How to unlock 60FPS NFS Rivals

hello guys welcome back to my channel

this is maximum gameplay in another

video I thought like I should share this

fix with you it's how to unlock the 30

frames per second to 60 frames per

second for Need for Speed rivals so

obviously the first thing to do is to

download the game and once it's

downloaded you will have to go to the

original file where the game is

downloaded then you will find like two

executives files there's which is the

Need for Speed 14 and NFS 14 underscore

times 86 so the only thing you need to

do is possibly send a shortcut to your

desktop or you could just create a

shortcut right here and the choice is

really yours I prefer to not do it here

because I don't want to get like a lot

of executives and get really no idea

what I'm doing so I prefer to send it to

my desktop and from there all you have

to do is right-click it go to the

properties and once you go to the

properties this is the funny part I

didn't think like this and lock in 60

frames per second is that easy it's

actually super easy so basically how you

will find your file is origin games Need

for Speed TM which is system rivals

slash NFS underscore x 86 stop XE and it

stops there so you will find in the

description of my video a script in that

you will have to copy and go and paste

it there right after the dot eggsy

hyphens so press ctrl V or just paste it

once it's basted you will have to apply

so you will see this sort of a problem

with the shortcut that is not able to

detect the original file so you just

press ok and and the fix for this is

very easy so you go back to your


of the file they read it carefully once

it says NFS underscore x 86 dot XZ

hyphens between the hyphens on this

small - you will have to just insert the

space and say apply okay now also I will

log in this video the simulated 60

frames per second play Need for Speed

rivals if this video was helpful to you

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you need help on how to unlock the 60

frames per second finally guys and I can

tell you that Need for Speed rivals on

60 frames per second is obviously better

as you can see on this following video