How To Unlock iPhone 8 (Plus) - Passcode & Carrier Unlock | AT&T, T-mobile, etc.. | Forgot Passcode


what's up guys Kristen here and today

I'm going to show you how to unlock your

iPhone 8 now there are two types of

locks first you have the passcode lock

and then you have a carrier lock I'm

going to show you how to do both of them

the passcode lock is if in case you

forgot the security code of your phone

or your four-digit pin and you're locked

out so I'm gonna show you how to unlock

your phone so that you're able to use

back your phone again now the car your

unlock is if your phone is currently

locked for a specific network let's say

you bought your phone with AT&T or

t-mobile and you wanna switch providers

to MetroPCS or any other carrier I'm

gonna show you how to do a network

unlock so that you're able to use your

phone with any GSM carrier in the world

I'm gonna show you first how to do a

passcode unlock and then I'm going to

show you how to do a car you're unlucky

if you only want to do a car unlock

please go ahead and skip to this minute

so that you can jump straight into that

part alright so let's start with a

passcode on blogger so for the passcode

unlock there are a few things that you

need to consider before proceeding the

first thing is that all the information

of this phone is going to be deleted

unless we have a backup somewhere in the

cloud or in the computer so pictures

data contacts everything is gonna be

gone the second thing make sure you

don't have an iCloud lock so make sure

you know your iCloud password and

everything because if your phone has an

iCloud lock it's gonna be quite hard to

unlock all right so with that said let's

start now I'm gonna switch camera so

that you can see what I'm currently

doing with my phone and my computer so

connect your phone to your computer and

then you have to earn items in the

computer and make sure you have the

latest version okay now we're gonna

power off the phone and we're gonna

enter recovery mode getting into

recovery mode and this phone is quite

tricky and the method that works the

best for me is this one we're gonna

press and hold all the buttons are

exactly the same time does the volume up

key the volume down key and the power on

button so press and hold it at exactly

the same time

and keep holding them until you see the

diagnosis screen this may take a few

tries so keep trying it until you get it

then we have to press where it says exit

diagnosis and right away press and hold

the volume down key and the power on

button keep holding them until you see

the logo of itunes and that means you

have to excessively enter a recovery

mode and now it's time to switch to the

computer so you're gonna see a message

just like this on itunes and now we can

restore the phone to factory settings

that's gonna erase everything on your

phone and it's gonna return it back as

if the phone was completely new so we're

gonna hit OK and you're gonna wait a

while until the phone is fully restored

if you have

my clock here the only way to bypass the

iCloud log is very entering the original

password of that account but once this

process is completed your phone is going

to be completely usable and you're going

to be able to use it without any problem

ok now I'm going to show you how to do

at network unlock this is a factory

unlock it is very simple basically there

are 3 ways to unlock your phone first

method is to take your phone to a local

store and they might do it for you you

have to leave your phone there sometimes

sometimes you have to give them the IMEI

number of the phone and it is quite

risky and sometimes they charge between

a hundred and two hundred dollars so

it's quite expensive the other option is

to ask your provider to unlock it for

you sometimes they might do it most of

the times they don't like doing it

because why would they do it it means

basically letting you go away and the

third method is to do it yourself you

only need your computer and your phone

and for me that's my favorite method

that's the easiest it is not free but

trust me guys it is completely worth it

to have a fully factory unlocked phone

and it is very safe your warranty won't

be voided and your phone won't be

damaged in any way

in fact the value of your phone will go

up in case you want to resell it again

in the future

alright with that said let's start I'm

gonna switch camera so that you can see

what I'm currently doing with the phone

alright guys so the first thing you want

to do is to turn off Find My iPhone so

go to settings and disable Find My

iPhone you can click here at the top

where it says sign in as you can see

here I'm not even signed in so that's

perfectly fine but if in case you are

signed in just make sure to find my

phone it is currently disabled if you

can find this function simply type find

and you'll see if I my iPhone option

just click on it and then after your

phone is completely unlocked you can

turn it back on okay the next step is to

get your phone's IMEI number to do this

simply dial star hash zero six hash and

as you can see your 15 digit IMEI number

will appear in your screen this is very

very important guys keep this number

somewhere close as we will need it in a

few seconds to unlock this phone so keep

it close okay now we're gonna switch to

the computer so I'm gonna put this phone

down and now it's time to use the

Internet okay so once you are in a

computer open the internet browser and

go to the website unlockriver.com

I'm gonna click the link down below okay

so here we're gonna request the unlock

to unlock this phone it's gonna be

everything done remotely so first we're

gonna select the carrier on your country

that your phone is currently locked in

my case I bought my

90 united states then we're gonna select

a brand I'm gonna type Apple and then

we're gonna select the model in this

case I'm gonna be unlocking an iPhone 8

this method will also work for the 8

plus or any other version by the way

okay then you have to do the most

important part here you have to insert

your 15 digit IMEI number make sure it

is a hundred percent correct if there's

a mistake here guys this method will not

work so just double-check it

ok then just write down your email make

sure it is 100% correct as well if you

scroll down you're gonna see the price

and the deliberate time this will always

change depending on your phones brand

carrier model okay we're gonna hit

unlock now okay on the following page

you're gonna see a summary of your

current order

so just double check everything make

sure it is 100% correct try to read

everything here there's some important

information that you need to consider

but don't worry everything is safe and

we're gonna go ahead and place the order

I'm gonna be back once my order is

completed and placed so I'll be back in

a few seconds okay so after placing your

order you're gonna see a screen just

like this it basically confirms that the

order was placed and received

successfully now all you have to do is

wait you have to wait until you get a

notification confirming that your unlock

was successful and now you just need to

connect your iPhone I'm gonna show you

how the email will look like it takes

some days so just be very patient and

once you receive the email this is how

it's gonna look I'm gonna show you my

email so you can see how that email will

look so as you can see here I just got

this email from unlock River saying that

my phone has been successfully unlocked

I'm gonna open it and it basically says

that you need to activate your unlock so

simply connect your phone to the

internet and there are two methods when

you can connect your phone to Wi-Fi or

the second one you can connect it to

iTunes so we're gonna use the second

method and connect to itunes but first

we have to do something you have to

insert a non-supported SIM card so in

this case my phone is from AT&T so I'm

gonna use a SIM card that it's not from

AT&T in this case I'm going to use a

t-mobile SIM card so I'm just gonna go

ahead and insert it then connect your

phone to your computer and launch


so wait until iTunes recognizes your

phone and then you're gonna get a

message saying that your phone has been

successfully unlocked and now you're

able to use your phone with any GSM

carrier worldwide you can restore update

you can do whatever you want with your

phone and your phone will remain

unlocked forever you should be good to

go and as you can see here my AT&T phone

is currently working with t-mobile

so it is fully factory unlocked alright

guys that's it for today that's how you

unlock an iPhone 8 by the way we are

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you can enter the giveaway thank you for

watching guys and I'll see you in the

next one

take care