Carrot Software Demo - The 6 Advanced Marketer Plan features that helped members get 350% more leads

hey y'all this is Trevor with carrot

I've got a demo for you and we've been

getting lots of emails messages from our

carrot members and people out there in

the real estate community saying number

one how can carrot serve me and number

two what are the different features that

make carrot perform so well what are the

things that makes carrot work so great

how can they work for me so I thought

I'd pull away and shoot a little demo

video essentially we haven't really

historically done product demos a lot

now we have webinars where we teach and

educate but this some guys I'm gonna

dive in and do a product demo and so if

you have any questions throughout the

product demo wherever this is posted

just go ahead and post those questions

below in the comments box whether it's

on Facebook and whether you're watching

on YouTube we'll just let us know what

your questions are coz what we want to

do is we're so passionate and what we do

and how we help our clients stand out

build predictable consistent lead flow

okay get freedom and flexibility in your

business and completely change the way

that you do your marketing we want to

hear your feedback we want to let you

guys know exactly how we're doing it for

thousands and thousands of our customers

who are pulling in you know millions of

leads through the carrot system all

right so what I'm going to do guys you

guys I'm gonna go through a demo of my

six favorite features of the advanced

marketer plant these members throughout

the first part of this year generated

over three hundred and fifty percent

more leads than members of other plans

within the carrot ecosystem now you

might be saying well shoot does that

mean the other plans don't work very

well they all work amazingly well

compared to custom websites compared to

other outside systems but I'm going to

be walking you through why the advanced

marketer plan specifically is producing

350 percent more leads on average so

earlier this week we took a screenshot

this is from one of our analytics

dashboards it actually is a screenshot

of from December through June as of the

time I'm recording this little demo

video the advanced marketer member

versus a core member and you can see

core members are pulling in good leads

as well but advanced marketer members on

average are pulling in 3 and a half

times more leaves than the core members

and we're gonna show you once again why

that is what features they're using how

we're helping them dial in those plans

better and the cool thing is y'all it's

not even that much more of an

investment here's one really really tiny

sensitive part of this demo is the time

I'm recording this right now is Friday

the time that we're gonna be actually

raising the price on this is Monday this

next week we've been letting people know

the past two-three weeks now that we are

making a pricing adjustment the first

one that we've ever made in the advanced

marketer plant the past few years we

built in so much into all the plans

we've made the websites even faster

we've add a new design to about a new

new website types we've added new

features improved features added support

levels added training we've done all

these things and haven't had haven't

raised any price at all but now we have

some amazing plans moving forward for

the whole product but we have some cool

things we're specifically going to be

building into the advanced marketer plan

more for automation and some other

things and guys just a first price

increase we've had in years and years

and years to kind of better match the

value that members are getting in that

plan and make way for some amazing new

features and so we're gonna walk you

through that so on this quick demo gonna

dive through how we really help top

agents and top investors out there

hamsterwheel versus evergreen marketing

because that's a one key thing you've

got to understand when it comes to using


there's a million website systems out

there y'all we are not a website system

and I'm gonna show you guys why and then

next we're gonna do a deep dive into the

market advanced marketer plans

specifically I'm show you the resources

because like I said that plan price is

going up from 149 a month to $1.99 a

month June 22nd at midnight June 22nd at

midnight that plan is going up in price

as long as you are in the advanced

marketer plan before June 22nd midnight

then you will be locked into that price

okay so your price won't go up as long

as your advance mark remember before

June 22nd midnight but if you try to

upgrade to advance marketer member to

advanced marketer or join care at the

events market a member of membership

after June 22nd it will be at the new

price of $1.99 a month which is still an

amazing amazing value all right we'll go

through any questions so the main thing

that we go out go out go for hear cared

if you're new to our ecosystem is we

really want to help you guys save time

and get greater of leveraging your time

okay because we've under William we've

understood as we've grown companies the

time really is that main value play that

you you can't get back

we say what type of marketing is the

marketing this can help you save the

most time so our stated mission add

humanity and business and help people

regain that time for the things that

matter in life it could be a more

recreation in your life it could be just

doing the work that you actually enjoy

more that gives you more energy you know

it could be spending more time with

family it could be making an impact

locally how are you going to spend that

extra time in your life when you gain it

back with the right marketing strategy

when you gain it back threat tools and

so I want to ask you this question how

do you value your time you know if you

want to make a hundred thousand dollars

a year that's about fifty dollars an

hour if you're figuring a 40-hour

workweek if you want to make a half a

million dollars a year that's what two

hundred and fifty dollars an hour if

you're maintaining a 40-hour workweek

that you would have to on average make

in order to make that income and so as

we're going through this so once you

just start thinking about things I'm

gonna keep cool that can save me an hour

a month and shoot that can save me an

hour a week and start to add up that

time and you'll start to see oh my gosh

if I save two hours a week doing this

thing and I want to make a half a

million a year that saves me $500 a week

or $2,000 a month is what that savings

is just by adopting these features I

mean even walking you through okay so

start to add that up as you're going

through and at a really high level what

is caring

well carat is really it's it's not just

a website it's a fundamental shift and

the way to think about marketing when I

was building my previous company my

previous company and also when we built

carat and I worked with a lot of real

estate investors before and agents as

well before carat what I started to

notice was then you can make money and

you can make an income you can generate

leads in lots of different ways you know

there's direct mail and cold calling and

indoor knocking and local networking and

all those things right they all work SEO

pay per click they all work but what I

found for myself was certain types of

marketing only work while you're doing

them and then when you stop doing them

they eventually stop working so then you

got to get back on the hamster wheel do

them more and then you're like if you

stop doing that because you want to take

time off or you get tired you want to

take vacation then you got to get off of

it hamster will slowly comes to a stop

your leads slowly come to a stop your

income starts to slow any heading back

and that's all so many entrepreneurs

especially real estate agents especially

investors are is you're on a hamster

wheel always do in direct mail always

having to do cold calling always having

to do these things

Tory either then got to plug people into

that to be on the hamster wheel for you

if you want freedom and flexibility or

you've got to be okay with being on the

hamster wheel all the time for the rest

of your business life and that for me

that was the opposite of why I became an

entrepreneur now beginner for freedom

for flexibility I want to make a greater

impact and I could not do it when I was

continually having to get back on this

hamster wheel doing these activities

posting on social media every single day

because the feed starts getting pushed

out I got to post more and more that to

me is not freedom

well the flipside but where we want to

guide you guys then now I'm going to

show you guys that features with our

carrot ecosystem that help you do this

is stacking bricks it's going for

evergreen marketing evergreen marketing

on the other hand is marketing you do

one time today and it works for years

and years and years for you okay as an

example we have a lot of clients I'll

bring out one right now a lot of clients

who will use the content marketing tools

that we teach and that we have in here

they'll put up a really good piece of

content that adds value to their

prospects their prospects find it online

in Google and then that web sites range

really high in Google for months in

years you know house heroes calm if you

if you're gonna Google a phrase like tax

tips when selling a house in Florida

okay they're ranked number one in Google

for phrases like that and they wrote

that article three years ago okay if you

look up things like farmland Roseburg

you're gonna find a real estate agent

they use our video post feature that was

a three minute twenty three second

they didn't write a word they uploaded

it to our system and then our system

turned it into a really amazing article

that Google loves its ranked number one

in Google and has for three years that

is evergreen marketing marketing that

you do one time and it works for you for

years and then you just start to stack

those bricks you stack those pieces of

the content you stack those location

pages you stack them up just like this


so essentially carrot is an authority

hub Kerry is not

sigh and that's something that a lot of

people will think we'll shoot I just

need to get a website I can go to Wix I

can go to Weebly I can go to Squarespace

right I can my broker my real estate

broker they provide a free website

whatever it is I can spin one up on

WordPress and there's no loss of ways to

get a website out there y'all there's a

million ways to get a website so if

getting a website was the answer to your

problems of closing more deals of

gaining more consistency of getting a

better ROI on your marketing if that was

a problem okay then you can go easily

solve that problem probably for free

somewhere and do it pretty darn quick

now the real problem comes up is most of

those systems if not all of them are not

built for performance they're not built

to be the authority hub of your business

and what we really believe here at

carrot is all of your marketing creates

online demand ok the networking you're

doing locally the cold calling the

direct mail you know all of the

marketing you're doing eventually drives

people online whether you know it or not

ok that direct mail piece they're going

to go on Google Google you to see if

you're a good company they want to work

with that cold call they're gonna look

at the phone number that call them or

text message them they're gonna Google

that phone number and see who is this

and so whether you are even including

your URL in any of your offline

marketing it is creating online demand

and that's why we say the future is here

where your website should not be a

website it should be in authority hub

this is where your conversions happen

and when you do this right like Carter

step the top home buyer in Oklahoma who

moved over from a really pretty custom

website to a caret Authority hub he saw

a doubling of his conversion on his

website with the same traffic from his

radio and TV and direct mail marketing

he saw a massive increase of 25%

increase in his lead to close ratio

because he turned away from a website

into an authority hub with care and an

authority hub is essentially this you've

got your your your your your primary

core pages which is kind of your brand

and credibility it's your home page and

your your testimonials page in your

reviews and about like it's a very

specific structure that we focus on here

at Kerry the works to to

the person in build trust and

credibility and guide them on the

conversion okay that's a brand and

credibility part of your authority huh

the next part of is your discovery part

this is where you get new traffic can

the brand and credibility part of the

authority hub helps to convert your

traffic and makes all of your marketing

work better but then the rest of it the

rest of the content which is what we're

the best at is discovery how do you how

do you get yourself introduced to new

prospects new sellers new buyers new

tenants who don't know about you yet or

how do you use this content to further

build trust and credibility with those

who do and so the next there's a couple

layers here those location pages or

niches right so if you're an investor in

you an investor you'll buy it or your

sell in multiple different cities you

should have a page for each one of those

gates the Zillow concept of the loopnet

concept where when you do those Google

searchers it's very rarely Zillow's

website that pops up to number one it's

very rarely their home page it's almost

always a location page for specific

property down at the bottom is you have

your authority content blog post and

that's where you're going to use video

posts and our other features that we'll

dive into a demo right now okay so now

why is outbound versus inbound marketing

so important okay when you start to

compare the results from outbound

marketing which is Direct Mail and radio

and TV and and cold calling those all

work once again but you have to go

through a lot more leads in order to get

a deal so radio and TV on average is one

in 50 leads to 60 leads turns into a

deal okay with Direct Mail it's

somewhere between one and twenty to one

in 40 leads turns into a deal okay with

Google pay-per-click the way that we do

it with a high converting website on

carrot from motivated house sellers one

in ten to one in 20 leads turns into a

deal and then with inbound marketing

content put online on the carrot website

that ranks high in Google because of our

tech stack it's usually between one and

five one and eight to one in fifteen

leads turns into a deal and so you can

actually get two to three times the

results with half of the traffic coming

in and that is where you get

predictability that's where you get

consistency you go after higher quality

traffic higher quality leads not higher

volume and so many tools so many people

out there in real estate agent and

investor space focus on volume they say

getting 78 cents cent leads over here

for on facebook on facebook lead ads or

I'm getting these and seller leads for

20 to $5 what I would ask them is how

many of those leads does it take to turn

into a deal the organic inbound ones

convert the highest they have the

highest margin and you can get three to

six times more deals with the same

amount of leads right so let's go ahead

and dive in guys we're gonna dive into

the different plan features we have the

core plan for investors and then agents

and investors both have content for an

advanced marketer and like I said in

Monday this next week June 22nd the

advanced marketer plan is going from 149

to 199 it's been way under price for

years we've had so many of our customers

tell us that and we've built in tons and

tons of features since we long sitting

we have a big big roadmap planned for

everybody in all plans but especially

for that plan so this is your last

chance to get in at that $600 a year

savings as long as you upgrade before

midnight June 22nd you will get

grandfathered into that 149 a month and

I can move forward from there all right

so the deadline is the 22nd and then

that's when the price was $1.99 a month

so the three ways we focus on

performance and this is where we're

gonna be diving at the futures now okay

so all of our plans focus on performance

in these ways the different plans just

have different varying features that

help you dive into these even further so

speed and technology okay our websites

were ranked the fastest website platform

on any website builder including Wix and

we bleed WordPress calm and square skate

Squarespace and placed her the fastest

of all of them except for one and that

was Google's own Google local websites

by this company called fresh chalk calm

you can look it up and so we really

hyper focus on how to build the fastest

tech stack out there because then it

impacts these other two parts of

performance which is website conversion

and Google ranking okay so we focus on

the speed and technology that alone is

worth hundreds and hundreds and hundreds

of dollars a month for you if you were

to go out there and try to hire someone

to do that that's all included into all

plans here at Carey okay that alone is

worth the cost of admission and then the

conversion side of it you know we we ran

over a thousand split tests over the

year over four million leads into our

system and we're always finding new ways

to make websites

even higher if you lose this one liter

deal a year because of underperformance

because of under conversion on your

website how much is that costing you how

many leads and deals a year are you okay

with losing because of underperformance

and if your average profit per deal or

average Commission per transaction is

let's say ten thousand dollars and you

don't have a website dialed in to

convert really well how many of those

ten thousand dollar checks you okay with

losing because you haven't made the

decision to tighten that up so that

cheap website and that free website

you're getting from your broker or that

custom website they built that looks

really pretty but doesn't perform as

well as a can could be costing you tens

and tens of thousands of dollars per

year back to Carter stuff the top home

buyer in Oklahoma he had a ten thousand

dollar custom site looked amazing looked

pretty after he switched over to carrot

he regained twenty thousand dollars a

month in revenue that was there that

should have been his that wasn't because

his website didn't convert as well as it

should go check out the case did he go

to carry calm over to the blog go find

that case sitting with Carter stuff the

last part that we focus on with

performance is Google ranking this is

where we really shine if you're to

Google something like sell my house fast

insert any city in the country you're

probably going to find somewhere between

two and six carat websites ranked at the

top of Google and every city in the

country and the same thing happens with

land and all kinds of other phrases more

continuing to find ways to help you guys

in other different areas too so we know

that when you're able to have an amazing

fast tech tech stack that works great on

mobile all that your website converts as

good as it possibly can so you're not

leaking leads and profits out the bottom

in exchange for trying to go go with the

cheap route and when you're able to get

in front of those highest most motivated

prospects through Google when they're

seeking out answers to their problems

that's a trifecta of being able to get

gain consistent predictable results and

really build that authority hub y'all

that you builds consistency

predictability and momentum now here's

the thing it does take work and it does

take some time to build your authority

hub up correctly it's not something you

just push a button and it's all done

there does have to be investment and

work that happens and so we're to walk

you through kind of what's what the

features are at our system that can help

people without that not

better can help you build better results

and also the different support options

that we offer you here okay so you might

be wondering what what types of websites

can I launch your caret well if you want

to track mobile home sellers or vacant

land sellers or buyers or know sellers

of buyers or motivated House sellers

cash buyers of properties you know and

where you can list your properties on

our system you can have a credibility

website track rent to own tenant buyers

owner finance buyers and their retail

real estate buyers and sellers on the

agent side and we have other ones coming

down the pike very very soon y'all so

essentially if you're in real estate on

the resale retail side or wholesale side

and residential real estate we've got

you covered and we're gonna be marching

down into the commercial side in 2021

alright so here's the six advanced

marketing plan features that will help

that have helped our members pull out

three hundred and fifty percent more

leads then then the core plan on our

system and once again guys right now

it's only $100 a month in order to make

that upgrade or $1200 a year or you can

even take 20% off of that if you go

annual and if you gain back through just

one extra deal a year because of what

these features unlock guys and your

average proper deals that say $20,000

that paid for the upgrade for almost 20


one extra deal per year will pay for

your updated for 10 to 20 years y'all

and that's what we want to help you guys

do okay so the first thing right here

that a lot of people enjoys the premium

website designs here Carrie one of the

big things that with care is when when

our clients get a lot of results or rank

really well some people look at that and

say shoot

we don't care it works but how do we

stand out how do we stand out and be our

own well we recently launched our visual

website editor the visual website editor

is available on all plan types okay

that's drag-and-drop and move things

around as a brand new innovation that we

just launched but what we did have what

we did launch is the premium website

designs for the advanced marketer plan

only and we were going and we're going

to continue to add a new premium

designed to help you stand out here's

the cool thing about it all less than 5%

of all the websites on her system are

currently using these premium website

designs that convert really well but way

fewer people have access to those

designs and even a lot of people that

are on an advanced marketer just having

switched over to

they're still using their old design

which is great and it's still converts

well but if you want to stand out go

check out those new premium designs

here's a couple examples so this one

here is a revival home buyer this one is

using one of our premium designs this is

using the Aspen design I believe amazing

striking photo big buttons works amazing

on mobile okay they started to adjust

some things around with their visual

editor and it looks really really good

so this is one of the designs it's the

Aspen design okay this one here is also

the Aspen design just a little bit

different okay this one here is the

Aspen design with the form and the

bottom converts amazingly well this one

here's the traditional form on the right

they both put the form in the bottom of

mobile but this one here Mike a Toronto

he actually sent us a message the other

day and and he said hey he went through

our concierge program where he said I

don't have the time to build my site out

but I'd like to hire you guys to do that

and we can do that in our concierge

services which I'll talk about here in a

bit which is a feature that you get

discounts on from the advanced marketer

plan all of our inter all of our

internal services you get a 10% discount

when you're an advanced marketer plan

member so that one thing alone if you

went through the concierge service you

can save you know two hundred fifty

three hundred dollars just on that one

thing right there as a massive massive

savings so within a month or two after

Mike went through the concierge you sent

us back an email when one of our team

members reached out he said hey I've got

three rehabs going right now all carrot

leads from my concierge web site came in

afterwards which is amazing that's our

goals to help you guys help give you

guys a visually separated website that

still uses the high converting framework

of carrots something that you're proud

of though okay so they have the Aspen

design here looks amazing they put

videos on here the whole shebang okay

then here's another one here this one is

a website that went through our

concierge but it's also using a premium

design too this is using the new one

which is called

I'm sure to think what it's called

there's a new one anyway

this one's the far group and this is a

real estate agent they're also investors

but and they went through the concierge

because they said hey you know what we

just don't want to put in the time

build-it but we'd love to have you guys

do that for us and leverage this premium

design so that's going to unlock premium

designs oh the savings here that you're

going to give the somewhere between $500

to $3,000 versus going out there and

hiring a custom web developer or trying

to spend all of your time into tweaking

it up to try to make it look a lot

different than the standard Douglass

design so if you want more

differentiation y'all advanced marketer

has premium designs in there right now

two of them and we're going to continue

to build more okay this one right here

Baltimore wholesale property Daniel

switched over to the to the hemlock

design I guess it's called and seen that

of Juniper and said switched over the

hemlock yep theme three seller leads in

the last 24 hours

love it so another feature we rolled out

recently this newer to the advanced

marketer plan is premium support okay

you have access to our success coaches

you have access to phone support now

which is brand-new and you have access

to our weekly group coaching calls and

we get these every single day from

people who go through there and leverage

the advanced marketer premium support

functionality Ramon here says excellent

customer service the best company I love

you guys I love you guys thanks for the

hard work right here Stephano says

amazing conversation with Josh really

helpful and then over here this one says

to the point helpful gave me some clear

direction and the reasons behind that

thank you very much guys the value here

you're gonna save somewhere between a

hundred to a thousand dollars a month

versus hiring consultants the time

savings as dozens of hours versus having

to sift through everything and trying to

come up with your own strategies you're

stuck on strategy reach out to us we'll

help you craft the strategy if we help

you craft the strategy and that strategy

gets you one extra deal a year and your

average profit per deal is twenty

thousand dollars and let's go with ten

thousand dollars that one strategy call

guys from that one ship from that one

call that was unlocked with the premium

support functionality from advanced

marketer made you an extra $10,000 is

your strategy dialed in or could you use

a phone call or a series of phone calls

with our team the dial team did make it

to where you cut your learning curve you

cut the time to execution you cut your

time to results and get more income this

alone can pay for your entire advanced

marketer upgrade from core to content

from court advanced marketer for over

ten years if you close just one extra

dealing here from this okay right here

premium automated content libraries so

many of you know that we already have

our our content library that is our

content marketing systems that's right

here so if you are going to be trying to

rank well in Google one of the things

that Google looks at is consistent

content that's posted on your website

they want to see a website that's

updated often number two they want to

see a website with content that's robust

that's high value your content should be

at least 500 to 800 words it should be

based off of research hey what are

actual sellers what are actual buyers or

actual tenants typing into google now

let's go create content for that to get

in front of them well that's what our

system does so if you're willing to say

agent or an investor you can choose that

right there and then let's say we're

gonna go right here and select the Cova

19:1 because it's a special pack that

came out and you want to get out content

online tips for selling your Pittsburgh

house during the corona virus pandemic

or how landlords in Pittsburgh can

appeal the tenants are in koban 19 our

team writes 12 articles a month we spin

them with with your city we spend you

with your company name all those things

we optimize them for Google and then you

can go in if you want to and you can

kind of spit them up a little bit if you

wanted to dial them in a little bit more

if you wanted to or you can just

straight up publish them up and there's

a lot of these that get ranked really

well and Google without having to type

without having to do a lot of work for

just basic modifications like sell my

inherited house you know having some

iron here in a house fast in Detroit or

whatever it is right so let's say you're

in Detroit and Google's telling us right

here people are typing this phrase in

would it be nice if you ranked really

high in Google for that phrase wouldn't

it be amazing if you can rank at the top

of Google for a phrase like that there

would be insanely highly targeted highly

targeted leads they're searching for

exactly what you have there you're not

going to get a high volume of those

leads but they're gonna be insanely

targeted and so just like this one was

Steve and he launched a automated

article from our system he hopped in and

added a couple pictures to it and rather

than having to sit down for an hour or

two hours and write an article and

trying to think of the topic he used her

automated system right here to find the


select his website say I'm going to post

them once a week and I want to post them

on Wednesdays go ahead and click Add

it's gonna automatically schedule it to

your website now content pro members

have access to that but look at this

guy's advanced marketer members actually

have access to a whole premium section

of this that gives you an extra 12

articles a month they all have images

included in them a way fewer people are

using them about 10 percent about 90

percent less people are using these

articles so you have more chance to

stand now you have more chance to get

them ranked you have more chance to win

more deals if this helped you get one

extra deal every two years you know one

extra deal over two years and your

average profit per deal is ten thousand

dollars that would pay for your upgrade

from core to content probes from quarter

vans marketer for over ten years

okay or would pay from your your

upgraded from content Pro to advanced

marketer for almost 20 years y'all

almost 20 years okay so right here

that's gonna give you an extra 12

articles a month once fewer people are

using they all include images and you

can spin those puppies up it's gonna

save you at least five hours a month

it's gonna save you at least $600 a

month versus riding those versus hiring

someone to write them at $50 an article

so this is saving a minimum $600 and

let's make that upgrade and if you get

one extra deal every two years it's

gonna pay for that membership for 10 to

20 years all right guys that is the

premium automated content library and

you can see our clients like this

Shamika Fox real estate agent leverages

this one during coronavirus I got a

really high ranking over the top of some

really really popular websites there in

Santa Cruz for coronavirus related

phrases all she did was schedule it up

and do some basic modifications to it

okay feature number three if you're on

the core plan you don't have access to

this feature called the video post

feature and one of the other ways to

really create amazing content on the

caret system is if you don't like

writing then you can you can record

short videos using your cell phone

there's a three to five three to eight

minutes long they talk about hey here's

how you here's how you can help sellers

or hey if you're going through situation

where you sold it you you inherited a

house you want to sell it I'm gonna walk

you through five tips and how to sell it

faster let's say you're a real estate

agent and you have an itch

of luxury homes and there's this one

neighborhood that's a specific

neighborhood that's great for luxury

homes I would create a whole series of

video posts on that neighborhood and

talk about the different things that are

good the bad and the ugly bye okay now

you're going to be an authority on that

topic and our aim is to get those ranked

to really really well on Google so can

you imagine if you were an expert in

farmland and that was one of your

primary niches wouldn't it be amazing if

you got ranked at the top of Google for

people that were looking for farmland in

your area

they landed on your website you showed

them a video they build trust and they

build credibility all the other websites

will not have videos you'll fully stand

out and stand out in that crowd in a big

way that is what is needed moving

forward in the future you all is to

build become an authority not just put

out content without heart we need you to

stand out and be that local authority

then people are gonna choose the

authorities moving forward that's gonna

happen be how we beat their big tech

giants that's how we beat the zillah's

that's how we beat those those other

companies like that so with this company

here G styles real estate agent they

chose to create a video post and ended

up looking something like this they

upload it to YouTube they attached it to

our video posts feature which you just

simply take the YouTube URL you copy and

paste it into our video post feature our

system imports the whole video into the

system you can choose to title it or

just use the youtube title it's already

imported in there click a button and our

system will go out there and transcribe

the whole bit video for you for about a

buck a little over a buck a minute okay

so if it's a four minute video to be

about five dollars to get that done

versus hiring it up for 50 bucks right

okay and then within a couple hours

usually but for sure it's in 24 hours we

send you an email and say hey your

article is ready so now rather than

going to rev.com or systems like that

and getting things transcribed manually

guys our system does it all inside of

the system and it makes it full written

article for you you'll open it up and

here's your article it's got the title

it's gotten your video in there it's got

an intro in there it's got the whole

transcription and if you wanted to you

can then modify it and doctor it up put

some pictures in there but you don't

have to and so with this one here they

spent less than five minutes recording a

video less than two minutes uploading it

to YouTube okay less than five minutes

adding it to video post so less than

fifteen minutes altogether they did

optimize it well leveraging our train

and now three years later this is

evergreen marketing off three years

later is still ranked number one in

Google in their market pulling in

traffic and leads building Authority in

the farm niche in their market imagine

if you did one of these every single

week if you did four video posts every

week that's less than ten minutes a week

y'all okay four I'm sorry four video put

someone less than 10 minutes a week one

a week over the course of the year

you're gonna have 52 new Authority

building short pieces of content on the

niches that you're great at on your

website 52 new pages going back to that

authority hub picture guys 52 new

opportunities to get in front of your

prospects to swarm the internet and

really build momentum that's what we're

talking about with building consistency

that's what we're talking about with

building predictability that's what

we're talking about with our feature set

our authority hubs and how to build

momentum in this age of trust and


okay rather than hiring out articles of

50 bucks a pop to find a writer on a

website which would be out 200 dollars a

month if you're to do four of those you

can do this with video posts in the

content per advanced marketer plan a

little over buck a minute for that guys

that's it and here to be saving over

four hours a month should make a box did

this she interviewed local business

owners she started to create video posts

on them and she's getting those right -

really well on google for the names the

company names of those local businesses

ok unlimited tracking links guys this is

one of the ones I'm the most excited

about because this is probably the most

underutilized feature but one of the

most valuable now one of our clients are

RJ bates he's one of the top home buyers

in Dallas Texas we had him on a carrot

cast recently and I asked me I said our

date what's the feature that you use

that you think because one of the most

valuable things and Carrie Samantha

campaign tracking means and he went on

to talk about it and I'ma show you guys

what campaign tracking links are so

essentially we have this tool call a

campaign tracking links and inside of

here you are able to create a special

link that tracks how well your marketing

is doing and so right here I'm just

gonna go ahead and go to campaigns you

can see he's got over 1,300 leads in the

his assistant here flipping land so

you've seen me show motivated house sell

their websites cash buyer websites agent

web sites that will show me a land

website to show you kind of the

versatility of what Kara can do and so

if you're on the core plan you can

launch one website

and one website credit if you are on the

advanced marketer plan as an investor

it's up to three as an agent it's one

sages traditional and just need the one

all right so he came to carrot cam and

he said man I'm posting all my ads on

land and farm and on Facebook

marketplace on Craigslist in 14 15 20

different web sites to sell my land and

I said awesome which one's working

better to sell the deals he goes I don't

know I just post on all of them I sell

my properties and I said well wouldn't

it be amazing do you tell exactly which

ones are actually working so you focus

more energy they're less energy the ones

that aren't working so going back to our

company mission helping you save time

for the things in your life the matter

this feature helps you do that and so he

started to create campaign tracking

links for all of those different types

of marketing Houston so now he can tell

this we've got eighty two clicks and two

leads this has got 103 clicks and in

four leads this one here no no leads for

that one no leads for that we know these

for that and why not why is that one not

working okay then you can go on down and

figure out which ones are working well

now let's look at this on the real

estate agent side of things

okay Kirstin a short doing the same

thing and that land flipper is using

those on land watch he's using those on

Facebook Facebook marketplace he's using

them all over the place but as a real

estate agent how would you use campaign

tracking links well let's say you're on

Instagram and every time a new property

comes out you actually link up that

property in your profile well create a

campaign link for that to track whether

that that profile link is generating

clicks and leads all you would have to

do is go through and do that click new

we're gonna create a brand new campaign

tracking link let's say it's IG profile

property number two okay let's say we're

going to drive it directly to a landing

page or page doesn't matter B we'll

drive it to a property okay so we're

just gonna drive it directly to

properties I'm going to select whatever

page whatever property I'm wanting to

send that to from the future of property

list and then what we're going to do

after that we'll do this one here the

wonderful Oaks or whatever its called

we're gonna select the type let's say

this is a left it at the done let's say

its social it's a social share and this

one is Instagram okay I'm just going to

go and click that link ID profile

property number two it's a social share

it's going to go to that property and so

on Instagram

soon as I click Creek campaign link it's

gonna then give me a fancy link like

this now I use this to post an Instagram

or if I'm doing a Facebook ad and I want

to see which videos converting the best

I would create a different campaign link

for each one of the videos or if I'm

doing Google Ads I would do the same

thing so what are the different ways to

use campaign links job all right they're

Facebook ad campaigns Google ad

campaigns social media posts social

media profile links classified ad sites

email campaigns set up a new campaign

tracking link for every single one of

those to tell what marketing is working

what marketing is not kill this up isn't

that isn't working and keep this up that

is working okay this alone can save you

dozens of hours per month this alone can

make you tens of thousands of dollars

per year by focusing your energy where

it works versus where it does not now

I'm asking the same question again if

this one feature added just one deal to

your bottom line every two years and in

your average property it was $10,000

would that be worth it to pay for your

care member membership for 10 to 20

years just for making this upgrade to

get unlimited tracking links from the

events market or system I think the

answer is probably yes a feature number

five here guys SEO track

ranking tracker tool one of the things

that we're known for when things our

clients do the best is rank really well

in Google and most real estate agents

focus on Facebook marketing or offline

marketing very rarely do we find agents

focusing on Google because most of you

think you can't compete against Zillah

well guys that's not true

okay if I were to go over here and type

something like let's say you know north

umpqua North I can't type North Umpqua

River homes for sale that's a niche in

an area okay it's it's a niche that is

really valuable high-end homes there

wouldn't it be amazing if that was one

of your niches if you ranked number one

a Google over Zillow overwrote sur over

the big national science well that would

be cool if it were possible right well

it is possible it's possible with our

location pages location pages are

available in all plan types but you have

extra functionality and track the

rankings and have suggestions that I met

those rankings higher over here so the

number one ranking in Google is a

caret-- website for that

phrasing many other phrases phrases for

niches for buyers for sellers and you

can create these on all of our websites


but let's say that you wanted to rank

well for this the very first thing

you've got to do is be able to track it

you have to track hey a number one is a

my rank and well for it and number two

how do I know well this is a website

here fair offer New York they're an

investor out of out of New York and they

are doing the same thing not a chance to

get out to call within this last week

and he said he's closing multiple deals

every single quarter all from organic he

started offline now he's moving all of

it online because the consistency but

because of predictability because he's

getting momentum and he said all of

these people want to work with me none

of them are trying to fight me none of

him are calling me and saying stop

sending me mail stop making cold calls

they're all saying I want to work with

you because they land on his authority

hub they see the content they see the

great website they see it's great on

mobile and he's right ranked really well

in Google for his location pages so

wouldn't it be cool if you could always

know hey these are the phrases that I

want to go after they're the ones that

may help make me money I want to see

where I'm at let's go ahead and click

Cash homebuyers Broncs this is going to

show you where it's ranked and where

it's going up and down if you see a lot

of ups and downs me ranking it probably

means you need to build some more

backlinks to get that stability down now

he's got the stability on the page one

how do we get a higher well look our

system is gonna tell you what to do how

to get it higher it's gonna give you

smart suggestions drive you to the right

training and then and then say hey how

as an option go set up a coaching call

with our advanced marketer premium

support okay so with this feature you're

gonna be able to unlock up the twenty

keywords per website just like this

client here is doing he's leveraging all

of them and you can see exactly where

his rankings are going where they're not

going so we can track them and get

better in case those savings rather than

going out and buying an SEO tracker tool

between ten and fifteen dollars a month

this is included in the advanced

marketer plan and then you'll have to

log into other software and just to get

rankings okay and we're gonna give you

the smart suggestions the last feature

on here is is this right here is our

marketplace and the marketplace is open

to everybody all plan types we want to

serve you guys but from the advanced

marketer plan we found that the advanced

marketer plan tends to have the more

experienced investor or the person who

just was really ambitious and wants to

make it happen and so oftentimes you

might want to

source some of the work and so we said

you know what what we're going to do is

we're going to give you 10% off of all

of our internal marketplace services

that's our website redesign service

called the concierge where we go through

rewrite all of your content and design

it like the one you're shown here that's

our system where we are service where we

build all of your location pages for you

to build out your authority hub that's

our service where we build citations for

you to help with your SEO backlinks

that's our other services as well and we

get these every single day through our

services team this one here they gave us

a rating very satisfied exact

exceptional value worth way more than we

paid for it carotene crushed it again

with another one of my websites they

came back multiple times to the

marketplace it's starting to quickly

move up through the Google rankings give

it time and leads we flowing in right

here now this this person Kevin's and

you guys crush it this is exactly what I

was looking for after they got a mock-up

of their brand new concierge website

because they didn't want to do the work

they said I'd rather hire it out or this

one was Mike the guy I mentioned before

I said thank you for the follow-up site

sooner really well have three rate

rehabs I'm buying this month all of

which came from my caret site now you

guys can still get amazing results

without the concierge most of our

clients do the wet the work the work

themselves but if you want it to hire

any out this alone can save you hundreds

and hundreds and hundreds of dollars

every year with that 10% discount now

one last bonus we're going to toss in

for everybody that's an advance marker

to remember before midnight June 22nd is

this if you want to scale your business

without having to scale your time

working in the business you need to find

out a delegate you need to learn how to

have an assistant what should that

assistant do you need to wrap your brain

around a completely different framework

of running your business and so earlier

this year I had a chance to pull back

and I said what were the things in what

order that helped me grow a business

that gives me freedom what are the

things that really help me to give me

the flexibility in my business really

help me make more of an impact and I

wrote all those democratic frameworks

called the entrepreneur freedom formula

where I talk about my processes on how

to how to get more purpose in your

business Adam Adam or predictability in

your business how to get more time and

energy back in your business and you're

going to get the entire two-hour

workshop with all of my processes all my

systems completely free as a bonus for

upgrading the

smarter plan before June 22nd at

midnight now if you're already in the

advanced marketer plan you already get

access to this so you have this at your

fingertips already so I'm just going to

recap this guy's that $728 a month

number literally the numbers actually

way higher than that I just had to stop

somewhere and I said the number if the

number keeps getting higher it's not

gonna be believable so I'm just gonna

stop at 720 months so I added up all

those savings items a walk through

earlier each one of those is gonna say

if you actually meet them time every

week and money every month

okay time every week and money every

month and if even just one of those

features saves you and it helps you save

10 hours a year and let's say you're you

wanted to make a half a million dollars

two hundred fifty dollars and hours what

you need to make to make half a million

dollars ten hours zero its twenty five

hundred dollars that's gonna save you

only if you save ten hours a year y'all

okay if you if you get one extra meal

every two years in your average profit

deals ten thousand dollars not right

there's gonna save you ten thousand

dollars it's gonna pay for this plan for

five to ten years to get one extra deal

every two years from these features in

this plan so you're gonna get access to

premium designs you're going to access

premium support phone support a

one-on-one onboarding call you're gonna

get premium automated content library

extra twenty two twelve extra articles

per month you can stand out you can have

the ones with pictures less people are

using them better chance of results

you're gonna get access to video posts

to turn your short videos into authority

building content do one a week y'all one

a week and you're going to be crushing

it within six to twelve months you're

gonna be the authority locally you're

gonna be able to track up the twenty SEO

keywords per site so you can always know

where your websites ranking how to rank

your higher than tap indoor training

resources you're going to get 10% off of

all of our marketplace services that we

do internally to take some of the work

off in your hands will adopt it and this

would give you a discount and you're

gonna get bonus of the entrepreneurs

freedom formula workshop so guys and

Gallants june 22nd at midnight the

advanced marketer plan is going up to

$1.99 a month everybody who's already in

the plan that price is not going to

change on you so as long as you upgrade

it before then you're awesome now you

can always downgrade later but if you do

downgrade and you want it then upgrade

again after june 22nd you will be up

creating to the $1.99 a month price

we're really excited about what we have

in store for our entire ecosystem matter

what plan you're on we're insanely

excited about what we have in store the

product pipeline for the advanced

marketer plan and guys and gather we

want to invest in you go to all the way

back to the start this is about data and

results okay three hundred and fifty

percent three hundred fifty percent is

the is the average increase in leads the

people in the advanced marketer plan

have over and above the core plan and if

you want a chance to be able to unlock

the same features the same things that

those people have guys take this chance

right now make the upgrade check it out

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get the better strategy help us tie

those things in with you all you have to

do if you're not a member yet is go to

CARICOM for such plans before June 22nd

at midnight go select the advanced

marketer plan while it's 149 a month or

you can get 20% off by paying annual or

if you're already a member of carrots

all you have to do is log into your

account you can log into your account

right here go back here go up here to

your profile okay and then you just go

ahead and click billing and once you're

inside a billing what you guys are gonna

be able to do is you're gonna be able to

then select your plan type once you're

in there

select the plans have to go find the

advanced marketer plan one click that

it'll show 149 a month make the upgrade

we won't even charge you if you're

already on a monthly plan we won't even

charge you until your next scheduled

payment so if you just if you're on the

core plan and you just paid the $50

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you actually get three weeks of the

usage in the advanced marketer plan

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that which is really cool so guys log

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it'll also unlock the entrepreneur

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we're pump pump pump to help you guys

scale your business rep and we're a pump

to help you get more freedom more

flexibility build your authority hub get

away from the website mindset into the

authority hub mindset and really help

you stand out and make that impact with

your business guys talk soon make

comments below I'm gonna be asking your

questions below now through midnight

June 22nd thank you