Easiest Way To Unlock 7 Star Padme | Midgmae Guide to Padme | SWGOH

we'll kill mace window

and that's how you get your seven star

padme on medulla

hey what's going on guys it's ap games

here and today we're going to be going

over the padme amidala 7 star

legendary event the easiest way to

unlock it for

newer or mid game players with minimum

gear 12s as you can see down the bottom

only have one gear 12

and it's pretty much a django solo so

let's take a look

all right shout out to bhuvan for

requesting this video as you can see the

lineup i'm using a new gun ray lead

django in the second slot

use literally whatever else you want in

the third fourth and fifth slot

when i did this these guys were all gear

seven like

it literally does not matter what you

have there um

it doesn't really affect your chances

all that much

um you can get like perfect rng runs

well they'll go after the other guys but

it's all

it's all pointless one thing that i will

say will help your chances

is dooku dooku is great in this because

you use master makashi puts everyone

under stealth

they love to put buff immunity on django

while he has his damaged media

so if you can get everyone under stealth

they won't take out your

um your third fourth and fifth


so if you were to have like a strong

django maybe you had an assassin or a

droidica or a b2

which would make this event a lot easier

in my opinion but

i don't care much for those characters

in my current roster

uh the master makashi would be super

useful there i just don't happen to have

those characters at seven stars

and it will probably be a while before i

get them up there

so let's jump into the battle and see

what the rng looks like see the


and what we should do all right let's

jump in

all right we got all this text we click

through it this is let's see an average

rng run

she'll give everyone damage

all right so this is a fair rng run

right here

um anakin aoes normally his aoe will

like kill everyone but

let's see let's get a big head over onto

padme that should lower her

always put the extortion on to general


he has a bunch of moves that he loves to

do which decreases the chance that he

will pay the

extortion and give you um the unique

buff is

profit something like that so

what you're looking for is you want to

make sure the extortion stays on the

board as long as possible

if they start paying and like you get

two or three extortions paid in one

round honestly just quit

like you're wasting your own time

so what we're looking for is we want to

get debuffs on the field to allow django

to hit twice

we want to make sure that the extortion

bounces around you see we have profit

usually if i get a profit this early

i'll back out but i'll keep playing

through the first

couple of sequences just so you can see

what an average rng run is going to look


all right let's get rid of that

foresight so that we can get a bigger

hit under her

as you can see we now have four

extortions on the board

we got speed down stagger all right so

basically everyone's dead

now another thing we need to look out

for as you can tell here armor shred

if you get armor shirt on django even

once back out

like one armor shred i've had up to four

armor shreds don't know how um

armor shred if we go in here minus 50

defense per stack basically

this man's got zero defense right now so

we could hit here dude do a nice big hit

take out padme

but we're gonna get toasted just like


so that's why it's important to make

sure we get our extortions on general


if they pay the extortions start over

it's not worth your time

if you get armor short on django start

over it's not worth your time

um in the next clip i'll probably show

you a couple more average runs and at

the end i'll show you a successful run

let's take a look all right we're

hopping into the

second attempt

all right this is another option when

they get all of the retribution up on

the board

now with this big attack if you have

enough offense on a gear 12 django

you can one-shot padme i have never done

it because my django is

poorly modded also he's got speed on him

right now

i don't bother re-modding for events i

find it kind of annoying to deal with


obviously if you get the optimal mod

placement this will be way easier

so he's not going to be able to one shot


they have retribution he's modded for

tenacity he's got like

not amazing tenacity but if we can avoid

an armor shred

which we did not well we don't have

armor shut because you can't get armor

shirt will you have damage immediately

but shatter point is incredibly annoying

so let's see

if he does not pay this extortion

looks like he did not let's dispel these


all right we got extortion over here

um i like doing damage to him

um general grievous bait over here if

you're a clone wars fan

because you gotta take him out

um he'll revive everyone obviously if

you have the django um

zeta you don't gotta worry about it

because no one's getting revived

but i don't have that zeta because um i

apply my zetas for grand arena over


and i have a pretty strong bounty hunter

team no real need for that zeta

all right this is unfortunate she has

that guaranteed protection up which

means i can't critically hit her

and it looks like they all do which is a

little unfortunate so i'm gonna attack


because of the evasion i know no one

will counter-attack

kind of gotta wait for her to take your

turn you can't debuff them while they're

um got protection up um

it's kind of annoying that he has such a

huge amount of protection up

as you can see armor shred we're gonna

get this right here

so just another set of instances to look

out for and let's take a look at the

next clip


all right we took anakin down

see if we can't get a little bit going

on padme

she is avoiding those criticals like no

tomorrow which is a tad annoying

all right now we well we can't let's get

rid of that

assist there now we got to get some

debuffs on this guy

not getting debuffs on him is incredibly

annoying we got the armor shirt here so

we're basically screwed there's no


so we can do this let's get rid of that


try to slow everyone down we'll do a


big hit no not a big hit

all right it's really important that we

land this kill right here

and we are not all right let's get this

more extortion up on the board

gotta take a turn gotta kill him there

we go

now call him into assist

all right let's take out general kenobi

try to get a big hit over here beautiful

and just

for a little bit of payback because

as you know django fett

greatest bounty hunter of all time mace

windu one of the greatest light super

lightsaber duelists of all time it

should have been an epic fight

maybe they didn't have the budget maybe

lucasfilms was like

you know what i see us going a different

direction but here ap gains

studios or whatever it is that i call

this channel where like

10 people will watch the video and then

one video i'll have like 200 views

and it will be the happiest day of my

life jango fett

will kill mace windu and that's how you

get your seven star

padme on mandala complete you're only

going to get one star boohoo but you are

going to get that

legendary seven star padme

amidala alright guys this was ap gaines

if you are feeling generous or you did

enjoy the video please

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guys next time