How To Get Ultra HD 60 FPS Graphics In Black Desert Mobile! (FIX POP IN ISSUE)


hey guys what's going on so

today i wanted to do a little video

where basically i give you guys some


as to how to get the best graphics

possible on black desert

mobile a lot of people including myself

have complained that

the game although it looks really good

there was a lot of issues with pop in

there was a lot of issues with things

not loading until you're literally right

in front of them and then they would


pop up out of nowhere um there's a lot

of things with like

you know issues with textures not

loading quick enough so when you're

running around

things are just like constantly popping

in and loading and

and this was even on the max settings

and basically i wanted to give some tips

as to

how to almost completely get rid of that

so that you can enjoy a very good

looking game while you play black desert


so i'm basically going into it both the

pc and mobile versions for whatever


um suffer from this pop-in issue and

even with these settings that i'm going

to show you

to you know how to use if you move the

camera around

and and try to look at stuff from far

away you're still going to notice it

it's not possible

to get rid of it completely because

that's just how the game is made

however if you leave the camera in the

default positioning

how how i have it right now basically

you will almost

100 percent not notice it anymore so so

long as you play like that

um you'll enjoy clean and consistent

graphics which is what i think everyone

uh wants from black desert you know

mobile because again

there are a ton of reviews in like the

app stores and there's tons of comments

and stuff like on reddit that are


you know discussing why this is so much

of an issue because it's so

annoying to see while you're playing and

um basically this is just gonna give you

some tips out as to how to you know get

the best graphics possible

because the game actually does look very

very pretty especially when it's not

dealing with this pop-in issue

so i'm basically going into it

now the next few settings that i'm going

to show you are entirely dependent on

your device so play around with them a

little bit and see where you can get to

but i'm playing on the ipad mini 5

which has the apple a12 processor so i

can run the game on mac settings at


so that's what i have i have max

resolution set max frame rate and then

everything else is on high because

that's the highest that's currently


and um you know just play around with

that if you have to play on medium or


do what you have to do in order to get

60 fps but here's where we're going to

see the main optimization

you're going to want to turn off screen

optimization uh

reduce um you know reduce action while

in auto combat and then turn those two

sliders all the way to zero

here's where we're gonna see the main um

you know optimization for getting rid of

the texture pop in and stuff

and so right now as you can you're going

to be able to see you know the game

looks a lot cleaner and a lot smoother

than it normally does

um so these are the settings that you're

really going to want to change

you can leave shine on or off it doesn't

really affect the pop-in

issue i personally leave it on but you

can turn it off but that's basically

for the video guys hopefully you guys

enjoyed it hopefully it helped you guys

out to get better graphics in black

desert mobile

and i will see you guys in the next