Chinese Push Button Padlock decoded

hello and thanks for tuning in

in this video we're going to talk a

little bit about this Chinese

push-button padlock many of you will

recognize this from Bosnia Bill's

channel he recently did a video of it so

that's where I saw the padlock for the

first time and have had to have a couple

so I searched the internet and found out

where they were selling them this is a

10 button padlock

I think Bosnian bill had eight buttons

but the technique he describes works as

well in this one with a little exception

of course when the right combination is

styled you can use the lever in the

bottom to release the shackle it can be

locked back down and as long as the

buttons are pushed you can reopen and

when you reset the buttons by pushing

them on the back side when you now try

to release the shackle with a lever pops

out a little bit but still locked and

now all the pressure is on the buttons

the technique Bosnia bill described is

start to push all see start to push the

buttons the wrong ones will not go down

the right ones go all the way you will

get a little click from the wrong one

a little movement but nothing more and

the right ones will go all the way down

if I start

the wrong side of this one not do the

back row first all the buttons will

easily go down now mine in a little

trouble but I found out if I just

continue the wrong buttons will stay up

the right buttons will go down and now I

felt a little give in the shackle node

out a little bit now the same technique

used can just be used in Reverse to

decode the last row of buttons by

pushing the pins back the right buttons

or the buttons that should stay down

which is a part of the combination will

now be stuck they will not move up put

the wrong buttons still will be able to

slide up and eventually then lock will

pop up so if some of you ordered is lock

and it didn't quite you're not quite

able to use the technique passed a bill

described I think you can use equally as

I did the technique in Reverse and push

the wrong buttons up from the backside

and then open the padlock so thanks for