Pokémon Sword and Shield 5 Star Max Raid Battle tips - How to beat 5 Star Max Raid Battles

I'll release fire here so they'll come a

point when you're taking on max rate

battles here in pokemon sword and shield

where you just won't have many light

beacons flying up into the sky and the

ones that you do find through the crazy

weather are level 5 and level 5 star max

raid battles are just about as tough as

things get in pokemon sword and shield

outside of the end part of the main game

the reason for that is the Pokemon are

super powerful and they have these

shields that they put in place they have

two batches of them and they don't take

very much damage and they do a lot of

damage themselves mostly to the NPCs

that are put in your team and what this

means is that you might struggle to

actually make it through especially if

you're doing it with don't invite others

so I'm going to talk you through a few

tips to help you make it through five

star max raid battles and pick up some

of the epic candies that you get as a

result of this hopefully the video is

going to help you out if it does drop me

a like below but the first thing that

you're gonna need to consider is the

match up types

so prior to level 5 max raid battles you

probably didn't need to worry about it

too much but now it's so much more

important so every time you start a max

raid battle you definitely want to

choose a Pokemon that works best against

that type of Pokemon so you can see the

type in the top left hand corner and for

me it's clearly a Butterfree which is

bug and flying so I know that anything

with fire will take it down really

easily and so you've just got to work

through that kind of concept before you

take any of the Pokemon on in a five

star max raid battle you want to

understand who you're fighting and who's

got a good matchup type against it if

you're not too sure about all of those

there's plenty of information online to

give you a full rundown about which

pokemons are good against which other

types of Pokemon so that should be

relatively easy for you to find and then

once you've chosen the right Pokemon is

about what items you can give them to

boost their impact so for example you

can give them an X attack which would

help them to drop more heavy hits that

would help you to chip away at the five

star max rate

Pokemon's HP give you a better chance of

finishing them off so for example

charcoal for cinder a s-- is definitely

going to help me finish off Butterfree

much much quicker and it's about sort of

continuing that through looking at all

the different things that you can just

tilt the advantage in your favor now

like I said earlier you can take on five

star max raid battles by yourself and

win however that is a method that will

make things much more difficult for you

while other max ray battles level 1 2 3

4 you can probably take them on yourself

and make it through relatively easily

five star max raid battles are much more

difficult now you can see me taking down

Butterfree here but that was because I'd

given him charcoal that like I chosen

the right Pokemon however even here my

my MPC's are the biggest issue so a

number of them fainted so I had like

three faints along the way which is kind

of the reason why you fail so many five

star max raid battles and the reason for

this is because they're they're kind of

non player characters they're generated

by the computer so as a result they can

use things like helping hand which

actually is not very helpful and you end

up not being able to do enough damage to

the 5 star max raid battle Pokemon so as

a result of that you're better option is

to invite other players now I'll talk

you through how to do that in a little


however firstly I wanted to talk about

if you've got a problem in terms of your

Pokemon and not at a high enough level

yet to be able to take on max rate

battles at level 5 which kind of

confuses me a little bit because that

would mean that you've done lots and

lots of grinding because you need to

have taken on a lot of max rate battles

before five star even appear which makes

me think you've probably got a number of

candies just waiting to be used

so you need to go on into your items and

use all of your candies aren't any of

the Pokemon in your party to raise their

level and that will mean you can take on

five star max raid battles a little bit

easier so that's levels done I

to make sure you're using them we've

talked about matchup types and then for

me the real reason you're going to win

more five star max rate battles is by

playing with other players now you can

share a 4-digit link code or you can

just go to invite others however if you

do that without connecting to the

internet first you won't actually invite

anybody and the way that you connect to

the Internet is by exiting that and

pressing Y when you're in the wild that

will bring up the why comm and this is

where you can choose like single battle

double battle multi battle all that kind

of stuff but what you want to do is

press the plus button and that will

connect you to the Internet and once

you're connected to the Internet you can

come on into the max rate battle area

choose the Pokemon that you want to

fight with make sure you do that before

you kick it off and then click invite

others and once you've done that it

takes a little bit of time to initiate

you can see you get a little timer in

the top right-hand corner but within

around about 10-15 seconds she should

have had somebody at least coming in I

got death fist here he works out quite

well but once you've got somebody in

what you might also find is that

dependent on the time of day that you're

taking on a max rate battle you might

not get many others so you might want to

just start the battle with two if you if

the clocks winding down you've got like

half way through it and nobody else has

come in then if you want to just jump

into the battle you only need two to do

this so you can click start the battle

and once you've started the battle the

big difference is that instead of just

relying on kind of the computers chosen

moves what you actually get is somebody

else an actual person that knows what to

do against a five-star max rate battle

Pokemon like this big guy Flygon so then

the other thing that it gives you is

that not only will they use the right

kind of move so that's one other player

using the right kind of moves against

the max rate battle and Pokemon you'll

also get somebody that probably isn't

going to faint because they'll use

restores and everything else to be able

to stay in the battle they're also

probably go

to be a higher-level Pokemon so you've

just got way more things acting in your

favor and you can see they've done one

hit and taken it down to the first

shield I haven't done my first test at

this stage which I'm just about to do

here which will take away two of its

shields and suddenly within two of our

hits we're really chipping away at this

guy and that continues throughout the

entire battle as you can see next so it

does another one takes it down to the

next level of it shields and then

suddenly I'm back in to do more damage

and take away shield and once you take

away the last shield you know you're on

the final leg because all of the leg

defense that's for your opponent will go

down so you can see just about to take

it down now and as a result you can see

on the bottom of the screen it'll say

the mysterious barrier is gone and that

defenses fell harshly so you should be

able to finish them off really quickly

but more importantly very few of the

Pokemon on my team have fainted so it's

been a really easy battle even though

it's a five-star Max raise now obviously

if you've got more actual players on

your team if you do wait and you start a

battle at a busier time in the day then

you should be able to get a full squad

of four which will make taking down one

of these five stars really really easy

and then you're into the benefits of

actually catching the Pokemon because

it's going to be high level it's going

to be a rarer Pokemon at five star so

it's definitely worth using things like

an Ultra Ball to help you guarantee

picking up the catch and then you've got

the big hole at the end which is kind of

large candies and extra-large candies

which will help use a level up that much

quicker so I picked up two large candies

and one extra-large candy and a sixty

level Flygon so then once you've taken

on and completed your first five star

max raid battle you can cycle rinse

repeat to take on more and pick up even

more candies helping you level up just

as quickly as you were previously

however once you take on of

you of the five stars you will go back

to three stars but you should still be

able to get some good candies as a

result of that and help you to level up

some of the other Pokemon that are in

your boxes however if you keep on taking

on max rate battles you will eventually

cycle back through to picking up five

star battles and get the big hauls once

again now I spoke a little bit earlier

about using your candies if you've got

any spare however if you've got no

candies and you're struggling to take on

a max rate battle of 5 stars then the

place to get XP could be pokey jobs and

you get to those by that little screen

device next to the pokey Center just to

the left of the center of the screen

you go in there and choose jobs send a

Pokemon out to jobs

it'll take a number of hours it takes

like 24 hours to get a really good haul

of XP however if you're close to going

up a level and you think by going up an

extra level it'll help you to beat a

five-star max raid battle then it's a

good way for you to just kind of get

over the line the other thing I talked

about earlier is things like X attack

and using items now if you're not too

sure what to get X attack from you

essentially come to the guy to the right

of the PokeMart so the guy on the left

hand side will sell you healing items

the guy on the right hand side will sell

you battle items so it's a good way for

you to boost up your X attack if you

need it again just to get yourself over

the line with a big five star ax and

that's it those are my tips to beat 5

star max ray battles and help you to get

back to crunching through the levels a

little bit quicker once again in pokemon

sword and shield hopefully the video

helps you out if it does drop that like

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