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mystic messenger tutorial and this time

it's on 707 i hope you find this helpful

and enjoy

in the first bad story ending unknown

breaks into the apartment and seven

unfortunately arrives too late to save

the player

at mintai unknown takes disturbing

photos of mc and sends it to seven in

order to get this ending you need to

select the incorrect answers

all the way up to day seven which means

putting the blame onto

seven security in the second bad story

ending seven loses his motivation

suffers with his emotional problems and

also believes the player is an angel he

quits the rfa and runs away with the

player to get the standing you must

select the correct answers up to day

seven and then from there onwards switch

to the incorrect answers up to day

nine that means ignoring seven

psychological issues

in the third bad story ending unknown

trick seven and the player

an unknown takes seven in exchange for

the player's freedom

he keeps seven as a prisoner in order to

get this ending you need to select the

correct answers up to day nine then

switch the incorrect ones up to day

ten so you need to not side with seven


side with unknown in bad relationship

ending one

unknown breaks in and kidnaps the player

to gain bad relationship ending 1 you

need to get

less than 30 chat participation or score

more hearts with a different character

from days 5 to 7.

bad relationship ending 2 707 and the

player infiltrate mentai

unknown has a breakdown and he shoots

then kills

seven gaining this ending is similar to

the last it's just

you do the same thing but after passing


nine in the normal ending the player and

seven visit his childhood

catholic church then seven professes his

love for the player

obtaining the norm winding is rather

simple all you need to do is attend the

party with either zero to nine

opened and completed email so that means


you literally can do nothing apart from


correct answers with seven and you'll

get the number one thing in the good

ending the player and seven do not

attend the party and

try to find unknown and vanderwood

instead seven asks the player to call

him by his real name he kisses the


and hopes to overcome his dark past with

her help finally to get the good ending

you need to

attend the party with 10 or more opened

and completed emails

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