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we are gonna throw a witch party here we


the witch way it's time for another

episode with our determined little witch

she's working very hard to defeat the

dungeons and find fame it's definitely

possible that it'll all pay off

definitely possible didn't even realize

I mean it was a hanging bullet t-shirt

it is a bullet doesn't really matter who

we fight first that sound is too much

all right

I can't handle that it's so good so good

the bullet is a bullet King yep love the

other this gave me so good so good go

tell the artists on Twitter that you

love it so good put it up a dip

okay good that was late look for

somebody I felt like that wasn't lethal

but it was when Lady Luck talks it

sounds like the sims talking kind of

does ah-h with the tier 3 sub for 6

months 7 months 7 freakin months cage

thank you so much really do appreciate


what's the Twitter let me get post it

right here let me let me let me let me

get it I don't know don't want to say it

wrong so I'll just copy and paste

everybody go go give love go get blood

on tweet or magic shield I feel like I

always get it I never really use it tier

3 Thank You cage you are a god you are a


- well a whole lot of month it is a

whole lot of month is a lot of money

boy oh boy oh boy oh boy we could put

out a magic shield but quite frankly I

ain't about that life we don't play it


we keep on throwing these until we maybe

get ourselves - it doesn't matter

alright we're all good think of the next

video quiz will be a tier 3 for the

all-mighty 69 oh my god everybody gets

your trivia fingers ready that is insane

that is insane get your study up on your

Metro Nation trivia alright you know

what here's the thing I've won plenty of

times with the ice shark I'm gonna try

the burning light I'm gonna try the

burning light we're got plenty plenty

plenty magic missle put on five I guess

it doesn't really matter if it's on an

even number but it just it feels wrong

you know it feels wrong okay do my best

for homie no hang about retro in two


I mean a lot of times it can be at that

can be Google

don't want another burning light for

later see what we get you come on come

on give me something better dare to do

that we could do

bang-bang loving it I'm loving it

already love it already turn that witch

into a pyro man sir hell yeah

okay give me big numbers big numbers big


I like this field already I'm happy on

track to put a Hall of Mirrors on six

yeah it's fine doesn't matter doesn't

matter or I could be a cool guy just

delete my shield for the hell of it

who needs it who needs it I ain't no

coward I don't need to hide behind the

shield don't need to hide behind a

shield there's a way to make an infinite

with the witch I'm sure there is I'm

sure there is

get that set down later easy enough rip

rainbow spell book yeah that's fine it's

fine spine spine you can duplicate the

die you need for duplicate to get an

infinite loop it's true with the yeah if

you put that in the upgraded slot

because you can do duplicate twice that

way very very easy way to get an

infinite very very easy watch you read a

play but with added body language is

very interesting alright that's the

things I when I'm doing my videos I do

motion to my screen and everything

anyways I just I there's just no camera

am i I'm back did you win last round I

did I did of course I did who do you

think I am we can experiment some mods

for this game yeah definitely at some

point definitely at some point I usually

like to do one of each is this worth the

buy of course it is it's so good so good

hell yeah definitely definitely

definitely let's go with none of us I

don't think right

magicky would be the only thing I'd

consider but we don't really need to

make anything smaller if anything we'd

want anything be bigger real quick okay

cauldron give me a three

don't really like to do that okay I

think we might curse the ball next turn

then I think we might crystal ball just

to get this going here

definitely do this we're gonna do that

crystal ball I guess right yeah yep oh I

didn't know what the upgrade was

honestly I didn't actually know about

that but we're gonna run away from you

can't use both his dice so that helped

he's got a pic got a pic one he's gonna

pick the fries okay that's fine does

really matter doesn't really matter

bonus round is also great have you ever

lost in this game yeah yeah I have I

have indeed the the first rounds aren't

that hard though in my opinion the first

rounds for each character not that hard

that being said I'm trying something new

today and I may I may lose on this run

for sure duplicating the colleges are

underrated but they're powerful

I called runes are awesome cauldrons are

awesome duplicate I feel like I feel

like everyone's appropriately rating cuz

it's very obvious I don't know very

obviously good choose got the game

yesterday already unlocked everything

everyone but but yeah very good yet very


we could get calls me or upgrade I just

everybody everybody thinks that all of

us a mirror is the be-all end-all only

way to play but I think that it's really

it's good but it's not the only way to


I don't think seems like it's easy but

it gets extremely hard yeah everybody's

like oh this game is so easy as like

just like if it's any if it's anything

like it was an alpha just the

elimination rounds are you terrifying

like terrifying

hmmm I don't like what's happening here

I don't like what's happening here play

hall is a mere matter you can use the

rito strategy exactly pause and Mira

metas is stale already already spent out

for no time at all and it's stale okay

we could magic missle the six we won a

three I want a three I said that color

was weakened I want a three thank you

can we kill

you know alright

Cristobal save herself from taking

damage yeah yeah have you heard of spell

break I have indeed I have indeed it is

the wizard battle royale ain't it you

look like Jim from Friday night dinner I

don't know what that means

but probably thanks maybe thanks maybe

I've never seen seen or heard of forty

percent of the time it works every time




I mean I kind of want burning light here

instead but it's just it makes so much

sense to start with cauldron it isn't a

compliment well thank you for telling me

thank you for telling the other person I

have a feeling that it's subjective most

appearances things are subjected and I

also don't like how I look

alright alright

good give me some good to burns doesn't

really help on this guy doesn't really

do anything to burn him twice alright

can we get lethal

and we can't we can keep wait so the

second burn does that affect the next

die he rolls when he returns it no it

does that would have been great

that's sex do you know when and if

Rhapsody will stream in the future that

is up to Rhapsody for one

I know it's been said before but the art

is dang good it is dang good very dang

you'd tough the dice value duplicate I'd

save duplicate duplicate goes a long way

I don't really want it on the sixth you

know what who cares about infliction

infliction is dukkha dukkha SH is

Rhapsody your brother

sure absolutely absolutely

take it he is my brother from Australia

can't wait

- he's not weak to fire actually is he

okay fair enough so now it makes me feel

like I am sure I should overwrite this

and I hate this all right just yes who

cares all right

we're gonna take a little bit of damage

here please give me bigan didn't have

lethal anyways actually we would have

made it so we couldn't use all of his

dice so we didn't have lethal but we

would have hello

we got him got him with a dice throw for

free okay

have you ever gotten a bear

transformation run I've gotten multiple

yep why can't I do better what am I

doing wrong not trained for this I'm

just a plant I'm just a plan yeah it's a

it's in the Alpha I did it in the Alpha

I've been done it I haven't gotten one

since the games come out I did 67 67

episodes in the Alpha before the game

actually came out


enemy roles blank the dice is locked

fury will peep the next attack I don't

think we're gonna really go with

anything anything there aren't we all

just plants if you think about it if you

don't think about it at all we are all

just plants actually if you don't think

at all can counterspell ruin at dice

that you freeze I believe so yeah

started watching the Alpha playlist

today good times it is it's good the

game was good in alpha it's like got

better but it was always good always



okay I can I can I can dig that can dig


how can here's be real if our eyes never

thought about it should have done with

the collagen ding-dong dumb man dumb man

dumb man

there's do one damage give you the super

early first version game yeah the one

that's just pixel art still good still

good always been good

hmmm I don't like what's happening here

I don't like what's happening here at


there's indeed a facecam correct you

about you have assessed to the screen

correctly it's right it's right right

here right here

okay I guess we might as well do this

we're building up so many dice that next

turn we could probably just unsilenced

oh we don't even get doesn't do the

dodge then do - thank goodness it's loud

bird what music are you into I'm into

all kinds of stuff the best way I think

like the most common thing or I've

listened to would probably be classified

as trip trip hot things like gorillas

whatever I I mean they're all kinds of

stuff though all over the place all over

the place music never heard of it I've

listened to nothing I've listened to

nothing trip hops real good yeah yeah

I'm quite into it quite into it broad

genre very broad one of those weird

broad genres that you swear they just

like you hey let's just let's take two

words from the dictionary trip hop it's

it's it's my music but yeah we go with

burning light throw-in Halloween's we

could do a little bit of that get an

even number here

no not an even number all right


probably should've done duplicate there

huh you went to see a cross-eyed cat to

that you went out of your way to see you

cross-eyed cat just like for fun you

know what I doesn't do that you can do

that you went out of your way like was

it uh was it an event like a setup at

some kind of museum or what's going on

I'm glad she was cute poster in the

discord if you got a picture I love to

see a cute cat on all occasions on all

occasions hope another duplicate for no

good reason or we could do this get one

extra damage or go for the guaranteed

seven I'll just go for the guaranteed

seven how about that

relatives cat okay so it wasn't like

let's all gather around let's all bundle

up in the car to go see you across that

cat gotcha

there'd be nothing wrong with that if

you did though nothing wrong with that

if you did


nope I never get off for gold cauldron

never get offered gold cauldron I never

get anyone but Audrey's never get

offered gold cauldron it is just the way

of the Rideau we got here we've got a

couple options never lucky that's not

true oh very often lucky but I want to

get a three real badly I'm not gonna go

okay get yourself prep get herself prep

didn't get a picture I'll get one the

next time please do who's your favorite

I see dungeons character probably the

witch or secret character boa cartridge

is great with burn so that's set yeah I

know this would be such a good run to

get it we have magic missle we have

burning light we have but a little hala

Mears all of those would be good with it


Oh Kate it doesn't really matter to

duplicate these because even numbers are

just gonna be even numbers it does

really matter duplicate this honestly

just earth roads you die sure sure

remember when you were showing your

dominance over one of these spots I did

indeed it didn't go well

skipped I didn't feel there's a hood

it's hard to do things you know I'm not

trying if I'm skipping any messages it's

not on purpose I'm not trying to do

anything out of malice unless if it was

me and then maybe I would but yeah

anything that's just a message like I'm

not skipping around purpose don't need

to feel bad should have definitely

duplicated to throw to their weight is

secret one that is in the Alpha that

what weight is secret one the one in the

Alpha the challenge navigate yeah yeah

I'm gonna try to get bandage they're

gonna try to get banished there I felt

like it

I need another prepared slot pretty bad

I think I'm feeling it

what was this this was last pauldron

Reno Skip's my messages on purpose

space-time I'm pretty sure that I

unfairly prioritize your messages if



all right I don't want blizzard because

we've won too many times with blizzard

I kind of want to go for a burn build

but then I'm gonna get the dragon or

something all right

pretty sure he's strong in fire pretty

sure let's go with some chakra go with

some Shaq

she beat him on the first floor before

the ballasts next time you have chances

to unlock it okay okay I'm gonna read

that out loud just in case people are

still angry about spoilers

you got Inferno for the first time yeah

I got it burn up for the first time got

lightning ball that's him okay I don't

think I need that on the upgrade slot

the upgrade doesn't speak to me that


better than three now better than three

shock is not that good against

Kristalina though why is paper night

here in lava world poor girl why are you

doing arts and crafts here you picked a

very bad spot for arts and crafts okay

let's see what we get here not great


if lightning bolt was not weakened we'd

have a much better chance of getting

some cute stuff going on here lead

indeed but I'm gonna say give me

something good maybe something like

different at least all right we want

just throw them I hate that turn I hate

that turn thank you for coming out


I appreciate appreciate appreciate it

there's a new build up on Steam version

1.2 fixes the bugs and whatnot when did

that happen just just now we're just

like now wish now

having about eight minutes ago okay so

like just happened okay good deal

good deal


alright alright

I cannot wait to go and blow up the

stinkin paper night there lightning bolt

shock against this this anime not good

early on but it can be good in the

middle or the end of a hearse like

little cycle when she when she gets rid

of a couple of her first movie that can

be good can't because that right away it

sucks so we don't really need it as a

prep spell doing probably not probably

not was there a super animal Royale

update yesterday I don't think so

pretty sure that there is one on the

30th though hello Apple shocked again so

make sure but there's a school like

right outside my window hello get this

on camera

can you see the squirrel squirrel cam am

I getting it right did I get it

I messed it up I need to hold on let me

let me readjust the webcam I'll do it

with this off so it doesn't make people


tell me we got that tell me we got that

it's worth it it's worth it right all

right I had to like immediately right

outside the window there squirrel cam

baby okay

burning light me too give me three got

it - hey okay we will burning light then

burning light give me two sixes bang

bang oh yeah burn em all baby burn them


okay don't like it don't like it but

shock shock bothers you less as which

because you have the ability to replace

your slots it's annoying but you know

fine doesn't need a mess with it don't

need to mess with it

squirrels are under appreciated for the

cuteness it's so true which episode is

this yeah it's the bass one bass one



you might think we were watching this

boy who's watching us it's true they

always come came right up in the window

oh my goodness cosmic gesture with the

sub right hold on

Reis up with Prime for four months in a

row more square ales more squirrels I'll

do my best to get more squirrels I

actually will because I we have a bunch

of bird lead and I'm like I'm gonna dump

it on the ground right in front of

everything do we just do this and ruin

the day of this sucker well we will do

our best we'll do our best ruined a

worse than a curse for warrior is way

too hard it's it's a doozy

it's a doozy I will I will agree yes

that was on purpose not putting it in

the woman the Upgrade

of uri tow glad i could catch the stream

but i have to go have a good one well

thank you so much for coming out I

appreciate that

don't shoot that

just get it out of the way it's gonna be

seven damage seven damage we prevent by

doing and I think that that's gonna be

more than we would gain from the singer

a question mark I'm not sure definitely

do that I mean we should just buy

everything right no we can I don't want

no we don't have it back what am I

thinking all right against this sucker

let's not pretend base which is easy it

is definitely the hardest of all the

main five of the main five it's got to

be the hardest right right I don't think

I want to replace anything I'm pretty

pleased with what we got obviously I

don't know who we got is our final boss

Who am I getting it's Audrey but you

know all right

okay I guess

there's no Nia no no gimmicks no extra

challenges just the bass run just the

bass run at baby


hold on you know did some stereo all


magic missle lightning bolt why'd you

have to get both of my burning lights

there I think I know where the boss is

not Audrey but it's someone interesting


all right I could get the magic Bissell

out I could get a new new burning light

out put it on here we could reroll stuff

I just really disappointed all around

and everything we just got I was hoping

we could get a different kind of thing

getting close to 50k on YouTube it's


Tsun Tsun Tsun Tsun brought me in a

couple days here probably in this week

at Billy at the very least all right

I hate this I hate this I hate this turn


stupid turn stupid turn

come on

all right it mean doesn't really matter

as long as we don't die we're fine the

two weekends there that's okay it's okay

crystal ball we can make magic happen

here all right we got to placate cured

he called you don't need that don't need

that lightning bolts just see if we got

all right I might have messed this up I

might have messed this up we gonna do


I don't yeah I don't think that was



my mind is flooded right now

it's fine it's fine she can't she can't

do a lot she can't do a lot and we're

not gonna find she can't do we're all

good you're dying but things are looking

nice it's true it's true it's the way of

the game you can't not make puns while

playing this game feel like lightning

bolt on six was a mistake not really

it's fine

no really matter to find slot court I

would have had to replace I would have

had to replace other things uh-huh

uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

hey buddy came here from YouTube loved

the content keep it up thank you thank

you Dan Amon appreciate that who's this

dicey guy he's gonna mess everything up

for my youtube series I mean it's fine

but here we go all right I guess we

could lose right we could lose now you

have to put this on youtube I probably

will I guess right huh it's not Audrey

that ain't Audrey that ain't Falco

either let me think

lose on purpose maybe don't know what

this means

me either what's happening what is

happening right now I'm so confused look

I wish I didn't have to stop you but I

don't have a choice don't you know

can get ourselves of burning lights

doesn't really matter which order where

we put all these things what do you got

here oh thank you thank you so he's

gonna go for saves us three damage then

saved us three damage confused

thankfully we totally know what things

we have and I definitely didn't forget

okay so this is burning light that's

duplicate that's right that's an upgrade

slot forgot that was an upgrade slot

your wind show this clip in the nice

spicy huh episode I probably do

something I'll figure it out I'll figure

out something okay this is annoying


shocker burn Shack a burn Chuck Chuck

don't lock I mean we might that we might

die and I wouldn't really mind that much

if we died wouldn't really mind that

much so at least we didn't get wind up

fist okay

I mean I guess the good news is okay so

none of these are above for sex it's one

of them a three

I don't really it's fine it's fine you

know what do this slowly but surely

slowly but surely use a lightning bolt

to see what the dice are way ahead of

you way ahead of you all right we can

make magic happen now

that could curse curses he's doing a

falcon punch kill him I'm trying what do

you mean okay I'll stop just because you

said it I'm gonna stop trying to kill


all right let's duplicate down here and

we got lethal next turn guarantee we

cannot lose we cannot lose unless C's

does gets rid of our ability to throw

things I guess no we're fine

bye bye wait we did it yeah we did it

haha I mean you aren't gonna win you

just aren't it's not possible maybe you

could at least get out of here yeah you

know what you can or at least you can

try and I'm coming with you we got it we

did it

red yeah we did it we freaking did it so

who's gonna spin the wheel now no idea

not my problem anymore come on let's get

out of here

we got the Jets there boys and girls

we are not gonna be playing it on the

stream though because I just just it

doesn't feel right

doesn't feel right to me to be honest

gotta save that first one for that bad

boy for a youtube video but we'll see

let's see card man is indeed here the

Jester has been unlocked and I'm very

very excited we'll save that for soon

I'll explain things I'll explain things

in my series to make it feel right