Fortnite HOW TO GET GOLD 8 BALL Style Skin (Location & Unlock Guide) ALL Challenges & Easiest Way

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clickbait let's go hey guys and welcome

to a brand new video today I'll be

showing you how you can get the gold

8-ball skins so if you guys didn't know

there's a lot of new challenges you can

play so if you go all the way on the

right on your challenges bar you will

find two new challenges that you can do

currently I finish the golden 8-ball and

right now I'm gonna finish the purple

Ripley so now I'm gonna show you some of

the challenges I did to get the skin and

I will go through all the challenges as

well so you guys know what you should do

so the first one is earn bronze medals

by getting eliminations in a match so

that's so that's fairly easy one all you

have to do is kill three opponents in a

match and that's it that's a mission

completed the second challenge we have

is ring the doorbell of a house with an

opponent inside in different matches so

now I'm gonna play you the video for

this challenge so the best way to do it

is just C go to team Rumble and see

where the enemy bus is and just go

directly to them so there are three

locations you can mostly do this ringing

it's in retail row salty Springs and

Pleasant Park okay there's a guy who

went right into that house there's a

doorbell and that's it that's the first

one after that we have danced at rainbow

rentals beach bus and lake canoe so we

have three locations and now I'm gonna

show you all the three locations and

that video let's go

but first we're gonna go to the rainbow

rentals so the rainbow rentals location

is gonna be over here next to holy

hedges next to holy hedges on this beach

from you we'll go and

where the locations gonna be so let's go

so this is the first location this is

the rainbow rentals and let's do a bit

of a dance so let's go to the next

location the next location is going to

be the beach bus so the beach bus is

gonna be located next to steamy stacks

on this Beach over here just go over

there and you will see a bus on that

corner of the beach and there we go this

is the beach bus let's do a bit of a

dance okay so the last location is gonna

be over here so next to retail row and

dirty dogs there's this lake area so you

will have to go on this area right here

that's the lake canoe and there it is

Lake canoe

this is Lake canoe so let's just do a

bit of a emote and that's mission

completed after that we have swim at

different no swimming signs and I will

be showing you three swimming signs in

this video so here we go so first we're

gonna go over here and that's gonna be

the first location so it's gonna be

between lazy Lake and this waterfall so

let's go over there and there it is

and that's the first swimming sign we

found nice so the second location is

right over here and misty Meadows so

just go over here and you will see

another no swimming sign and you're not

gonna tell us what to do we're gonna go

swimming boy and mission completed after

this challenge it's gonna be a very easy

one deal damage with a harpoon gun two

opponents so I did not record this

because you guys can just you know use a

harpoon gun and hit the enemy once and

that's it

after that we have another easy one and

it's gained health or shields in a bush

so that's a very easy one very easy to

do all you have to do is just take a

mini or beginning go to a bush and drink

it anyone can do it after that we have a

difficult one and this one is search the

hidden gnome found in between fancy view

a wooden shake and a big house and now

I'm gonna be showing you the video for

that here you go

today I'll be showing you where you can

find this little gnome and this week's

challenges so the gnomes location is

gonna be right over here like between

sweaty and holy hedges so in this area

over here I'm just gonna pinpoint it

right here so it's gonna be over here

next to fancy view fancy view is right

over here so just go on this little

little hillside let's say and he will be

standing on the middle of the hill so

let's search him and there it is Serge

is hitting gnome found between the shack

the fancy view and the house after that

one we will have a fairly simple one as

well which can be a bit confusing for

some players and that challenge is

bounce on bouncy objects in different

matches you have to bounce on three

bouncy objects and that's it so let's go

to sweaty sands and on top of the hotel

and sweaty sands

you will find a lot of umbrellas you can

jump on so you see these umbrellas you

can just jump on them and bounce on them

so let's see there we go and you will

have to bounce three times in different

matches so what you can do is just go to

sweaty sands all the time you know jump

on these little umbrellas after that

challenge we have visit mountain base

camps and we have three mountain base

camps we have to visit but before we get

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so visit mountain base camps the video

starts now and the first base location

is gonna be located over here so next to

misty Meadows just right underneath it

and let's go to that first location and

then I'm gonna show you the rest of them

as well so here we go here's the first

location here's the first base camp

let's visit the first one nice okay so

the second location is gonna be right

next to us and let's go to this mountain

over here so as you can see it's gonna

be a little houses over here like on the

loom that location let's go over there

and let's check it out okay so we're

close to the second location you will

see this ice cream truck and next to the

ice cream truck it's gonna be a campsite

so let's go to there and let's visit it

and that's the second campsite done so

the last location is going to be over

here so we were just over here and now

we're going over there that's gonna be

the third location for the campsite it's

fairly close to the other ones so you

can get to them fairly quickly and there

we go visit mountain base camps three

out of three mission completed so that

was a fairly simple challenge and let's

go for the last challenge we can do and

the last challenge is travel hundred

meters while dancing for you guys that

don't know you have to have a built-in

emote that has that motion effect so for

example a conga is a typical emote with

that effect

what I did for this challenge is I just

pressed NumLock on my keyboard and then

you know the character is gonna go in

itself and I just press you know the

conga emote and GG very very easy very

very simple and after this challenge you

would get the golden 8-ball skin so this

is how you get the eight balls can be

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