GOLD 725 SHOTGUN - Modern Warfare Road To Damascus

all right so guys and welcome I hope

you're all having a fantastic day I want

to welcome you guys to the first

official episode of modern warfare road

to gold or road to Damascus I don't know

what I should call it yet I want to say

I have really good intentions for this

series I will continue it as much as I

possibly can of course a lot of that has

to do on how the videos perform because

if I'm being completely honest with you

guys to the last Call of Duty that I

completed like a maximum camo was like

bo3 or the one before I'm not even sure

to be honest if you've been playing the

game and you've been grinding for camels

you know this game does not make it easy

it is a grind probably harder or longer

to do than any of the ecology before I

actually wanted to start off with

another assault rifle because we kind of

unlock the kilo in gold and I talked

about how I wanted to do a series and

then I started working on the m4 and

I'll show you guys right here I have all

of these unlock and I've been playing

for hours and I just cannot it just

takes so friggin long to do these so

then I started playing with the shotguns

and I'm like you know what shotguns are

probably gonna be faster so I'm gonna

probably knock out the shotguns then

maybe another weapon maybe has some

cheese or something else maybe snipers I

still yet have to try and snap in this

game which is kind of crazy we are here

with the 725 shotgun all I need is 5

more kills while crouched I've made a

lot of people mad online people just

cursing me out just because I've been

killing them over and over with this

weapon trying to take advantage before

it keeps getting nerfed or more and more

and more so in this video the plan of

this series is to pretty much complete

an on lock the gold camel for a certain

weapon and then platinum and Damascus

and do it here live and then bring you

guys one game with the brand-new

unlocked camel in this case being gold

and then when we get platinum will do

platinum and then Damascus etc et-cetera

all we need again is five kills just

five kills while crouched yep that's

right let's squat one two three or five

why is there somebody in my lobby what

is this Wow


got him get out of the way man I was

actually trying earlier to see if

sleight and kills actually work like

when you're sliding you're pretty much

crawling or not throwing but crouch but

apparently it doesn't work cuz I try it

and they gave me the zero kills I got

like five of them back down pounded them

and then wet and none of them counted ah


I am gonna be honest I am NOT a fan of

these prone kills or Crouch : sorry for

shotguns if it's a soul rifle it's a

little bit different but


Oh pull it this year just because I must

come back boom for me it's a celebration

boom we're gonna go to weapons and we're

gonna go to a gunsmith customized in

camouflage I've mentioned this before

I really am kind of disappointed that

they don't give it like a really nice

notification in the middle of the screen

when you know Walker sort of camel I

know there's like over 100 plus camels

for a weapon but at least for the gold

you know chrome and Damascus I mean come

on well it is a frickin grind bro be

brand new Gold 75 the Damascus looks

alright I don't know if I believe like

this could be better camels in the

future like when camels really start

getting crazy I believe there's gonna be

better-looking camels in this I feel

like the gold is probably like the best

one out of all of them if not the second

best just because the masks it's just a

name the title itself it's so much for

grinding that even though it's ugly it's

still kind of you kind of mentally think

it's pretty you know anyways this is an

ego that's seven to five it's been

officially unlocked for the attachment

I'm gonna have the muzzle choke I'm

gonna have the laser sawed-off stock the

forge tack steady grip and the slug

rounds which I've never really tried but

hey let's do it one thing I did want to

ask you if you guys have been grinding

for camels gold et cetera et cetera

which is the weapon that you have

currently in gold if you've gotten any

at all and if you haven't are you

planning on doing so because again I

know it is a grind in this game just

want to see where you guys stand which

is whole grinding for gold camo stuff

now yes we are gonna be playing in a

shoot house 24/7 it is only fair to us

cuz we got this shotgun and I know it's

very OFI but I hope I'm just gonna start

with the shopkins man okay it's you're

like they're the easiest ones so here is

the gold

there it is I don't know what's up with

all those shooting these people are

going crazy right now I'm not gonna lie

though this looks extremely nice Oh what

oh if you put the slug rounds oh if you

put the slug rounds you gotta aim down

the site I don't know if I like that I


really like that I'm not sure I'm a fan

of that because honestly I get most of

my kills with this gun while hit firing

okay but that's actually very powerful

holy cow okay I'm not even gonna

challenge that that would be a silly

silly mistake okay that's the whole

purpose behind this class to me at least

was to be able to get around and and

kind of rush in order to do that I

really can't be aiming down the sight

much Wow oh I need help i need help i

need help i need up

all right got him oh my god Jesus Christ

I'm gonna take out the slug round just

feel like I use I use the hip see I used

out more than anything else with the

shotgun yep oh my god dude look at this

man I'm gonna die here I know oh where

you going you're going there a little

too quick you see oh oh oh my god holy

frickin alright so apparently we were

winning and now we're not

okay now we're still falling behind

there's people all the way in the back

what's what the Frick well he just got

my shot well that's that's pathetic yes


my boys I'm boys my boys what is going

on in Nice I'm gonna put a claymore here

yes I'm still rockin with flame [ __ ]

yes so apparently I was playing by

myself the entire time or something

because look at my team no kills so you

may not believe me but I actually backed

out of the lobby for some reason I I

felt like I was doing pretty good and my

whole team just backed out and then all

of a sudden I looked at the score and we

were just getting destroyed so I was

like yeah maybe maybe I should just get

out of here and find myself a better

team if anything right yeah now we're


chillin chillin some good old TDM which

is probably even worse because it's more

unpredictable and yeah I got me a double

kill let's go I have a really good

feeling that this is gonna turn into a

series that's gonna be from road to gold

to just row to row to Rangers I don't

know something like that Wow oh my

goodness oh god that's my squad right

there see that's all you need all you

need is a good team that's all you need

there's only three people and the other

team I mean can't do much man I think

I'm gonna give you guys a couple more

kills always because I feel like that

that was just not enough you know


oh okay



well that was a decent run now I can't

call mine in


all right can I call my name please I

got a beat so cut it call it in

unfortunately but when it's one when

it's not one thing it's the other

the end of the day it was all just for

the gold 75 shotgun that's all I really

cared about anyways this is one of the

reasons why I really haven't been

playing a whole lot of modern warfare at

least I play but don't record it one

I've been really busy has mostly been

already for the 10th time but a lot of

the times the matches been they're a bit

wait too competitive for videos like I

could just play them but for videos

they're a bit too much anyways there you

guys have it the first episode of road

to gold Damascus I don't know 7 to 5 in

gold let me know what you guys think if

you guys want the series to continue be

sure to leave it a like catch on the

next one