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what's going on guys mitchell c coming

back with another forza horizon 4 video

and today's video is going to be showing

off one of the best current glitches in

order to be able to unlock the infamous

ferrari 599 xx evo

almost instantaneously within forza

horizon 4.

i'll only be showing exactly how you

guys can be able to have a chance to

unlock these completely free

but i'll also be showing you guys the

best current glitch in order to unlock


car that's not been available in a

seasonal event or horizon uh festival

championship for a very long time now

now quite a lot of people are still

asking me how can i unleash this car and

i made a few

i made a video on this a few months ago

but i started i go back into it

considering a lot of people have been

asking me to

go over this topic considering a few

people have been having issues regarding

how to actually get it working

so this video i'll be going a little bit

in depth into exactly what you guys need

to do

whether you're on pc or you're on xbox

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getting exactly on how you guys can

unlock this so first step basically i'll

be getting into it

is it's actually gonna be a time travel

glitch now basically what this means is

that if i go to my current horizon

festival playlist there's no five nine

xx evo to be seen

that's because i'm actually showing you

guys how you can go back in time to be

able to unlock this car

through another seasonal event that

actually occurred months on months ago

for pc and xbox users i'll be showing

you guys exactly how to do this

now to keep in mind the date you're

going to be wanting to use it for

reference in order to be able to acquire

this car and actually time

uh travel back to when it was unlockable

is going to be the 30th of september

or the first of october now both these

do work some people said the september

one didn't

but for me both of them did work guys so


just go for the first of october and

that'll be a safe one to use

now for pc the steps are very simple we

really need to do is go ahead and make

sure you're offline by turning your

wi-fi or ethernet off

from here you want to go into date and

time settings from here you can go into


off set time automatically this means

you're now able to manually change your


from here you want to go ahead and

change the date and time to the 1st of


from here you can then launch our 4004

on offline mode

and you'll notice the 59xx evo is a part

of a

seasonal championship now it's no

championship as in it's no 50

requirement it's just one series of

races you have to do so it only takes

around 5-10 minutes

and i'll be showing that event once i

explain how to do it for xbox

once you've unlocked it guys you can go

back on turn off forza go

turn your wi-fi back on to the then go

to the current date

and when you launch fours again you'll

still have the car

now for xbox it's pretty similar but the

key thing you need to make sure you're

doing on xbox is setting your xbox to

your home device

what this means is now you'll be able to

access 4004

even when you're offline this is an

issue a lot of people are facing says

that something is extremely essential

so make sure your xbox like i said is

your home device

from here make sure you close forza and

your wi-fi is off

now you want to go into your time

settings and once again change that time

and date back to the 1st of october

or the 30th of september 1st victor will

work so just do that for now

once you've done that you'll be able to

launch our force 2004 and offline mode

and you'll be able to see the five nexus

evo as a part of that seasonal


from here you can complete the required

three racing events

get them from our ferrari and then all

you need to do is close forza

go ahead and turn your wi-fi back on and

set the time and date

back to what it previously was or what

it is in the

present time here you can load up 474 in

the current season again and you'll

actually have that five nine xx

evo still so now go ahead and guys show

you guys what you can actually expect

from that series or event i'll go ahead

and show you guys you can see this event

on screen if i go in and show you my

summer festival playlist

you can see that it's not the current

one in series 24 and if i go ahead and

go into the actual current racing events

you can see in selma

it's not a 50 completion car if i scroll

over it's actually a part of a seasonal


as you can see the ferrari 5 and xx evo

is the unlockable hard to find card from


as a part of the asmr heritage circuit

now this is a road racing series event

and once you initiate this it'll spit

off into three separate road racing


these three races are extremely easy to

do you essentially just need to do them

with an x-class car on a highly skilled

difficulty mode

and after you complete those and i win

as first overall you'll be able to

unlock that five nx evo

this is by far the easiest method to do

it i've seen some other ones where you

travel back to time we need to unlock it

as a 50 or 80 completion car

which for some isn't even possible

considering you can no longer access a

fourth on weekly challenges and offline


so there's definitely the method i'd

recommend you guys use if you want to be

able to unlock this car

which is actually the best and quickest

car in the game as of

late uh july guys still is the quickest

car in the game

definitely one of the coolest cars and

you can get it to over 500 kilometers

per hour

but that's gonna be better for this

video hope you guys all did enjoy if you

did make sure to subscribe and like and

feel free to comment any suggestions or


and like i said 250 likes and i'll give

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hope you guys enjoy thanks for watching