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please enter your password then press

pound you have one new voice message

first voice message so I just got the

prepaid plan from Verizon earlier this

year and I was chagrined to find out

that they don't support visual voicemail

though I finally found out why it's

because Verizon also offers their

premium visual voicemail service not

only will it let you play each message

at the touch of a button but it'll also

let you transcribe the text up to 45

seconds of each message all for the low

price of $36 a year so I decided to try

to find a better way and now I have its

Google Voice but PI you have to start

using a different phone number to use

Google Voice ah no you don't you can

actually start using Google's free

visual voicemail with text

transcriptions for free plus it

transcribes your whole three-minute

message and doesn't limit it to just 45

seconds you see all phone carriers allow

you to punch in a simple code that will

forward your phone calls to another

number instead of sending them to your

voicemail you see for Verizon and Sprint

customers you simply type in star seven

one and then paste your phone number and

dial it and then it just hangs up for

AT&T and t-mobile customers the number

is star star to one star and then your

phone number now for other carriers I've

compiled a list in the description below

and feel free to post a comment with the

code for your carrier in case there's a

new carrier that comes out or they

change the number that that'd be helpful

then all you need to do is go into the

Google Voice app and go into your

settings and scroll down to where do not

disturb is and turn it on so that way

people won't have to listen through to

ringtones before getting sent to your

voice message

and this is my favorite future of all

actually you can scroll down to the

voicemail greeting and you can record a

message with out some random lady

telling people to wait after the beep

when you are finished recording so I

decided to have a little bit of fun with

this here's mine and that way people can

listen to just a six-second message

without having to go through the whole

thing so if you guys currently aren't

getting visual voicemail or text

transcriptions or your colors were are

annoyed at how long your voicemail

messaging system is then I invite you

guys to give this a try I love it it's

awesome so I hope that Google keeps the

service around for a while so I hope you

guys found this video helpful and if you

enjoyed it you'd probably like to check

out some of my other videos as well I'm

also going to be uploading some videos

on how to buy and sell you smart phones

locally and not get ripped off from it

so I hope you guys enjoy those as well

thanks for watching guys