How to get the Rainbow Pigment In MONSTER HUNTER WORLD

hey guys this is oddity coming back with

a another video for you guys this is

gonna be a video on Monster on our world

my first monster on a world video and

I'm gonna be showing you guys how to get

the rainbow pigment which you can see I

have on me right now you can see the

some of the armor details are changing

in color that is the rainbow pigment now

in order to do this it's pretty much the

same as previous Monster Hunter games

you will have to complete all the

optional quests up to level 8 so this

one right here now as you're going to do

this you're gonna probably encounter

that you're gonna complete a whole list

of quests let's see like this and then

you're going to see a blue completed

sign like I have here on the bottom now

this means that you are not actually

fully completed on your list for a

certain tier so say I had level 4 or 5 I

did all my quest in here and it said

completed but it was in blue that means

there's some extra quests that you're

gonna need to do now there's a couple

lists online that have a pretty accurate

pretty accurate information on all the

quests that are available so what's

gonna happen is you're gonna come down

here and start filling out doing all

your quests and then you're going to

start getting quests from people around

town here and you're gonna get

exclamation points above people's heads

you're going to want to talk to them and

receive their quests do their quests

you're going to want to come over here

to the research base I'm not going to

travel over there just because the load

screen but there is quests over there


so you're gonna want to check back there

every once in a while and so while

you're doing this you're gonna also want

to be capturing almost every monster

that you encounter just to make this a

little bit easier because what happens

let's see if I can find one what happens

is you're going to get these special

arena quests now I don't have all of

them in my list because for some reason

they they fluctuate or they they go on

rotation on which ones I can redo so the

whole list isn't here but again there is

some lists online on all the different

ones that you do need to capture in

order to unlock these special arenas

which the only way to unlock them is to

capture the specified monster here so

for example you would have to capture an

H high rank bear off in order to unlock

this special arena so that's pretty much

the gist of it if you if you ever

encounter that you can't figure out

which monster you don't have this

special arena quest for what I did is I

went to I went online and then let's see

I went to respond SOS and then I went to

the rank that I did not fully complete

like it was a completed in blue let's

say rank six and let's see optional

quests and roars doesn't matter then

just search for SOS and then you'll see

people have posted special arena quests

sometimes the one you don't have isn't

posted so you have to do this a few

times but I ended up finding the one

that I was missing for quite a while I

couldn't figure out which one I was

missing by doing this and seeing that I

didn't have one that was completed on

the list then you can actually do this

with on an SOS quest and

it that way so if you do find one that

you're missing you can go ahead and do

that in multiplayer so that's pretty

much it for what you have to do there is

one last part once you complete your

whole list up to to level eight of your

quests you're gonna get a quest from a

guy over here so after you've done all

that make sure you come over here talk

to you talk to him and he's gonna give

you a quest then you gotta come over

here I'll show you what that quest is he

will give you a quest called the white

wins of the new world and you have to

complete this within 25 minutes you can

do this in multiplayer if you if you

want to I did it by myself it wasn't too

bad you do get 25% of the monsters

normal health because there is four of

them so it's really not that bad the

wrathful lows at the end is kind of a

pain it seems like he has a little bit

more health than he should but other

than that that's how you get your

rainbow pigment any more questions

please write me in the comments ask me I

might have left something out on

accident just doing a quick video here

for you guys and thank you guys for