what's going on people show by further

here and welcome back to my channel so a

few days ago guys I released a video on

the corrupted / glitch - variation of

the able versus scratch skin now I

basically covered in that video how the

more you use the skin the more corrupted

/ glitched yeah actually becomes now

I've actually played a bit for a few

days and I've played over a few friends

and I've noticed a few things and I just

wanted to update you guys on the stuff

that I didn't notice because I felt like

it was pretty irrelevant and it is

pretty interesting to say the least so

everyone thinks that get this skin

completely glitched out or completely

corrupted you need to play with the skin

now I also fought this but now I

slightly think different I'm gonna tell

you the reasons that's why I think

different as well I was playing with one

of my friends and he actually hasn't

played this game for so long but he's

actually a higher level than me now he

has she hadn't done the challenge to

unlock the scratch variation of the skin

but he was level 200 and above at the

moment I'm level 170 or a hundred

something like that I think I'm 175 but

as soon as he unlocked the skin he had

half of this game glitched already he

didn't have to play up the skin at all

he didn't even have it unlocked until I

told him this was a variation so that

just goes to show you don't actually

have to play with the skin to get this

crop / glitched Eddy style or effect

actually happen the only reason it

actually happens is due to your level so

I don't something like sort of research

into the level to see like what type of

love are we looking at to get the

completely glitched version which you

guys can see on screen now I found

someone who was level 300 and he had two

holy skin except for the left boob so

now I think as long as you get to level

320 or 330 somewhere around there the

skin will completely be glitched or

completely corrupted that is my 4-step


let me know yours in the comments

I honestly feel like this makes sense it

definitely makes more sense than you

just having to use the skin obviously

level is a big thing this season with

there being 1000 levels well yeah just

let me know your thoughts and opinions

in the comment section below I'm really

interested to see where everyone thinks

about this I'm pretty sure you guys have

your own thoughts and opinions on this

by now anyways I just wanted to add I'm

sorry if the audio is a bit grainy or

something like that that's just because

where I'm recording at the moment I'm

not actually at home recording how

usually I'm actually recording on the

move so I'm very sorry about that guys

but yeah hopefully this video so forth

or was I forget to like comment share


anyways I said to me can you work first

I'm out peace