How to reset your iPod touch 5/6th gen!(2018)

so I've got an iPod a forgotten password

and a computer let's reset it

give TSP here back to TSP Tekken this is

sort of a video response to my original

iPod 6 we said video which blew up over

300,000 plus views so I cannot say thank

you enough for that but one of my

biggest pet peeves about that video was

that it cut off in the middle so I did

just type in some text and I was never

really satisfied with that so this is my

response to that today I'm gonna combine

that video with some clips I shot today

to properly show you how to reset your

iPod 6 iPod 5 any Apple device except

the new iPhones because they don't have

a home button so let's get started so

the first thing which one do you want to

shut down the iPod so just gonna hold

down the power button until this menu

shows up gonna slide and turn off now

you need to open up iTunes you don't

need to be on the latest version just as

long as it's some version of iTunes then

you're gonna grab your lightning cable

and plug it into your computer as well

and as soon as you plug it into the iPod

you're gonna hold down the home button

so 3 2 1 hold down the home button and

it should give you this menu and a

pop-up should appear on your computer

saying there's a problem with this iPod

touch that requires to be updated or

restored so there's three options

canceled update and restore we're gonna

click restore restore an update and it's

gonna give you this message you're gonna

click Next agree and it's gonna start

restoring your iPod so as you can see up

here it started the download so it's

downloading right now the software and

it's gonna transfer it onto the iPod and

it's gonna restore the iPod once your

iPod is fully begun to restore it will

show you an Apple logo along with a

progress bar and once it's done well you

will say hello introduce you just as if

you just got this brand new set it up

the way you would again as if you got

this brand new and your iPod is fully

restored no password unfortunately that

includes all your data as well but hey

no password so that's it hopefully you

guys enjoyed it if you did hit that like

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you and I will catch you in the next

video peace