how to unlock iphone 5c passcode

I've benefited for anyone disabled phone

or any firm which you can't unlock for

whatever reason and you just want to

hide reset it so in this case I've got

disabled fund in which I've got another

password I've probably done it on

purpose in this investigation

just to see what we can get into it we

can't access the phone it's all we need

to do is we can reset the furnace and

reset the software now one thing to take

note of is when you're doing this is to

make sure that and the fun doesn't have

iCloud activation because if it's not

have Find My iPhone activism that means

when you do reset it you want actually

be able to log in because you'll still

have the iCloud details on there which

you wanted the password to get the phone

isn't yours okay so that for instance if

um by second hand maybe of somebody or

you Biden auction or something like that

well you can't know for certainly

previous to the time so what we'll do is

we'll actually power off the phone okay

always glad for power off and if you do

want to have to check this iCloud on

imprecise whether it's on or not you

don't actually need to enter the phone

I've got a busy on how to do that if you

go and watch that you can learn how to

that process okay so now the thumbs off

what we're going to do is we're going to

hold the home button so just press the

end and then insert the USB data cable

and you'll be presented with this screen

which is the connecting screen now once

that's happened we're going to go over

an outer iTunes which will be flashing

at you and then it will ask you if you'd

like to reset the software back to

factory standards so you go go ahead and

click restore and it'll ask you want to

restore an update essentially it's a

it's a process in which it's going to

delete everything from the phone but

what the good thing is about that is

then your your games access the phone

even if you didn't know the password


okay so now we'll just wait for the

software to go through the process


the items are finished extracting the

software and now it's going to begin to

install the software on the phone and

you're going to be presented with this

screen it basically resets itself and

then the screen will appear in which

it's installing the software essentially

so we'll wait for that to finish it will

reset itself and the file will pop up

just slightly pops up a little bit again

I'm not sure why transistor and you also

need to go ahead and install and

whatever SIM card that you're locked up

every carrier you lose and you're going

to go ahead and reactivate the fun you

do need an internet connection also

Wi-Fi or you can use cellular in go and

unplug now finish the service provider

something on this one Rosetta life

okay so the sun's now restored this now

come down to boxing here so you can go

ahead select a country


and just follow the year little bit


go ahead with chef and now you're in the

sub snow password