hey family what's going on Klaus here

and welcome back to our townhall 13 farm

to Mex

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description but today's super exciting

guys because it's channel 13 farm to max

but also and this is I think the best

part and how often do I say that and

come to the Builder base this is super

rare but actually the battle machine is

maxed out now for those of you that have

been following along with me you know

what this means and it's exciting check

it out guys finally I get to upgrade the

auto hunt and I don't know what happens

next is it gonna make me wait or not no

clue let's find out in three two one

BAM guys we've got two builders look

look look it shows two builders now and

done don't let the size fool you he

swings a hammer like a champ

that's hilarious well then I'll pack

some things you can stay you can get a

place ready for me to stay what what

what do I do now I don't know what

I'm so confused okay so I've got two

builders now at in my builder base cool

so I say now we bounce over here and see

what Oh guys I get a new building oh

that's awesome

guys we're gonna start off this video

getting his sixth builder oh I'm so


I'm too excited let's put this guy right

down here next to the other builder huts

okay ready three two one

BAM okay I'm not seeing a sixth builder

still what what what do I do

Travel okay ready to travel that's what

I thought okay so right now you can see

that this one's showing two in the main

village is showing five but I don't want

the Builder to stay at the builder base

I want him to come to the main village

cuz that's honestly where I'll use him

so let's just have him travel shall we

do you want to send the master builder

to the home village now yes yes I do

BAM there we go awesome so now oh yes oh

yes look it's the the master builder is

here we've got six builders all this is


oh so let's start off this video right

guys let's first let's take this gem box

out of here it's spawned in the middle

of everything and then I need to

actually place the the builder hut or

whatever on this side yeah I'm just

gonna have you foodie put here but

they're just like so finished later very

good and once this gem box is done that

I could switch over and we need to do a

couple of upgrades I'm gonna actually

start three upgrades today but I've got

to occupy two builders and then use a

builder potion because my my my world

champion has too long to go so there we


we're good gem box is empty now let's go

into the progress base we're gonna put

both of these army camps back there you


very nice okay and then now let's

upgrade some gold stuff first and

foremost they get get infernum okay

twelve point eight million elixir this

gonna be level four out of five so one

more level after this eleven day for our

upgrade in three two one

okay and then the next thing will

actually be the final barracks guys if

you look we've got three max barracks

that we're gonna about to get the fourth

one going right here so let's go and do

this four mil elixir seven-day upgraded

three two one BAM oh this is so glut

this is glorious this is just amazing

okay so barracks are done we'll worry

about the alignment of everything later

and now we need to get some upgrades

going or I'm sorry get some attacks in

the books and before that we need to

boost our builders oh we've got six

builders guys and in no time at all this

one will be available and then we can

either upgrade the RC again or what I

don't even know what we're gonna do but

the what we're definitely gonna do is

get some attacks in the books moom dude

it's like a four minutes five minutes

into the video and we're just now

getting around doing the attacks with so

much to do before we started recording

specifically because I had max gold I

didn't mention that but that is the

reality but okay so we got these we got

one of these horrible horrible horrible

ring bases hate them hate them so much

hate them with a passion so here's what

we're gonna do we're gonna start out

where the sweepers sweepers are probably

not gonna be a problem

alright so Queen I need you to get out

here put down a few more balloons cuz

seeking air mines and honestly whichever

Queen direct or whichever direction the

Queen wants to go I'll let her go so

let's just see what she decides to do

here that balloon did just take out that

mortar she made sad to go up just

because of that reason if one building

and one troop is all we needed to make a

funnel that would be kind of cool it

looks like she's gonna go up so actually

let's go ahead and put down the wall

wrecker cuz the earlier the better since

it is kind of slow and let's go ahead

and put a Pekka on the other side to

create a bundle I'm gonna save the king

though for cleanup purposes okay so

Queen I'm gonna need you to focus I need

you to I need a focus Queen come on

dang it's alright well I've got the

poison spell over the CC and I've got

the rage spell so hopefully we're still

able to take out this in between

actually you know what King King I need

you to get in there and handle the CC

issue or oh actually look at that the

King um I mean the CC has taken care of

everything Wow alright well there we go

Queens ability let's get a baby dragon

out there for cleanup purposes I think

we actually have the funnel that we need

to get everything to go into the court

here so let's go about a bang just like

so that is a single oh boy

that's a single targeting Inferno killed

our King man that's terrible let's drop

a rage spell and a heal spell and then

I'm gonna pop the word instability here

in just a moment

right there perfect cool so we got the

one star we're about to get the two star

once we actually do get the percentage

but overall dude I think this went

pretty well all things considered I'm

gonna go ahead and clean up out here we

want to make sure we get that dark

elixir out of that storage for sure and

it would be great if the Hogs could

clear up all the defense is out here too

because I would like to get a better

percentage than this actually look at

this we got a whole bunch of air

targeting or a bunch of crown targeting

defenses all in one spot this actually

works out pretty well my favorite check

this out guys hogs in and clear up this

entire section unfortunately I don't

think this Tesla is gonna go down that

that's kind of a bummer but you know

it'll work out we're gonna get all this

gold actually dang it stupid Tesla I

wanted that gold

darn it's alright well what about um

what about this elixir

no Expo shut down okay well hey 65%

two-star not terrible considering those

ring bases are total and complete

boogers total and complete boogers so

I'm gonna go and clear that lots of loot

guys we got lots and lots of loot that

time I'm gonna go and request for some

CC troops and I guess now we have to

wait yeah we have to wait six plus

minutes for my heroes to wake up and

then we're ready to go out and wreck

another base plus I've got a weight and

the easy math here okay

easy math because it's sped up the

builder potion speeds up by 10 times

right so you take that 5 hours

multiplied by 60 because there's 60

minutes per hour that's 300 minutes 308

altogether 307 307 minutes divide that

by 10 then that's actually 30 minutes to

go we got a long way to go before that

builder is ready so we might as well

just keep doing attacks until then right

so be right back guys once my army is

ready to go and we will go out and snag

some more loot the army is ready guys

and we've got about 12 minutes left to

on this boost for the royal champion I

didn't step out for a minute you can

tell because the Sun behind me starting

to set so you'll probably notice that by

the end of the video the background will

be darker but that's you know that's

just private eye stuff that's like

secret agent type stuff if you notice

that before I said something you're a

bomb you're the bomb dot-com 1990s

reference anyway so let's go I've just

showed my age let's do this let's

dominate a base let's go

alright so oh I've seen this base

actually or a similar base I've seen a

very similar base to this lately I'm

thinking I don't know part of me wants

to go like from the south but part of me

also wants to kind of come from the you

know what yeah let's come in from this

side boom boom and boom I'm gonna get an

early rage spell on the Queen because

this is just a lot of stuff tough to

deal with let's get a balloon going in

on both sides - very good so now with

this direction of entry the Queen should

bill to get to that air defense pretty

quickly and also lure the CC so this

actually works very nicely rage spell

and let's drop some poison yeah look at


everybody's using witches these days

it's brutal man brutal and actually just

realize the Queen cannot reach this

Inferno so the inferno is going to nuke

my poor healers that's a bad thing

that's a terrible thing actually

so Queen could you like go for the

townhall oh yeah take out the enemy

queen yeah yeah yeah boom take out the

enemy Queen baby yeah that worked out

nicely so the Queen's gonna die now but

she did a lot of good things for that

raid all right she did a lot of great

things for that raid she got rid of the

enemy CC and the enemy Queen pulled out

some some traps and stuff I mean it was

it was good so now let me see baby

dragon on one side pop that Kings

ability on accident

don't tell anybody it was an accident

though let's not let's hope that

everybody thinks that it was legit um

and now let's just see what happens here

King cc oh no don't die baby dragon so

rough okay and then boom this Pekka

should able to get this Town Hall down

I'm thinking come on come on yes very

very nice alright so hog is this I would

like for you to kind of run in and get

the job done on this side of things I'm

gonna heal right over here actually yeah

cuz I knew I could tell there was so

many bad things going on on that side of

the base all right let's go oh that's a

max royal champion that they're

approaching right now yeah I have a

feeling that there's little to no chance

that we're gonna be able to three-star

this base I mean it was just a tricky

design and I liked it because of that

reason like that like whoever designed

this base whether it was Julian or

somebody on the Internet could be either

one it's just it's just kind of cool you

know I like I like bases that are

different in some way but is there any

smart way I could use this balloon here

I guess I could probably sniggle in here

and maybe take out this wizard tower

what about the mortar or I'm sorry

minion take out that right there and

potentially this it's probably yeah it's

too close to the arch Tower bummer ooh

and the balloon went down did not see

that coming okay and look this minute

Wow look at this mini by itself that's

what I'm saying dude I'm telling you

minions are the unsung heroes of clash

of clans I'm telling you they're they're


I love them we need to all celebrate the

minions all the time when you know we

need a clash of clans needs its own

minion holiday right because it's

they're just so great but I'm not

getting very good percentages today am i

hmm there may be a need

yeah there may be a need to change it up

a little bit maybe change the army

composition maybe try out some other

stuff and that's actually a really big

part of why I wanted to upgrade the

barracks because now that these barracks

are this barracks is upgrading dude

straight up I've only got this is it

once this is done all the barracks are

maxed out and we can finally start using

Gettys at full force actually probably

could already start doing that so you

know maybe next episode will change it

up and tried a brand new army

composition but guys I'm gonna wait for

one more army ok I'm going to start this

up I'm gonna wait for one more army

whenever the heroes are awake and then

by then after the attack I think if the

Royal champion will be awake and we can

go out there actually it's gonna take

six seven minutes or so roughly for the

rural champion to wake up and let me see

the heroes are about five and a half so

I may just wait until everybody wakes up

and then go out and dominate one more

base that hopefully actually dominate it

because to be honest with you we haven't

been doing all that well today thank you

Hoosier for the CC so I think that

that's 30 seconds guys royal champion

will be ready to go in 30 seconds and

everybody else is up and ready to go and

waiting on her to be done so let's go

world champion maybe that's 30 seconds

right there I don't know I I get really

confused on the math oh wow no Knutson

there's no way that that's at six six

seconds as of right there there you go

very nice that that ten times is

actually way easier than like the

builder base is eight times

math but there we go so the world

champion is level nine to go to level

ten it would be one hundred and sixty

eight thousand dark elixir which means I

actually may not have the loot that I

need so up great excuse me but there we


um wow I don't know

this I don't know about this base yeah

all right let's just try let's just try

to attack this base I'm gonna come in

from from the side with my queen walk

okay I'm gonna put the Pekka down here

obviously we need a bunch of balloons

just kind of the search for seeking air

mines and such and maybe King on this

side and a wizard maybe a baby dragon on

the corner

very good so now the idea will be to get

the cc lured also I'm going to drop a

wall record to go in and deal with that

CC so this is this should work out King

you're losing your health though buddy

I'm gonna go on top your ability right

there to help you out very nice let's EQ

and freeze and we get ourselves a CC now

there we go

CC and rage I am and actually the Town

Hall should go down come on come all the

pec I got distracted dang it no come on

pick up you got this bro come on yes yes

the Pekka got it

Oh glorious alright hogs I need you to

get in there quickly now quickly now

quickly now alright so Queen

I need your help let's heal please don't

die Queen all the Queen's gonna die

didn't get in there fast enough plumber

alright plumber oh man all right well

warden's ability that'll be fine I've

still got some cleanup that I could do

so you know minions over there

still got the heal I don't know but the

heal right there I guess and then I've

been seeing out the comments a lot of

people complaining cuz I popped be world

champions ability to early because

apparently she generates health for

regenerate self didn't even know about

that so let's just just wait and see

shall we world champion as soon as you

start taking about half half half in

points okay right there oh wow she

actually does regenerate quite a bit of

health that that was impressive it was

actually very impressive

yeah that was that was awesome all right

so I guess that's probably about it so

look at that three attacks today I think

all within that 60% to star rage at

least I'm too starring right at least

I'm to story but I'm not doing that well

of percentage I'm thinking about really

seriously adjusting my army composition

but look at this we're actually getting

a free percentage point right there and

that actually makes a big difference I

mean every percentage point up to 70

gives you that loop bonus and that loop

bonus is pretty big honestly so I'm just

gonna let this article into her thing

which Flags is she sitting next to let

me know in the comments if you know all

five of those flags are there only five

yeah there's five flags yeah let me know

in the comments if you know your flags

and if you know your geography okay

I know off the top of my head I'm pretty

confident and then four of them I'm just

not sure about a fifth one so there we


ah nice so six point seven lots of dark

elixir lots of dark elixir oh my

goodness we're at 156 already dang lots

of it lecture lots of gold

let's just let's do this I know I got

lots of loot my treasure it's collect

all that and see where we stand

I have maxed up my elixir oh my goodness

okay let's go to the progress base real

quick and see where we are

first I do actually have now the dark

elixir I need to upgrade the Royal

champion once again this is great

because the next one will increase the

ability oh this is great so what does

that change it increases the damage

output and the health recovery that is

awesome because I do seem to recover a

lot of health more would be obviously

helpful so this is where the a builder

is gonna go and we have six builders now

dude have you realized that that's the


we have six builders that's insane let's

upgrade a few walls okay I've got at

least one for a lick so that will

balance here let's let's just go ahead

and do two with walls collect the

Treasury that's not very much of it but

that's okay

we'll go ahead and use six wall rings

that's three walls in today's videos so

far and how my builders looking oh wow

six seven days until I have a builder

I did not I did not plan that ahead very

well um I mean I guess I guess that's

fine it's not good but it's fine I can I

can probably just yeah so I've got six

days at this world champion to upgrade

is four so here's how I'm gonna do I'm

gonna go ahead and use my lutes all of

it on walls I'm gonna figure out where

we stand here hold on okay so I'm gonna

walls we have left 43 we've done 57

walls all together so far that's over

halfway and now we're gonna get to

halfway there with the Royal champion

according to levels not necessarily

according to the loot required to do the

upgrades but you understand what I mean

so let's go ahead and upgrade this world

champion guys level 10 168,000 dark

elixir four day upgrade in three two one

I am and that is good stuff guys that is

great stuff oh and I have a book of


I guess I could have used the book of

heroes but I don't have the loot to do

anything else our dispensed it all on

wall so either way it's it is what it is

so what we're past it so guys that is

gonna do it for me today in this episode

of art or tunnel 13 farm to max I mean

progress abound we get ourselves six

builders now I never thought that six

builders would ever happen and I

realized that a lot of you guys have had

this sixth builder for a long time but I

don't play builder base okay just give

me a brick but anyway so six builders we

got the the stupid townhall inferno what

the heck is it called again

giga inferno something like that i think

it's called the giga in front yeah

get-get inferno get that upgrade that's

awesome and the final barracks I mean

today was amazing plus loads of walls

progress those was awesome today okay so

that's so yeah that's it thank you so

much for watching the video today guys

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