RADICAL SUMMER Event (GHOST HUNT Gamemode, Cassettes, 80s Theme) - Rocket League

so Rockley greece radicals summer the

game mode that has been teased for like

a week now and it's pretty good

there's cassette tapes which are the

rewards instead of whatever was before

I'm not I can't really remember but I

know for Halloween it was like candy

corn candy corn and so basically it's

like 80s theme so they have all these

like 80s movies and from that generation

like The Karate Kid and Ghostbusters and

eat see and these eat see will look

pretty sick like not gonna lie so I'll

just go through all them real quick

there's the hoverboard from that's the

future there's Marty juniors hat there's

like The Goonies I'm watch that so I'm

really not that is seems like a pirate

hat and a scarf and then there's Miyagi

Doh there's the headband there's from

Cobra Kai the really a really good

series they have the decal for it I mean

it's it's alright like I like the show

but I probably wouldn't get this just

because it's like I don't know there's

just not much to it besides just

stickers when there's ectoplasm boost I

like it for the sounds I really like

that and then there's ET and like it's a

man it looks like a moon and there's a

guy in a bicycle wine pie in the moon

the shadow and then there's the

Ghostbusters wheels alright I mean yeah

they're cool and then the golden eggs

and I'm pretty sure this time they

contain ferocity crates I'm not really

sure the need for 300 cassette tapes you

can level up once which is kind of like

a scam but whatever you can use your

leftover cassettes on that but I don't

see anyone actually using anything on it

that's not leftover but it's I mean it's

a solution to the leftover cassettes but

you're gonna have like at least you know

200 left by the end of it so you're not

gonna have enough to really get a level

look and you're not gonna have enough to

gather things but what I do like that I

forgot to mention is that there's gonna

be like two more sets of items so you

can get so right now it's eighties

blockbusters so like the movies and July

first you can get eighties culture items

which I do not look know what they are

right now they probably been leaked but

I'm not gonna spoil it for myself and

then July 22nd abies television which I

honestly have no clue what that's going

to be at all but seems pretty exciting

and there's this ghost hunt mode which

is be allowed for 21 days and you use a

proton pack which is basically just a

magnet and you get it like every seven

seconds and you like drag the ball to

the other team's goal and the goal is

blocked off with iron bars see like you

can like drive up it like a wall so you

can't score on that goal but there's

like a little zone like a hexagon in

front of the goal and if the ball is in

that area for two seconds then you get a

point and the other team can hit it out

but when it's in that zone it like

floats so it's not like you have to hit

it in and it has to like stay in there

stays in there automatically so I like

that and there is 80's music which I

turned off but um like for copyright

reasons but it's pretty nice actually

I'm gonna turn it right back on after

this but yeah I mean this is a pretty

cool event overall I'm not gonna cover

the actual game mode because um it just

it's just like that's not much to talk

about and I mean it's alright I mean

it's not like bad I'd put it for

cassette tapes and if I got really

triggered from competitive but yeah I

mean that's about that's about it I'm

pretty happy with this I'm gonna get

those golden eggs real quick and yeah

but anyways thank you for watching and

hope you enjoyed the vents yeah