How To Unlock iPhone 6S (Plus) - SIM Unlock

what's up guys David here and in this

quick video I'm going to show you how to

factory unlock the iPhone 6s which will

allow you to use it on any GSM carrier

worldwide it is worth noting that this

method also works with the iPhone 6s

plus and pretty much any other iPhone

out there now right up front I want to

let you know that this method isn't free

it does cost some money but the money

that you can potentially save on roaming

charges and the resale value it adds

back to your phone could make it well

worth it so the first thing you're going

to want to do is turn off Find My iPhone

which you can do by going into the

settings then iCloud then Find My iPhone

and then flip the switch to the off

position once you've done that go back

to the home screen and open up the

dialer and dial star hash zero six hash

to bring up your iPhones IMEI number

write this number down and make sure

that you get it right as you're going to

need it later next step is to go to


where you'll actually be able to get

that unlock code that your phone needs

and just enter in your information so in

my case the carrier is AT&T United

States but be sure to select whatever

carrier your iPhone is actually locked

to manufacturer is Apple when unlocking

the iPhone 6s and then we're going to

enter in that IMEI number that we got

earlier making sure to double check that

it's entered correctly finally putting

your valid email address as this is

where your unlock confirmation will be

sent so as you can see here the unlock

could take a while to process for me you

lose just a few hours but in some rare

cases it can take up to a few business

days so be patient and soon enough

you'll get an email that looks like this

telling you that your iPhone has been

successfully unlocked and from here all

you have to do is enter in an unaccepted

SIM card so basically any SIM card that

isn't from the carrier that your phone

is locked to so in my case since the

phone was locked to AT&T I'll enter in a

Vodafone SIM card and then all you have

to do is connect the phone to Wi-Fi and

that's it your iPhone will be officially

unlocked if you don't have Wi-Fi

available you can always just connect

your iPhone to iTunes and that'll do the

trick as well but anyways that is it for

me in this video thank you guys for

watching in as always I'll see you in

the very next episode