MH World - Rainbow Pigment + FULL Optional Quest List (Comission Set and New Charms)

hello what's up guys is there is

mustache answer they're gonna show you

guys the rainbow pigment and the least

of all the optional quests the complete

list I just finished it and all and I'm

gonna show you guys now what it looks


personally I've been looking all around

in the internet to find this you can see

the sign admissions are here I'm not

entering that in details here you're

looking for option as you can see have

completed everything but the nine star

missions because they won't pop out

until I find enough tempered mousers but

let me show you guys for the one star

missions you're looking for those ones

okay two stars

three stars

for SARS

five stars

six stars

seven stars

eight stars now I'm gonna explain in

order to get this mission right here

you must have fully research it at least

15 monster species that means four large

monsters achieve all those stars are

going to show you guys there

and at last this mission right here you

receive when you complete get gold

completion on all other missions from

one star all the way to eight starts

once you complete them all you will

receive this mission from the captain

this you have to kill both the leggy

Anna or dug around Diablos and read

photos all in 25 minutes and possibly

when you're fighting leggy Adam there

were double room will show up in the

middle of the fight and possibly when

you're fighting the Diablos rattles will

show up in the middle of the fight okay

so guys those are all the missions you

need to complete in order to get the

rainbow pigment you can see I'm not

wearing the rainbow pigment I'm gonna

show you guys how to apply it once you

get it you just come to this place right

here and you come here change appearance

change armor pigment change all you can

see here we have the rainbow option once

applied all the colors will keep passing

through your armor scale you can also

choose the rebel pigment for your

paddock or armor that's gonna show you

guys here

change Armour pigment by changing how I

can choose here the rainbow pigment

which is a ray of light for him okay now

gonna show you guys at the new armors

I chose that former and layered armor

set because I wanted to show completely

being a color pattern okay now we can

show the different thing okay so this is

how it looks like their commission said

alpha those are the skills

the beta set

those skills

now for the materials you need for each


this research Commission ticket you get

once you complete the nine star mission

and the white wings of the new world

which is the one you won't lock the set

and debate ourself oh sorry

now for the charms you can craft who

wants to beat it get this charm right


this one

this one

and this one

this one

and I think that's all

so okay guys that's it for today I hope

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