How to Unlock iPhone 6+ 6 plus 6 (Apple Factory Unlock)

one and welcome to iPhone my son look in

this video I'll make a short tutorial

showing you how to factory unlock any

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus to work with

any GSM SIM card this factory unlock

method is permanent would work for any

iPhone regardless the iOS version

country or carrier that it's locked to

and most importantly will not void your

applicator services or warranty so to

begin with unlocking process the first

thing we need to do is get your IMEI

number if your iPhone is an activation

mode due to putting a different SIM card

in the phone simply click on this eye

icon here at the bottom and you will

notice that the screen will come up

showing you a 15 digit IMEI number if

your iPhone is already activated simply

go to the dial pad and dial in star

pound zero six pound and then a screen

will come up showing you the 15 digit

unique IMEI number of your phone so for

this video in this case I'm going to go

ahead and unlock this iPhone 6 class

that I have over here I've already

inserted a t-mobile SIM card and due to

this this iPhone is an activation mode

right now so in order to go and unlock

your iPhone simply go to this website

WWII Phone OS unlock calm once you reach

our website you'll notice here at the

home page there is a section where you

can enter the information of your iPhone

so for the service provider sorry for

the IMEI number we can go ahead and

enter the IMEI number that we just

received from the phone of course you

need to enter the correct time your

number of your iPhone for the model this

is an iPhone 6 plus so this is what I'm

going to choose and the network in this

case is AT&T it's very important to

select the original service provider

your iPhone was purchased from and is

locked in this case I've already

purchased the the unlock for this iPhone

and I received the results in my email

prior to making this video and this is

an email that this is the type of email

you should expect to receive you should

get an email like this showing you the

unique IMEI number of your iPhone and

the status as unlocked so once your

iPhone is unlocked the next step is

simple just go ahead open iTunes and

take your iPhone and connect it to

iTunes using a USB cable so this is

exactly what I'm gonna do I'm gonna take

this iPhone and connect it to iTunes

using this USB cable and you as you can

see this iPhone is now connected tied

and iTunes will notice that this iPhone

has been requested to be unlocked and it

will basically do the unlock process for

us and give us a confirmation so that's

what exactly what iTunes is doing right

now and let's wait for the confirmation

oh it's gonna appear within a few

seconds and in just a second it takes a

few seconds to appear okay so that's it

it says okay says your carrier settings

have been updated it can go ahead and

update that and now it says

congratulations your iPhone has been

unlocked this means now that this iPhone

is unlocked and it's ready to work with

any GSM SIM card and if you would see

here on the top it says t-mobile now it

means it accepted the t-mobile SIM card

and it's working with t-mobile basically

it would work with any SIM card that I'm

going to put in this iPhone remember

this unlock is permanent so you'll never

have to go through this process again so

that's it if you guys do have any

questions please feel free to visit our

website I have one ôs on lucam we do

offer chat phone and email support 24

hours a day 7 days a week so thank you

for watching and I hope this video was

helpful to you