How to Unlock an iPhone 6S!

hey what's going on everyone it's Justin

here and today I'm going to show you how

to unlock your iPhone 6s this works with

any iPhone 6s currently locked to a GSM

carrier and as always we will be using a

sponsor of the channel the unlocking

company as they offer great support and

fast service not only allows you to

switch between different carriers

whether you are traveling or just

looking for a new option but it also

really enhances a resale value of your

device when it comes time so though

further ado let's get started

first up as always is to obtain the

devices I me I and to do so it's a

headed to the devices dialer and type in

star pound zero six pound your I me I

should come up right away after you have

got your IMEI just head over to the

unlocking company comm and select your

device the country you purchased from

the original carrier and enter the I me

I we had just obtained the process with

iPhones are slightly different compared

to Android devices but once you have

received a confirmation from the

unlocking company in the allotted time

window and it's now time to proceed to

the next step

so power down your device and remove the

SIM card that is currently in the device

in my case that is Telus and insert a

SIM card from a foreign carrier which

I'm going to be doing with AT&T after

you put your SIM card back in just power

on the device it'll tell you that your

SIM card is not valid but after you

proceed to the next step just plug your

device into iTunes it would ask you to

activate your device so just sign into

your Apple ID with your username and

password hit continue and your device is

now unlocked to work with any GSM

carrier in the world but other than that

this shows you how to unlock your iPhone

success from any GSM carrier to any

other GSM carrier in the world I hope

this helped you guys out and I'll see

you all in the next video