MHGU: HR Village Key Quests

hey guys this is gaijin hunter and this

is my video covering the key quest for

the hiring village in Monster Hunter

generations ultimate if you wanted a key

quest for everything up until this point

for the village I'll have the link in

the description down below know once you

get this point in the game or if you're

starting out with a generation save file

that had already beaten the game then

you're going to start out with this

investigation against a Kangol ala I

highly recommend you do the next four

quest before you start anything in this

game so you can get the first item box

expansion which you're going to need

once you start getting G rank parts and

your item box starts to expand once you

take down the kong ilallah your next

step is to take down a cell test which

is pretty easy then a gear drone in the

Arctic Ridge another easy one as well

then finally you'll be asked to take

down a bear off after you do this it

will trigger a special questions which

you'll have to gather five of those

arrested skills which belong to Valve's

tracks and once you do that you'll be

able to unlock the item box expansion in

the lab called starter which you're

definitely going to need after this it's

now time to plug on with the quest you

have a gypsy Roth's what you want to

take down

good old sumo wrestler Tetsu Cobra once

you do that and unlocks the next quest

which is against a royal lewd wroth and

then misty Peaks clear that and then you

get to quest one is to deliver ten comic

rocks and the other one is to take down

a daimyo hermit or once you do that

you'll unlock your first urgent which is

against an Ursula once you beat that

monster you will unlock the ability to

get item box expansion improved by

trading in more those scales down at the

laboratory down below moving at the

village eight we start out with a good

old or a thean one of my favorite

monsters to practice against a nibble

snarf bring those bombs and then finally

you have learned up against APIs oreos

once you do all those it will trigger

three new quests one is against a Naga

Kouga for the airship upgrade the next

one is against everyone's favorite

monster plessy off and then everyone's

other favorite monster Lavasa off beat

dozin you'll unlock two more quests one

is again some Sam trios awesome monster

and then finally against Jay Leno I mean

the Eragon once you do all those you get

your next urgent which is against a grey

vos in the marshlands definitely an HP

tank so if you don't have an upgrade

your weapon you're gonna need to do so

around this point in the game

moving on to village nine we do some

flagships we've got a

against a Rathalos than a zinogre oh you

guys are gonna love him if you don't

know him already

and then a tigrex in the frozen sea wait

once you clear those three it'll unlock

the flagships so you have Glavine as'

then you've got a stew loose over in the

verdant hills then my favorite of the

fated four which is a mutant a up over

in the misty Peaks then finally we have

a gamete in the Arctic Ridge you can do

these for in any order clear those and

you unlock requesting it's a gourmet

gala now once you clear that you'll

unlock a quest versus a berry off and

then finally you unlock the final sort

of say quest which is against a palace

tracks now you actually don't have to

kill it um it has a lot of HP so you can

either kill it or you can repel it which

just means you did enough damage that by

time the timer runs out it runs away now

for those who are curious you probably

have some really good high rank weapons

by this points if you do the urgent

quest to get into g2 in the multiplayer

Lobby then you unlock the ability to get

your final item vex expansion which

looking at my game gives 23 full pages

which is a lot now once you beat the

game it's just really the start we all

know that the ending is just the end of

the tutorial you'll be treated to a fun

nd which I won't spoil for you here make

sure you do talk to all the village

elders afterwards and claim a special

item from each one of them now unlocks a

new thing called village 10 now for

village 10 there are some more quests to

do you have the Isetta ghost in the

desert then go up against Diablos in the

desert as well then back to the desert

again against a Rajan everyone's

favorite then the VAR kiddos in the

volcanic hallo then make your way down

to the devil Joe in the arctic ridge and

then finally sir gotta Megara in the

sanctuary and you will unlock a series

of urgent quests which you'll do one by

one there's one against our cart goes a

canter or you can lows omatsu and then

alatreon and then there's other stuff

that you can unlock as well so yeah lots

to do in village 10 lots of postgame

content lots of ending quest for

villager NPCs and stuff like that

hope this video guys helped you guys out

I do have a video on the key quest for

the G rank hall if you want to check

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happy hunting