Risk of Rain 2 - The Long Road Tips and Advice (57 Leaf Clover Unlock)

look what is going on and it's finally

tired I'm nearly done it okay I'm nearly

proof nearly completed the game I know

there's an update tomorrow so I'm gonna

have to unlock a lot more but I am

one achievement away from completely

unlocking everything in the game so far

and the school just acres update is up

tomorrow which means I have to do decide

by tonight but that's fine that's fine

that's easy today we're talking about

the long road achievement which is the

57 leaf clover I am I believe I'm just

gonna give you a few tips and tricks on

how to make it a bit easier what I found

worked what doesn't necessarily work too

well or just yeah basically just gonna

get us achievement takes a while gonna

like it took me tell him but

it's fine not like because it's

difficult just because it takes a lot of

times yeah let's go right so my plan is

just to run through a few men to its

peak today for some reason run through a

few things that all sort of make this

achievement a bit easier and the first

thing is play on drizzle you know beer

scrub you don't have to do obviously you

play whatever difficult you want but it

will make it significantly easier

because well it's the easiest difficulty

and if you're just going for the

achievement no real reason to make it

difficult on yourself like you can

always do the run again after you've

unlocked the item on a harder difficulty

if you want but I would suggest playing

on drizzle by the cars outside that they

are bear loud I don't even hear myself

right next use the character you're

comfortable with any character is right

to this achievement

just play someone you'll comfortable

with I personally like the engineer for

this achievement I think as good

abilities to mow down the bosses good at

healing if you build into it the

drawback is speed but you can always

build around there and it makes it

achievement quite easy to get because

you don't really need to be near the

teleporter cuz you must put down your


let them do the work lazy that's what

it's efficient and lazy another thing

you can do to make it a bit easy

is if you pair on multiplayer although

it does make the bosses more difficult I

believe you're on the easiest of Queen

there'd be two of you and if one of you

does die it still means one can still

try and fight and get through otherwise

you're really relying on a Diaz best

friend for that one extra life if you do

play multiplayer just think about the

characters you'll both pick in so if you

pick an engineer who is still good and

multiplayer I like them maybe pick

someone that sort of is the opposite to

them like the Huntress whereas they're a

bit more speedier the engineer is slower

I wouldn't really personally pick up

backup mag on like an engineer but I

think it's a great one hunters for the

glaive and just try and don't go for to

the same because you'll be both hunting

for the same items and that makes it a

bit more difficult as me my friend found

out because you're like oh well not know

but that's good on this carry that no I

was gonna no no I shut up shut up that's

what happens now though I mean to point

out the obvious but the achievements

clued the long road in it so

make sure you a lot some time to do this

achievement it's like it's not gonna be

a short one you're not gonna be banging

out in twenty minutes

don't know if it's even possible because

20 stages means 20 teleporters it takes

a good amount of time so make sure you

know you got some snacks bottle a liquid

you know pan need a piss I don't know

have enough time and be prepared to be

doing this achievement for a while a

while now the best method or the method

I prefer to use was use around five

minutes per map so normally because on

drizzle you go straight to the

teleporter there's a is outside

shut up you can spend about two minutes

doing the teleport or killing the boss

and then it gives you about three

minutes to go around pick up all the

chests you can find get as many items

you can as you're on the way to the

teleporter look around try and get a

good grasp where like the large chests

are maybe anymore we shopped

terminals that you might have an item

that you want to get and try and finish

each teleport of or map in five minutes

next what I'm gonna say it sounds a bit

weird but try and like plan your run

might think about what you're trying to

build we're trying to go with it

terminals to get the stuff that you

really want or want to try and build

into like as you can see from the start

of my run I started with our bangin line

I've got a uke music was electric from

the start man

from the start I got the head stomp head

start their heads STV - whatever it's

called which really helped with my

maneuverability as a engineer about

cuchara band and I also got a soul band

catalyst so the second I picked up a

soul band catalyst I was like right I'm

going for an equipment run like I

prioritized all the equipment chests I

could see I tried finding them on the

map but for the N to the next place

because I wanted to have a really good

equipment build that also meant I bought

all the lunar pods I could find hoping

yet gestures of the Drowned and all in

all it worked out as you can see I got

quite lucky I managed to get two doses

of drowns from pods I have my soul bound

catalyst I got a rule capacitor and a

couple fuel cells on top of that and it

made the run extremely easy because it

was pumping out a lot of damage and

would just keep rocking over and over

again and at one point I just had like

ten whole seconds of just a line and

bolts raining down killing everything

and it was it worked my plan to build

into the equipment work I've got lucky

but it's always gonna be a bit of luck

for things like this but I made it my

goal to sort of go for the equipment and

to get the good items like that and I

was gonna go to a neutral WA and go to

the blue Pole to see if there was any

gestures of drowned in the shop but

luckily I didn't have to do that because

I've got them from pods instead seeing

as I'm already sort of speaking about

equipment it's a good time to mention

that I actually found an early radar

scanner it's actually quite useful I'm

never thought I'd ever say that in my


but an early radar scanner just means

that you can be at the teleporter use it

once find out where all the locations

are on the map to sort of go to the

place as the biggest cluster of question

marks which hopefully be all the large

chests or shops and stuff like that then

obviously as you progressed you may want

to speed rush to get to rally point our

to get the prion accumulator

it's pretty useful for like the next

five stages after that and eventually

you kind of want to work into a rule

capacitor just because for me it is the

best piece of equipment really low

cooldown high amount of damage and if

you can get any few sales or you know

soulbound catalyst really helps in the

late stages of the game

lastly then and I think we're onto

lastly I can't think of any other sort

of tips or just general advice they give

you while trying to do this long road

achievement one make don't with

overloading Meg Moreland they hurt they

battered me I had fears best friend

luckily it literally put down two

turrets boom dead that's fine I could

stood next to it split second dead don't

follow them they hurt all right and then

on my 20 of stage I got three of them on

the map and I'm like well can I actually

do this is possible because they hurt

they're not fun they're difficult not


however going back to the equipment

advice I said about the rule capacitor I

believe now I have looked back out

footage and I thought it was happening

while I was paying I couldn't really

tell but I think if you have similar

take every mag worm straight up and you

die for it as a mercenary you do a

ton of damage likewise I think if you

hit a magma man as straight with raw

butter it just kills it one shot because

it basically travels down the whole

thing hits every single part of it and

it just dies because it happened a

couple of times I was like wait just

fill out the sky full elf so another

reason why I should definitely get a

real capacitor because overload the

mag around

I swear to god someone's cutting my

grass you can probably hear this on the

mic apologies but it's my fun and little

outro a bit it's not really a guide I

would say it's more just tips and

general advice because it's hard to make

a guide one achievement like this

because it depends run to run sometimes

you might get lucky sometimes you might

not all I can say is be persistent keep

trying it follow some of the steps that

I've mentioned hopefully they help in

some way hopefully it will get you there

and thinking more about your builds and

how to progress quickly through the

levels to get the achievement if you

like to learn anything more just drop a

comment down below are happy to answer

maybe make a video on it if you think

there's anything I've said that's wrong

let me know

I like learning about this game love

this game and with the new update coming

out as much as possible before I jump

straight into that so yeah any comments

will welcome like subscribe dislike you

didn't like it done a lot of things

there are to do on YouTube watch it


give me another view safe oh yeah

I hope these tips will guys helped in

some way and as always good