hey how's it going everybody I'm the

spire and welcome back to a brand new

video on this channel so in today's

video I'm going to be talking about a

weapon variant you will receive in

modern warfare when the game fully

releases for playing the beta if you

played it within one of the weekends

so this weapon is sort of a thank-you

from Activision and Call of Duty for

playing the beta and just basically a

thank you to say thanks for trying out

the beta and let us know any bugs and

things like that so not everybody

receives this shotgun you had to reach

level 10 in the beta in one of the

weekends it was alive if you played one

of the weekends or both of them if you

reached level 10 you will now unlock the

shotgun on release and it will

automatically be added to your account

so the hammer shotgun I'll put a

screenshot on screen now of the actual

shotgun that you will receive and you

can see there's got a few attachments

built in and it's got a camera on it so

this is sort of a variant and the hammer

shotgun shown above this is why it says

on the website is built from the point

seven two five using its natural own

unlocked attachment so basically this

shotgun was originally the point at

seven two five and it's just it's got

attachments added onto it and then it as

you can see it's got a camera on it as

well so reading from the Activision blog

it says the beta reward item as a token

of our gratitude be sure to reach level

10 before the beta ends on September

23rd at 10:00 a.m. at PDT that way

you'll automatically obtain a free item

reward the hammer shotgun fully

customized with a pistol grip dual

silenced short barrel angled for grip

and a holographic sight designed to

create a quick handling short ranged

silent method of foe disposal this

weapon blueprint which is available to

those who reach level 10 or higher by

the end of the beta weekends will be

accessible and waiting for you when you

play the final game available on October

25th so from the information there we

can see that you had to reach level 10

to get this weapon and it says something

about blueprints so on this website

there's also a bit of information about

blueprints and it basically says

blueprints at launch

modern warfare will include blueprints

blueprints are creative visual

variations for weapons that utilize all

content a lot through gameplay so to me

that sort of means that you can get

weapons and things like that with

attachments already built in and this is

sort of what the hammer shotgun is it's

got attachments built in that you can

unlock in the game can use it as sort of

a variant I think and I don't think

you'll be able to set the attachments

off this weapon but it's a nice little

thing to have that not everybody will

have if they didn't play the beta yes so

I just wanted to make this video just to

let you know if you went over level 10

in the beta you will be receiving this

weapon variant the hammer shotgun and it

will be added to your account on the

full release in October so let me know

it down below in the comments what you

thought of the bait did you enjoy it did

you enjoy it more on the second weekend

or on the first weekend will you be

buying the game when it fully drops I'm

interested I'll read through the

comments and I'll reply to anybody who

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