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hey everyone this is some luck 24 and

today we're gonna be talking about the

door world five DS release celebration

that's going on apparently they released

yeah I guess the 5ds

already on here and I did log in right

before to my time that's usually when

they they go ahead and update everything

and I was able to get the first one and

then I are locked out and then I came

back in and then I switched over and I

was able to get the second day for it so

I'm on the second one and I did get a a

prismatic super rare and a ultra rare so

let's go ahead and get into it and see

what exactly isn't that that they've

added I just I guess glanced over by

dental look into everything that was in

here so let's go ahead and I guess take

a look at it i v dis world and

characters added this new open an

external website special preview that's

not too bad I'm mission to a lot 205

these have been added raise our stage

level to obtain you characters that just

Yusei Fudo akiza izinski and Leo and

more okay well let's see what we have to

do to unlock I guess you say go back

let's see what exists complete our

character a lot Commission's someone win

monster ten times in total so I'll go

ahead and someone tend to attend win

monsters and I'll be back I guess in a

couple of minutes alright so I'm back

and this is a deck that I created and

basically it's all with monsters and

what I'll do is I'll go ahead and just

go into Auto tools and it should be I

guess the the whole mission should be

done extremely extremely quick complete

all character unlock missions here this

we're gonna get junk kuriboh so let's go

ahead and get the free ten gems

alright so there's ten free gems by

completed and then we just completed all

character on what unlocked mission so

I'm guessing it's gonna go ahead and

take me to a new five DS world and I

think it's gonna do it the same way that

it did - yeah - this this station or

this world right here we go new area

open okay acceleration his card game

some motorcycles and where there was a

ton of memes with that with the

motorcycle thing and again I don't

really recognize most of the characters

on this main guy cuz I think it was the

main guy and I think that girl was with

with Black Rose dragon I entered the

world of yu-gi-oh 5ds

okay so let's character change series


right and there he is

I guess it's a new gate now and there's

gonna be new legendary players and it's

legendary doors unlocked

well that's gonna that that's gonna mean

that we have a ton of farming to do

doing like most of these most of the

rewards from these characters Jack Atlas

let's try to just click through every


you've arrived he's going when I go

ahead and gain so we see what exactly I

think this guy's four main card I think

I'll Stardust I think and hopefully we

got a copy of it by just and watching

this guy

the mark of the Crimson Dragon

Yusei Fudo and you see they can now be

let's go ahead and check to the deck so

I guess we're getting a copy of a

Stardust Dragon obtain E synchro summon

relates to go a start tutorial or

synchro summoning

I think I'm gonna go ahead and skip

because I know how to synchro summon

already close like I said I played a ton

of competitive I guess you do whenever

this carts came out okay so they

actually didn't give us the Stardust

Dragon I'm guessing we're gonna have to

either level up you say or do something

with it so we can go ahead and obtain

our I think you might have to get it

from the box from my humble shop

all right so what I'll do let's well

let's go ahead and yeah or I'll do a

different video for the I guess I new

packs that came out now like how this

world look salut it's very similar to

ours with like basically last thing I'll

add with the lights and everything but

they changed there's highways everywhere

I guess that's for the motorcycles

that's the store how that's gonna change

the animation for that as well I'll

think they added anything to the car

trader that they we went there but did I

just buy or something I think I'd yeah

that was a mistake so I have four cups

of that alright let's get out my synchro

connection what is this okay I gather

this a little booster a synchro

connection little pack you get junk

warrior or I'll do a super ass up a

review with with this cards here in a

bit but for now that is how you

basically unlock the yeah five DS world

in dueling extremely easy I really have

to do is I get a ton of wind mass just

put him in the back and go into auto

door I don't do and this should just

take care of itself and let me go ahead

and show you the what deck I used and

again I'd spent literally a minute just

throwing cards in here and that's not it

guess we have to switch out characters

or actually we know we don't have such

okay because I can just go into the


so it card studio

I forgot that they he said that now the

decklist on top and the better the

second one I always miss click on that


that's what's the same choose Dylan here

it is but again that's an extremely

simple deck that trap cards you can

though they really they're irrelevant

you can use whatever trap card you want

printing a ton of wind mantras on here

and you should be done within three

games or so so that's how you unlock I

guess yusei fudo or whatever his name is

if you have any questions or comments

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see you guys in the next video again I'm

gonna be talking about the new cards

that were released in the new box might

be doing some purchases as well right

see you next time