How to Unlock iPhone 6s

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I wanted to show you how to unlock the

iPhone 6s to show you that it's a 6s you

can see here it has 3d touch I just push

on some of these icons here they have 3d

touch and then on the back you can see

it has the S there as well so this is a

brand new 6s and right now it's on AT&T

now unfortunately I don't really have

any service in this area and I'll show

you the SIM card after but basically in

order to use it on another carrier it

needs to be unlocked now I've been using

a website for sometime called the

unlocking company comm and they've done

a pretty good job as far as unlocking

everything in fact they were able to

unlock everything I've had on AT&T and

what that will allow you to do

especially with the 6s is basically use

it worldwide they've got a special

switching antenna in the 6s that allows

you to use it anywhere in the world so

it's really nice you can pop in any SIM

card you want after that but in order to

unlock it we need to get a little bit of

information before we do that the first

thing we need to do is go to the phone


and dial star pound zero six pound this

will give us the IMEI number what we

need to do is take this number and then

put it at the unlocking company comm so

that they can unlock it for us let me

show you that now we're at the unlocking

company comm and what we first need to

do is select our phone manufacturer so

we're going to click in this box here in

this case select Apple wait a moment

here and then click this box and we're

going to scroll down and find the 6s so

down here you can see we've got I phone

6s AT&T unlocking service 100% success

we're going to click on that and then

we're going to click on get unlocking

code once we're at this screen we need

to select our country we purchased it

from in this case it's the United States

then we need to select the carrier of

the phone and that's AT&T and then we

need to put in the IMEI that we found

earlier once we have the IMEI in place

you can see it gives us the price that

these prices can vary depending on where

you're located but this is the price for

this location we'll go ahead and click

on get unlocking

once we're at this screen you can see

the actual price the actual delivery

time can take one to five days it

depends on the the type of phone and

everything else and sometimes it takes a

few days but it's usually more quick

than the full seven days here so what

we're going to do is pay using PayPal

and then what they do is they tell you

that it's unlocked with an iPhone you

don't actually have a code that you put

in to unlock it it actually unlocks for

you and I'll show you that in just a

moment now that we've got the unlock

email from the unlocking company what we

need to do is check for an unlock now

there's a couple ways you used to have

to do this in the past you have to

connect this to iTunes and then restore

the phone and then once it restored it

would pop up and say it's unlocked

now it's sometimes restores over-the-air

and if it hasn't done that you still

need to plug it into iTunes so if you

plug it into iTunes it'll take a moment

and then it will show you that it's

unlocked so let me show you that right


so if we take our phone we'll plug it in

right here

and then we'll go to iTunes and it will

say congratulations your phone has been

unlocked so now we know it's unlocked

we're good to go and we can place in the

SIM card that we want to use for now in

the iPhone 6 and 6s we actually have the

SIM card on the right side here and we

just put a pin in here or a paperclip or

whatever you have a sim removal tool and

then you push and it pops out and then

what we need to do is remove our old

AT&T SIM card in this case and then

we're going to replace it with a

t-mobile SIM card that I have so we'll

just place this in you can see it's

t-mobile we'll slide it in here and

we'll unplug it for now and we'll give

it just a moment it says no service

still there we go we've got t-mobile

service let's turn off Wi-Fi so we can

show you that it actually works now that

we have service you can see we have

three bars of t-mobile 4G it switches

between that and LTE for some reason

where I live and let's go into Safari

we'll hit go we'll go to apple.com give

it just a moment

and there we go it's loading so we're

not on Wi-Fi we're pulling data from

t-mobile and the SIM card the phone's

fully unlocked and it's pretty simple to


if you have any questions let me know in

the comments below also I'll leave a

link to the unlocking company comm in

the description below and you can just

simply follow these steps and you should

get the same results but let me know how

it went for you in the comments below if

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subscribe and like as always thanks for

watching this is Erin I'll see you next