everybody this is if you have an iPhone

5 5 s 6 and even the 6s if you cannot

get into you know the iPhone for any

reason let's say for the passcode

there's a way to bypass this past kit

now let me just repeat right offhand

this is not for people to jailbreak or

to use to steal iPhones and crack them

open this is legitimately if you have

lost your passcode and you just let's

say your backup it's not going to have

everything you want or let's say you got

to do a backup you lose everything so

this works you so we're going to come

over here you can see it's a cascade and

we're going to hit delete and we're

going to go out we're going to come over

here and as you can see there's a blue

right here and then there's this one

down here so we're going to flip this

blue over here it's going to say no

notifications right but we're going to

ask right here on notifications we're

gonna hold it down say Siri post to

Twitter we're going to hold this right

here and with our other thumb we're

going to go here and there yeah oh god

help you guys out and we'll talk to you

next time