exe when you open

it it will always to do it as a launch

it as administrator when you launch it

as administrator and open it you'll get

this dialog and this allows us to load

images or save an existing image so I

would always recommend saving your

existing image no matter what I have a

folder called roms I'm going to save it

there so we've got an 8 gigabyte one I'm

going to save this as 4 gigabyte retail

card this will take a moment it'll save

give it some time let it do its thing

okay so ROM saved the file and now if

you want to load an image you click load

image and you're going to need obviously

an 8 gigabyte image to make this work so

if you already have an 8 gigabyte card

if you have two cards for crossfire or

something or what you just have an extra

one you can use this program to save the

8 gigabyte ROM from your other card you

swap the cards physically and then you

load and program the ROM into the 4

gigabyte card if you do not have that

luxury and you're working off things on

the internet you can download an 8

gigabyte rom from places online

I believe techpowerup has one of theirs

posted we may build the BIOS repository

in the future but download one from them

that will click it

so you can see here we've got 8 gigabyte

rom in there

click program and that will flash the V

bios at this point if you have

physically multiple chips you really

really should check that before you

flash but if you have the multiple the

the 8 chips for vram then this will work

and you'll unlock effectively an 8

gigabyte card so here's the the warnings

warning number one if you do this even

with a card that has eight chips for V

RAM for memory it could break it might

not work it might be slow so you if if

you go through this procedure and it's a

success you want to restart and then

test in games validate make sure the

memory speed is maybe not the frequency

it should be and if all looks good then

you were successful the other risk is if

you have a four gigabyte card and maybe

this is in the future from when we film

the video and there are actually cards

with lower density or capacity the RAM

modules it will still look like eight

chips on the PCB but they might just be

a lower density if that's the case if

that's where the manufacturing goes in

the future there's a risk of causing

some damage but it really just depends

on how the V BIOS is programmed and how

how you load it onto the card so those

are the disclaimers kind of you want a

decent idea of what you're doing before

you do this but that is the process of

flashing v bios on the AMD radeon RX 480

and if you want to go back we can go

backwards as well and I would advise

restarting before doing that but yeah so

reboot the system to take effect yes we

understand that if I want to go back at

reboot click load image go to roms grab

the 4 gigabyte ROM and that would put us

back to where we were in the event that

flashing to 8 gigabytes breaks the card

or slows it down we can just throw back

to the 4 gigabyte model and that's it so

I believe doing this will will void your

warranty I'm not 100% positive that's

normally the case that depends on your

manufacturer you buy from and aiv

partners and things like that and if

they have multi BIOS but totally at your

own risk so good luck play around let us

know how it works out for you and as

always subscribe for more

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see you all next time